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June 11, 2006



I love your top so much! It's gorgeous, I love, love, love it. Don't stress over the shawl, it's not worth another moment of your time.


Oh, my. Ohhhh, my. Hmmm. I was also going to go with the idea of a ceremonial burning of The Item That Shall Not Be Named (TITSNBN - hey, I said "tits"), but then again, why waste all that yarn? I like the wrap yourself in it and parade around idea.

Or perhaps wrap it all up & put it in her suitcase just before she leaves...with a teensy, tinsey piece of durian buried in the middle?

The shell. Well, let's just say we can tell HWWV is your photographer. Gorgeous. And only an appreciative man would come up with that camera angle! Tis lovely. I'll never have the bod for it, but I could see my SIL or my sister wearing it....


LOVE that top! It looks amazing on you--I can't wait for the pattern.


Holy moly that looks beautiful on you! I'd make it myself but I just don't have the knockers for it. Sigh, if only I could knit myself breast implants...


Gorgeous top!!! Love the color, and love the low cut.


I am not the first to day it, but my first thought was "burn it". It will help get the aggression out :)

Now, your new pattern?? Smokin!! Wow. Can't wait for the pattern.


Hey! About the boobage: we're talking 34B's, so don't be talking about implants!


oh no...that is terrible :(.

The new top is delish! I am afraid I would have to wear something underneath--double DDs tend to pop out, lol, but I love it....sexy!!


My first instinct was to build a bonfire - but finishing it and having HWWV photographing you wrapped in it "ala flash your stash" might make good fodder for the book!
Love, love, love the new red shell! Boobs(or lack of) is not so much my problem - it's the THARMS!! Ooo, but I could wear it under a suit jacket to work...


don't do anything to that neckline, it's great. My boobs are my asset, the lower the neckline the better. Show 'em if you got ém I say!
(I'm not mentioning the shawl on purpose...)


Aaaauuugh! on your behalf. I think it should be a fabulous and thoughtful Christmas gift for you-know. Lately the more it seems I agonize over something that I think will be a big deal to someone else, the smaller the deal becomes.


okay fine be that way. You're done and E will be speeding along with the machine. So maaaaaaybe I'll get mine done before summer is over. And the Cursed Carnie, I dig the burn idea. Throw in a primal scream too and call it a day, or an exorcism.


Heh - at least you don't have to sew the fucker together. I'm glad you've got that albatross off your neck, one way or another...

The top is divine. :)



You have the patience of saint. You truly deserve a very very large G&T for your troubles. Loving the top. Take care you.

Siow Chin

Love your new design! I don't know how I can carry it off though. I hope your month will pass quickly. My husband's entire family (10 adults and 5 kids) came to our place 3 days in a row and I combusted. I couldn't help it.


OUCH! I've been in that situation before... until it got to the point that I swore I was going to tape record every conversation with said offender...

I say finish the thing (you do only have 4 left) and give it away to someone else who will appreciate it (and remember you made it!)



As I was walking my dog this morning I was thinking that I'd really like to knit something a little more on the sexy side...and then I come home to this! It's beautiful!

You have made me so happy! I can't wait for the pattern!! (Now, how's that for some reality?)


I love the top!
tres cute =)


love the red sexy top.

but the shawl.. you should so finish it and keep it for yourself. really.


Wendy...you've been having it so rough lately...my heart goes out to you!

The top is wonderbar! I can't wait to make it!



The top is simply sublime. I'm going to have to knit it.

Ah, a year of agony only for the recipient to casually forget all about it. But now you can keep it. Or perhaps auction it off at one of girlfriend's school fundraisers.


This top is magnificent! I love the color too!!!!! I want it! I have to have it! How would you rate this in difficulty? I am a beginner. Either way, I want it, even if for a future project.Let me know when its available. k? :)


Your mom was kidding, right? Perhaps a little dementia happening? Sheesh! Anyway, never to be mentioned again.
On a positive note, I love that top, but I'd really have to have it a bit higher. Not as much equipment here, ya know?


cute and sexy. love that!


I think this was a no-win. If you'd not done the bulk of the motifs, you would have been hounded about it as the feet crossed the welcome mat. You are now the proud owner of 12 balls of a very lovely yarn.

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