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June 02, 2006



i hope things with the guests are going pleasantly.
i have feet like those. it's because i wear slippers all the time. so shame...but it's a great excuse to knit socks to wear with the slippers.


That All Things Heather yarn is gorgeous!

And about the guests, stay strong, hide liquor artfully around the house, hide knitting projects around the house, pretend that you can't hear, develop "vapors" that will require a little lay down. There's the sum knowledge and coping skills I've developed in my 8 years with my inlaws.

Miz Booshay

Yen garden has some wonderful colors too!!! Check it out!
I just bought THREE!!!



Those are some beautiful yarns. Too bad I am on a diet right now.


That's funny about the Mystic Tan...I was reading sunless.com yesterday and that is their major complaint with it, not a dark enough color.


Never tried the mystic tan, I'm a bottle girl myself. The heel thing is funny though!
Good luck with your guests. Remember, they're just visiting......


Years ago, someone gave me some very funny advice regarding "guests"...set up some of those child safety gates strategically around the house. "Guests" wouldn't dare fiddle with them (how the ?!@# do these things work??), and they'll keep certain parts of your house all to yourself and serve the additional benefit of just generally messing with their heads!!
Also, I thought pale is the new tan..no?


The All Things Heather is beautiful. For self tanner try L'Oreal Sublime Glow. I use the medium and it works on my blinding pale skin. It doesn't streak and is easy to apply.


They're using the #1 version on you. Have them step it up to #2. (there are 3 levels). I use Mystic Tan, too, and the last time they used #2. Now I look nicely roasted. Knew something was different when I walked into a friend's house and she said, Wow, your eyes are really green today! heh. fake tan is good. good luck with the guests.


Caroline, I use #2!!!!


I have no advice on the faux tanning front, nor do I have a magic solution for rendering She Who Shall Remain Nameless impotent of the ability to perturb and disturb you.

Some help I am, eh?

I do, however, have sympathy to offer on your current state of guesthood.

I was recently told by a good friend that I have the power to make others lose all track of time. I hope that I can bequeath this to you by proxy, so that you awake one fine sunny California morning to discover that SWSRNless has magically disappeared in a puff of pork-scented smoke, leaving you lying in a lounge chair by a clear cool pool sipping something crisp and tonicy.


Ahhhh, time for PORK stories! On the one hand, good luck with the guests... On the other, bring on the hilarious horror stories.


Good luck with the house guests, Wendy. I feel your pain. Going to visit the MIL myself today. Luckily only for the weekend. But that's enough! Oh the agony!

That yarn is gorgeous! I've been dyeing some yarn that's a little finer than fingering, which is what kpixie says the All Things Heather is. What size needles are you using? I've found that my US1's are too big. . .


LOL at "Ah, time for PORK stories". Or will we be denied until the guests depart?


For sunless tanning try L'Oreal Sublime Bronze (or something like that) tanning towelettes. I love them. Put a little lotion on dry spots before applying sunless tanner. I have to use two towelettes at a time to cover everything, but it's worth it.


Is it possible that the tan is affected hormonally? Sunless peeps have told me that...

I'm telling you, mix some airbrush solution with lotion, apply over a few days, and good color and no color on heels!!!!

Argh, more yarn to go covet. :-)


Ah, I was wondering if the guests had arrived. Hang in there. Remember, no matter how hard they are to deal with, they DID give the world HWWV, and that's a VERY good thing, worth a whole lot of hassle.

Finish that shawl and DON'T agree to make anything else for her for another five years or so!


Guests? Bring on the pork products!


The Mystic Tan did the samething to my heels and left me with nothing but streaks down my legs. The Sunless Tan Towelttes by Estee Lauder are nice and easy to use.


Wendy, has she asked for her carnival shawl yet?




So, my sis did the mystic tan thing for her prom, in all honesty...I didn't work for her either!


THat is one amazing colorway! Love the way it pools! YUM!


oooh pretty! you should do the summer of socks: http://zarzuelaknitsandcrochets.com/summerofsocks/

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