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June 21, 2006


Gina L.

I'd much rather be monkey toes with Paul Frank PJ's in tow than be whale boobs!


I knew a Whale Boobs, about 25 years ago too. How strange is that?! I like the idea of a "lazy cable" hat and if anyone can invent one, it's you!


What about showing everyone how easy it is to cable without a cable needle? A hat would be a good, small project to learn it on and everyone would think you're a genius - albeit a genius with prehensile toes.


one word for you - wheel. drop the spindle (snort!) and get thy self a wheel. so much easier. and don't worry on the pattern, you always come out with something fab


I drove myself crazy with the spindle for way to long, before I tried a wheel. I wanted to have that "I get it" feeling before I committed to such a large purchase. I never ever got there on a spindle, after I got a wheel, I was spinning useable yarns in a few weeks. It is not the same feeling at all, and now I love spinning and my wheel. Before I was just so frustrated and annoyed, that I couldn't imagine ever doing it long enough to get enough yarn to make anything. Good luck.


Don't give up on the spindle yet! Why exactly do you think you aren't getting it? Joins? The twist? I may be able to offer some advice ... do stop by ye old blog sometime or email me and Ill see if I can help. I had to modify the textbook instructions myself...


P.S.: I think that hat is cute. Especially if it's not meant for warmth, but for accent. It's really cute!


We might be feet sisters. People always comment on what I do with my feet. It has become automatic for me. For example, if I am washing dishes and need to open the cabinet below the sink, I use my toes to open it. I can write with my feet if I use my right foot. BTW - I was told by a friend in middle school that I have the ugliest feet she has ever seen.


Oops. I hope you didn't take that the wrong way. YOUR feet are actually quite nice looking.


You know, I think you might benenfit from a heavier spindle. I know that sounds crazy, like it'd be harder, but you get a better and longer spin and a more stable spin off a heavier spindle and it might make things a touch easier for you.

As for the advice to get a wheel, I think you should stick to the spindle. You can take a spindle with you anywhere and it's a great way to learn the technique. The wheel is easier, by most people's standards, but it's much harder to learn to use a spindle after learning on a wheel, than vice versa.

I consider it akin to learning to knit by hand, versus learning on a machine. You can produce most of the same projects either way, but learnign to knit by hand is a better way to learn what knitting really is and how it comes together.

Plus, you might not want to spin after doing it for a while and a wheel is a huge investment when you aren't sure.

My 2¢, worth every penny ;)

Oh and if you are going to be anywhere crafty sometime soon, I'd be happy to help you with what I know, if you are willing to take advice from a relative novice.


I've got a husband and son with monkey toes! I'm de-lurking after a year. You make my morning everyday - I almost said something when you first started talking about spinning now put the damn spindle down and put those toes to good use running around and making us laugh!


I can't wait to see what comes of the silk hankies...is it supposed to be easier to spin? Do tell.

And monkey toes, I'm wondering if it's the same as piano toes. I was rediculed as a child because of my toes and never wore sandals till maybe 10 years ago...until the uncles said, "take a look at super models' toes". Good gawd they have long toes too! Now, I'm very flashy with with my "super model toes".


hey girl!!!
find someone who can show you the spindle again. RoseByAny showed me again and it clicked. I am about ready to tak ethe plunge with an ashford Joy!


Monkey toes -- hee hee! My daughter has been "Little Miss Step- On- Everything" since she learned to walk. I guess she feels things with her feet. At 10, she still does it.

Liz K.

You never know about those old friends, and where they'll pop up. I was recently reunited with a friend from high school when I realized we were both participating in the Green Gable Knit A Long. It has been wonderful to reacquaint, and to re-visit that old self through the eyes of our current selves. And our friendship didn't end all that well in the first place...I hope you find Whale Boobs, or someone like her, some day.


I was 'grip toes' I used to pinch my brothers with my toes. To this day if there is something on the floor and I am barefoot - I'd more often than not pick it up with my toes rather than bend over....


Speaking as someone with relatively prehensile toes, I rarely need to bend down to pick things up. :) Haven't tried spinning (or knitting) with my feet, though...


Don't panic--you'll get the hang of the spindle when you're good and ready. I actually did better on my wheel at first, and now I can do either, depending on what I want--thinner, lighter yarns on the spindle, slightly heavier on the wheel.


Just put that hat on Girlfriend and tell her to work it, then Knitty.com will love it!


I wish I had more flexible toes! Mine are little stumps. You'll win the evoluntionary race with flexible, multi-tasking feet.


Oh if you could learn to knit with your toes you could knit 2 things at once. If anyone can do it - it would be you!


Hey, I have monkey toes, too, and they really come in handy when you need to pick something up off the floor without bending over!!!


It's easier to learn to spin on a wheel, because it requires less dexterity. Once you can spin on a wheel, it's far easier on a spindle. Also the most successful spindlers I have seen, roll it off their thigh.


Looks like there are alot of monkey toes around..seems as tho they come in handy. Bird toes here, or so my sister called me as a kid, u see the digits are curly, look like they could be sitting on a branch with the birds. I prefer curls, though, u know, like with hair, I developed curls in my hair as I got older, too...curly hair, curly toes, how cool is that?!


I grew up watching my grandmother and her friends spinning on spinning wheels. When I went to learn at college they started us all out on drop spindles. I hated it. Though when we went to wheels I really loved it. It's a whole body motion that feels so much better.

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