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June 11, 2006



Oh my, I want that top pattern. I am going to compulsively check the garter belt until it shows up.


Hey, I had another idea for...you know...that THING. When HWWV & Girlfriend take the outlaws on an excursion, you could get a whole bunch of fishing line and suspend each motif from the ceiling above the bed of MIL's guest room. Hang each one at a slightly different height. I can guarantee you, she'll never "forget" it again....


I was thinking I could stuff all the motifs in their luggage before they leave (they make us store all their stuff in the closet for months on end). Anyway, when they finally go home and open up the luggage, voila!


I'm not going to comment on That Which Shall Not Be Mentioned.


The tank is so beautiful. I keep finding things that you've designed that I must knit. Why is it that you feel you must keep creating more fabulous garments when I have not had time to knit even one of them yet?!

Martha (another one)

I think that you should finish the (you know), auction it off on your blog, and use the money to fly to Vegas for a girls weekend. While they're here. Call it an essential business trip.

(Beware of comments beginning with "I think..."!)


I want that top. Bad. I want to knit that top, even more badly. Need pattern!!


Knitting Momma

I think I love that top, and more importantly, I think my husband will love it, too.

As for the shawl...maybe you can turn bad karma into good karma? Finish it and then donate it to a women's shelter or a hospital ward. Somewhere, someone needs something beautiful in her life...even if it's not your mom.


that tank is just what i need. Lets get that up on the garter belt asap. Could you at least hint at how much yarn is needed so we could prep?


Yes, I used 5 balls of the silk/cotton blend mentioned in the post. Each ball had 120 yds and I used a size 7 needle. The size I made was a 34 and the finished bust is about 35.

I haven't yet figured out yardage for all sizes...


I'm sure you've heard it a thousand times, but that top is beautiful. I just simply love everything you do. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Knitting!


I'm so glad you're doing sizes beyond a "L"...we bigger girls deserve beautiful handknitted garments too!!

Thank You!


helloooo nurse! i absolutely adore this. can't wait for a pattern!


Can't wait till the pattern for the fab sweater comes out, however please don't forget to tell us what kind of bra you're wearing with it.


So very lovely!!


Holy Cow! I better get workin' on that cleavage tan. Smokin'!


Just love the top! SOOO cute and sexy too! can't wait for the pattern!!!


Must have this pattern. I have been waiting for something like this to knit for sometime. I like the sexy neckline and slim fit. Please let me know when it becomes available....PLLLLEEEEAAASSEEE!!!

Love your blog....


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