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June 11, 2006



Hot stuff! Love the cleave, it looks great in red.

Gina L.

As for the Carnival and the ML - I can not believe it! What goes around comes around. On another note... The new design is fab. I am up for knitting something sassy! I will be on the lookout for the pattern posted at The Garter Belt.


I love Lizbon's suggestion on the 11th. Too funny.

I love love love the red top!!


I was just trying to find a great vest pattern for work and play...I love it and you look HOT!
Can't wait to see it on Garter Belt...


ohhh gimme gimme gimme!! i needed something to make out of that gorgeous yarn too...anxiously awaiting the pattern. =]


SELL THAT SHAWL!! You are soooo close and i bet you could get quite a bit for it- or at least enough for a big bottle of gin, some extra fizzy tonic and yarn aplenty!


Ohhh Wendy - that sucks!

However, don't let all that beautiful work be a waste - either finish it and give it to her for Christmas and watch her pretend she didn't know about it and enjoy the fact that she paid for her own present OR finish it for yourself and wear it around when she is there and pretend you don't know what she's talking about when she asks whatever happened to the shawl the two of you were going to make together. Give her a taste of her own medicine - and still be sweet as pie!

Either way - the red top is fab!


Gorgeous! Love that top. Love it.


Wendy, you are looking fabulous in that shell. Wish my ta-tas looked like that.


Well, crap. How frustrating for you. :(

I used to make elaborate, custom-framed cross-stitched pieces for friends' weddings, only to have them greeted with a casual "Oh, that's neat." Needless to say, about 93% of my craft projects are now made for ME ME ME.


I feel your in-law karma in a big, big way... Mine is coming next week when I go on vacation to a hurricane-prone area with the 15+ members of my family-in-law (and stay in the SAME HOUSE). Is there a remote chance you will post that pattern soon? I need some good productive work so I don't suffer from apoplexy, and knitting something absolutely gorgeous would be just the ticket...


Love the tank top! I will have to make one. I love it in the red too! I hope the pattern is avail soon! : )


I first looked at the picture. That shell is the shiznit. If I wasn't rockin' it like an amazon I'd be wearin' that right now. (Will look for the pattern so I can adjust the neckline just a wee bit.)
Anyway, I thought you were referring to yourself wearing that sexy shell!
Then I kept reading. OMG! LOL! Don't worry, you'll never hear about *It* from me! : )


Did you finish Val? Can't wait to see it!

Finish the skirt! If anyone can wear it, it's you, Wendy!


No, I haven't finished Val! I started it a bunch of times but with all the interruptions I haven't been able to get it going. I will cast on for it again, as soon as things die down a bit.


Love the top!! Wendy-you look FIERCE in it!! Can't wait for the pattern!


Wow Wendy! I'm speechlees. . .
Anyway, the new top is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!


Hi, Wendy. I can't even talk about the shawl, so sorry...but the second I saw that top I knew you had made it just for me and my recently reduced, very perky new breasts! Thank you very much - I've been looking for exactly this top and can't wait for the pattern. :o)

Jen the Knittingspaz

Ouch. Sorry to hear the MIL is so difficult. Can't believe it rang zero bells in her head. What kind of monsters are these people?

But, you look absolutely fabulous in your new top. Work it baby, work it! And um, I think we can all tell who was taking your picture...


Never bring up knitting around her again. Ever ever. Claim to have some strange form of arthritis that only strikes when you knit for someone other than yourself, the Girlfriend or HWVV.

I like the boobages in the new top - Flaunt em like ya bought em!


Okay, I changed my mind, take Lizbon's idea!


LOVE your top Wendy -- if only I had something to let hang out, I would!

And you won't believe this, but I just decided to give the Carnival Shawl a go -- I'd never seen a pic of it completed and fell in love... Of course, it won't be for my MIL, so that COULD make a bit of a difference... or not ;-) If I were you, I wouldn't say anything about the shawl again and if she doesn't bring it up, just keep it for yourself!


There are so many adjectives that come to mind about your MIL right about now! What are you planning to do with all the (unmentionable) yarn?

That low cut red top is so f-ing cute! At least a new FO and pattern for sale should lift your spirits a bit...

Oh, the irony.


First time poster here, Wendy, I love your blog! (I bought your Something Red pattern, but am having trouble with my gauge....) Yes, finish the "thing" and give it to her for her birthday, or dump it at the local senior center - the ladies will be all over it! Certainly don't keep it unless you absolutely LOVE it, it needs to be OUT of your house....


Gotta love that Lizbon!

Don't forget to speak English improperly and eat California rolls off the floor as you crawl across it!

Seriously, I would finish it and wear it with gusto....as a reminder that you have a great, awesome heart and were willing to knit for the monster-in-law.

We all know you were willing because you adore her offspring with all your being. That HWWV is one lucky guy.

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