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June 29, 2006


Erica B.

Wendy I'm going through the 'knitting on hiatus' thing right now myself. At first, I blamed it on the heat, but that couldn't be it since I sitting comfortably under 72 degree A/C. I guess it's because I have added a knew interest -- sewing. I think the two will live happily together. Gorgeous sweaters with fabulous wool pants and skirts!


The new spin off magazine has an article about knitting swatches in the shape of sweater.....


love the swatcher....er, swatch sweater.

I spent 25 mintues at kpixie this morning drooling over those Noni bags myself. I feel irresistibly drawn to the bobbly one. I'm deathly afraid that if I start knitting it, I'll discover I hate bobbles. You're right: So. Cute.


Oh, yeah, Bay-be, the Sassy Skinny Tube Baggette, love it! You just had to add a link, didn't you. Sheesh, you've probably figured out by now how impressionable I am...well, I digress. You'll get out of the doldrums soon. Sometimes you need a little distance to see clearly what you want to do next.


i loved your tales of spinning, my guy suggested i spin our huskies hair, we have enough of it in shedding season, and i didn't even understand the directions i found on line and they had pictures! now i REALLY don't want to spin! well maybe some day when i retire! also LOVE that wool at k pixie, great colors and super texture, i love felted purses so maybe i'll get some!


My LYS has started carrying those patterns, and they are displayed on top of a bookshelf. They look so great propped up one after the other. They really are adorable.


I finally got 2 Noni patterns last week and I *love* them...can't wait to get them on the needles


Yeah girl, it's a warm weather thing + 3 children on summer break = knitting gone fishing! I haven't really had any interest in the ol' ball and sticks lately either.


OMG my LYS has a class for making the Noni bags!

I have been knitting my heart out this summer for some reason....but this summer it is socks.

Love the tiny sweater swatch.


Sometimes you can just overdose on something and need a break. Even knitting. The break is needed so that you don't grow to detest what you're doing.

The idea of knitting swatches like that is a good one. I might have to try that myself.

Susie Delaney

Hey Wendy
I have only been just a lurker here. I love reading about your projects and adventures! You motivate me every time I see that you have updated your page. I have been sick with mono for over a month and in the San Fernando Valley heat and not into doing much of anything. I read your page and then immediately look for patterns or pick up and old project. I only last a row or two and need a nap but it is a start! Thanks for the inspiration and keeping me entertained while I am stuck in bed.


Links like that are bad for my wallet! I have been thinking about a newish design for a felted purse. You know, because having about fifty isn't enough for me!

Dora in NY

Delurking again!
A little while ago heather from A Chance to Knit, wrote about knitting the bag with the bobbles and how unhappy she was with the whole thing. It looks cool but check out her ordeal first....


Oh, good, I'm glad Dora had notes one which site I had been reading! Chance to Knit--what an ordeal with those bobbles!

Knitting Momma

Felted purses absolutely ROCK. As soon as I finished my darned hoodie, I'm making a felted purse, and felted boxes and bowls. I am all about the felting!


Normally I get bored with one craft and go to another one. But since the knitting bug hit a couple years ago - my sewing/quilting & machine embroidery projects to be sewn on that shamefully expensive SWISS sewing machine my husband bought me a few years ago is just sitting idly, patiently waiting for me to return. Funny, everything is laid out just like it was when before I fell in love with knitting!! Poor dears!
Yes, love the "swatcher" too. And those Noni bags are too cute. I have made several other felted bags but have YET to actually carry one - except for the HUGE one that is now a project bag and a smaller one that is a sock knitting bag.
Oooh - the red shell pattern comes out tomorrow...


Cute swatch. I'm knitting the rather huge carpet bag from Noni - I was sucked in by the flowers. I'm weak, what can I say.

Lizbeth in Seattle

Are you planning on writing a book - collection of your blog? I really enjoy your blog and I'm so impressed by....well everything from your fabulous knitting to personal insight. :)



Lizbeth, there will be a book, but it will be all new materal...


The Noni bags are so sweet. I hear you about the knitting distraction... it's like being in love for me. It kind of peeters out for a little bit, but then it's back stronger than ever.


I've been eyeing those Noni Bags for awhile. I definitely see one in my future.


Ooooh....PLEASE knit a Noni bag so I can decide if I want to do one. You could be the brave soul and give it a go (since you seem to be such a quick knitter). I'm in a bit of a knitting funk myself. I've got 3 WIP's, but I think with my boys home from school now I've found that I have no time to make any real progress on the WIPs so I just don't knit at all.


You are not kidding about that wool! I had written them off as too high-end for me, and now they're back in the game! Thank you.


You're the only one who can make pooping their pants sound funny. I think I'm going to try it while running the NYC marathon in November. Oh, and I'll certainly think of you.


Our yarn shop sold out of many of those Noni Bag patterns within days. A picture is on my blog of one of the customers finished bags. She took it and had it lined and a zipper. GORGEOUS!

Another gal is doing the bobble bag but she isn't having any problems I don't think but she is using polyfill fiber for stuffing.

Love those Noni bags gonna do one myself I saw at TNNA!

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