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June 13, 2006



If you knit a skirt, try lining it with a nice thin fabric and that will give the skirt structure.


Now there have got to be ladies(girls) out there who can wear this skirt. I know that my beautiful daughter could definitely carry it off. As for me??? No. However, keep up the great work for those less endowed than me.


Thanks for doing the shell in plus sizes! Can't wait!!


I also fell in love with that skirt, and could possibly wear it... I can't wait to see what your final product looks like! (I love the colour you chose!)


Hells yeah - keep dreaming, W. You help the less creative of us feel and look good.


I've been waiting for you to start "the skirt"! Seeing pic of you on your blog, I think you can pull it off. 40 is not too old, believe me. Do it now or never.


Wendy- I know that you said to never make a knit skirt...but have you seen ths knitted skirt pattern by Louet for the Euroflax knitted tiered skirt. Just wondering what you think, as I would hate to knit it and then hate it.

Kitty Kitty

YEAH YEAH YEAH, for larger sizes in the sweater. Can not wait to see the pattern. :)

I say go for the skirt. I actually saw a woman at Whole Foods wearing one and it was adorable. She had probably added an inch to the length since she didn't strike me as short. She is a major knitter, just the other day I saw her in Butterfly as well at the store.

Erica B.

I think it'll be cute. I've never knitted a skirt, but I've crocheted two and a dress... never had a problem with sagging. I remember the leggings with miniskirts. That was something we did in high school. Aahhhh, the 80's...


Well, I'm young (not yet twenty-three) and I decided against the Blue Sky skirt. But each time I see the pattern in the lys or the ad in IK, I give it another thought, and today's entry and it's accompanying comments make me think of it yet again.

And Wendy, you're a pretty lady, so I say try the skirt. You knit that shell (sooo cute, btw) and posted a picture of you wearing it on the internet, so why not the skirt?


...Val, I haven't yet shown my thighs.

But I will knit this skirt, dang it.


I'm convinced that knitted skirts can work. I've never tried it, but have been tempted. Every pattern book from the dawn of knitting pattern books through the 1970's featured them. Can generations of knitters be wrong? Or saggy? Maybe. I look forward to your results.


The skirt is very cute, but with the lack of memory that alpaca has, I would be extremely concerned about sagging. Good luck - if anyone can make it work, you can.


I had a knit skirt (green/black marled) in high school that I LOVED. My step dtr, age 11, has a multicolored stripe one now that I also LOVE. But I just don't know if I can rock the skirt now, as an almost 33 year old! It IS cute though.

I see my college students wearing things I wore in the 80s. It looks cute on them. On me, I think I would just regress. I'd have to break out the ice blue pink lipstick (remember that? I swam in it. God bless Cover Girl.)

I love the red shell. Argh! Must stop buying patterns and yarn. I must! (We all know how that goes).


I think the skirt will be divine on you. Make it a bit longer so you don't have to do that tug and pull thing when you sit down. And lining it is a great idea! If you wear the skirt with the red shell I doubt anyone will be concerned about your thighs! And, in the book Greetings from Knit Cafe, there is a pattern for knee high socks shown with a short skirt. You could totally pull off that look! Can't wait to see how it turns out!


You can pull of the skirt lady, no worries there!!
Hey need someone to test knit that top up for you in say a 40" finished bust?!?!!? I'd love to help ya out!!! ;-)


Wendy, I was thinking about using some of this:

as a less expensive option for that red tank/shell...what do you think? Have you used it before?
Any other yarn substitution reccomendations?
PS: I L-O-V-E it.


I love that skirt, I think it dares to be knit and tramples the ugly knit stigma!

You're how old? Bullshit. Wear the skirt ya minx! ;)

Miss Scarlett

Oh I saw that skirt pattern and I loved it!
I think you would rock that skirt Wendy. It's perfect for you.
Thank you so much for making your patterns available in larger sizes!
I will definitely be snapping that pattern up - I had to quit the Stashalong cold turkey after discovering how easy it is to buy patterns and inexpensive yarn online!
I only just discovered kpixie through your blog over the weekend. What a treasure!!
Never stop dreaming.


I think you can definitely wear that skirt and look great! I would definitely line the sucker so it doesn't stretch on you :)


wow, that's great...sizes op to 3XL! I just started to mail you if you could please include bigger sizes... no kidding... Great! Thanks! This baby will be so friggin sexy! ;-)


I first saw the pic of the skirt on your website, and LOVE it. so glad you posted a pic, since I can't start it yet. LOVE BSA too.


Was wondering what ever happened to your hankering for that skirt. Have seen it at my LYS but never on someone. It looked great laying there


The lining is what saves a knitted skirt.

What you have started is very pretty. Can't wait to see it on you...but no way I am wearing it.


Yay!!!!! The skirt lives! Thank you Wendy! Thank you!

At 42, I'm in complete empathy re: the short skirt, but as I'm sure you've heard, 40's the new 30. And now that the cardio/Chinese-food guy has been chased off, what other reason do you have for getting excited about the gym?

Thank you, Wendy! Thank you!

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