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June 22, 2006



I know several areas I could make definite progress in if I had that kind of single-minded drive. Congratulations to Girlfriend (and the gal at the gym)!


Go Girlfriend! And Wendy, if you ever dó find that drive, let us know how you did. And if you're smart ask people to pay you for it, you'll get screamingly rich. The ones you see with the drive stand out for a reason, most of us are lacking... :-)

A guest

Her personal hunger runs deeper than becoming the best in a specific field, may it be a job or a hobby. She is driven by the desire to be accepted by a society whose standards of what is aesthetically acceptable she doesn't fulfill. It must be painful to be standing at the edge of society if you don't fit in with your overweight body. Avoiding pain can sometimes, maybe even most of the time, a greater motivator than the prospect of pleasure.


Ah, you knit for the pleasure, not to play show and tell.
If you wanted to knit any of the aforementioned patterns you could, but, only when you want to!
Congrats on girlfriend's new talent, achievement!


Awww...congratulations to you and Girlfriend on her newest achievements. I know she couldn't have done it without you.
She looks really cool in her knitted top. The color is perfect on her.


i was thinking of you and Girlfriend the other day as I asked Little Man for the umpteenth time if he needed to go potty. funny of the people you think of when trying to pitty train eh? so glad it's dry times for you there, we are only starting... (but 4 wees and a poo the other day woohoo!) and i know what you mean about the drive. maybe i could get me some and finish off one of the 2 billion ufo's sitting around the place here


pitty train bwahaha, i mean potty ;)


Congrats on the panties! I was so happy when Willow segued into them completely :) She currently adores her Curious George ones.



That's the beauty of knitting, you can do it so many ways. I too find myself wishing that I had desire to knit complicated fair isle, or lots of lace, or even socks (too many little needles). The desire to have the desire isn't strong enough to actually perform amazing feats of complex knitting, but it's there.

Miz Booshay

Okay. Those with single-minded drive probably aren't good at many other things.

So would you trade relaxed knitting for power knitting... if you had to give up cooking for your family and enjoying little miss girlfriend and going to the gym and keeping your marriage and relationships with sister and friends fresh and fun?

I think it is possible to many things very well. But to spend all day persuing only ONE thing...
that sounds a bit lonely and boring to me.


I certainly know what you mean about a lack of focus. Like their are two other really important things I should be doing right now but I'm reading blogs at 8 in the morning = ). And yay for panties, my daughter was tough to get to that stage and she cracks me up each time she tells her 9 month old brother he needs to use the bathroom like a big boy.


Fair isles are boxy and intarsia sweaters are somewhere up there with crocheted toilet-paper covers in terms of sophistication. You may be missing out on some fun with the former, but not on style; for the latter, neither could possibly apply. I say, keep knitting the cute, flattering stuff and leave the rest for when you want to hide your figure, someday in the misty future!


i totally lack focus in absolutely everything i do and therefore everything i do is half-assed or not done at all. i can't even read a blog post with more than 3 lines of text (the fact that i read this post in it's entirety is a small miracle) without clicking on another one. oh well.

my congratulations to girlfriend and to the woman at the gym.


Hooray for Girlfriend!! We celebrate Big Boy Underpants daily in this house. Plaid boxer shorts are the current favs--so cute on a 3 year old!


Lack of focus?? Don't you have a book contract to sign, Missy? I'm sittin' here sipping tea and reading blogs when I should be focused on the gym, or knitting or SOMETHING!!


Speaking as someone who is always told I have a lot of that drive but don't always notice it myself, I think "drive" is a double edged sword for those who really have it - everyone sees the plus side, but a lot of people don't see the downside. Another commenter mentioned the singlemindedness aspect - it's hard to balance that with a life that's full in so many other ways. Or the alternative is that they go that crazy in every aspect of their lives that they choose to include, maybe choosing to opt out of some other area, and feel like they're always running from one thing to the next. I would guess you're enjoying the things you do more than they do.


I agree with you totally! I can't understand how some people knit these complicated mind-boggling patterns and do it so darned fast too! Give me a pair of big needles and some chunky yarn and a pattern that involves rectangles any day!
Now, how do I get the husband to wear panties...or atleast not brag when he's not wearing them??


I'm thrilled there's been a loop-d-loop guy sighting. I miss reading about his latest workout with food routine.

Just look at Girlfriend. Dora panties or not, she's an Accomplishment, with a capital A.


Big girl! Hooray for Girlfriend!

Regarding knitting, I often lament the same. Why don't I want to do this, or this, or this. It's because I simply don't. Period. Because I know if I try, I either won't finish or I'll hate every minute. Stick with what gives you pleasure--because the rest of us get great pleasure out of seeing your work.


It's funny that you posted this. I was just thinking about how your site had turbo-charged my own knitting appetite. Seriously, you're so cool & funny, and your projects always look so beautiful, that visiting this site every day has renewed my knitting desire. So I finally finished a project (yes, a delicate, lacy baby blanket) and gave it to a friend and you'd think I'd parted the Red Sea or something. It was v. gratifying. Thanks Wendy.


No more pull-ups means more money for yarn! Just in case you need an excuse! Congratulations Girlfriend!


aw girlfriend! she's growing up right before our eyes! i love her sweater. cutey cute!

you know, i HAVE the desire to be the best i can be at knitting. i want to knit day and night. but unfortunately, my job gets in the way. if i didn't need to make money to buy the yarn, i would probably quit and knit full-time, design, and be happy. alas, that is just not the case.


i find i want to do too many different things and then everything gets bogged down. maybe we should just keep doing what WE want to do and know that we can do those other things if we had the time, the money, the need,the desire, the...whatever!
Yea for the girlfriend, can you believe i have a grandson the same age who just accomplished the same feat, he's moved into big boys tho', just the same YEA!

Elizabeth M.

We finally got the Little Emperor out of Pull-ups this month. I just told him when preschool ended, that was that. He learned pretty quickly when he had to. (We still have him in overnights, because I HATE changing sheets at 3 a.m.)

I feel that way about complicated lace. I know I could do, but it doesn't call me.


WAHOO on the panties! Perhaps a trip to Dittneyland is in order as a reward?

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