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June 03, 2006



Yes, Viginia... proscuitto comes from pig.

Did she have eyelash extensions? I want them bad.

(I'm in Southern California, too.)


yes, extensions...and they are as long as her heels are high


Hahaha the video was hilarious.

I love you, Wendy, Lol!


Darn - couldn't get the video!! I can only guess what it was!
Ah - pork. We just got back from 11 days in Hawaii and was showing our luau video to one of our sons and his family. My animal lover DIL and 6 yo GD said "ew, it's a pig?" (being brought up from the deep pit). Yes, it's a pig. "Did YOU eat it Maga?" Yes, I did!! "EWWWW, that's not nice!"


They don't consider it meat here. It's proscuittooooooo! Mangia!


Were the eyelashes made of mink like J-Los? Viva broken nails and dirty feet!


The video was so, so funny! And as for that "short other woman," seems we all have someone like her in our life, always makes me feel just a little frumpy, even though I'm not. I prefer me and my life to hers any day.

Elizabeth M.

We were having fried dumplings with our Chinese take-out the other night and the Little Emperor asked if it was pork inside. When we said yes, he said, "I feel sorry for this pig." But not sorry enough to not eat it.


OMG, the video is hysterical! Yet another instance of coffee spit on the screen.

I usually put vaseline on my heels before I self tan...it helps not have orange heels.


Glad you decided not to go for the girl war; it's not worth it.

Couldn't get my computer to play the file. I'll see if I can save it to my iTunes; I'm sure that will play it.


You are too too funny. :0)


Funny girl!


I am working on one of her Tomten Jackets for my little guy right now. They are so simple but just too cute :-)

Michelle D.

Wendy you are a riot!


I'm getting eyelash extensions next week! Marina Rust wrote an article about them in Vogue that convinced me I absolutely had to have them. And the Zimmerman magic jacket? Don't hold out on us Wendy -- which book?


That was AWESOME!!!!!


My oh my how behind I am. Girlfirend looks adorable in her "Jan" She's becoming as fahionable as her mommy!
I'm lovin' the dancin in the kitchen, we do a lot of that around here. And as for fake eyelashes and heels so high that they hurt, it's all just a little to much fuss for me... I'll take comfortable with a side of simplicity please! And then I'll try to make that as glamourous as I possibly can ;)


Hysterical video! The self-tanning thing - up here in the wilds of BC we use it carefully. People will either say "OH! You've been away somewhere warm!" ... or more likely... "hmmm - self-tanners are tricky to apply, aren't they?" In any case, glad you kept your head high and skipped the War. Life is too short - save your energy for knitting, dancing and HWWV!


oh-ho ho ho--you have no shame!!! too funny!!!I know you were willing to do a happy dance in front of anyone's camera just because you.had.NO.GUESTS....for the night!!!

Keana Lee

That was great, funny & it brightened my day. Being Italian my dad's favorite sandwich was Proscuitto, Italian Bread, thickly sliced tomoatoes(fresh from his garden), mozzerella cheese(thickly sliced & fresh, not the prepackaged kind, & a little oil, vinegar, salt & pepper. I like to add basil to mine. Try it!


You're a hoot. I love reading your goings-on everyday. Eyelashes & hi-heels... ha ha ha It's a challenge around here to see my eyelashes in the morning without my glasses and if i were to donn a pair of hi-heels, I'd be taking my life in my hands, er feet.
Ps. Please don't ever stop writing, your blog is the highlight of my morning!

Sarah the DomesticOverlord

Oh! The bog jacket! I'd love to see what you do with it, I was wondering if it could be made to look a little less... well, I'm not sure. I'm just looking forward to seeing you work your magic with one of EZ's designs.


What's HWWV? I mean, I know it's your hubby and all, but what does that stand for?

gina L

Ahhh prosciutto, keyword is thin and fat trimmed! So thin it falls apart! The antipasta dinner you are having is my fav. But no doubt you are "More than a women!" Don't let anyone take over in your kitchen! You've got that groove thing going girl! I love it! I have one more sleeve left for the Girlfriends Swing Coat. I may make a smaller caller because it is for a petite little one.
xox, gina


HWWV = He Who Wears Versace

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