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May 25, 2006



That is a REALLY good idea about using it for log cabin blanketry. I'm usually very cautious about mixing colors, but with elann setting it up for you, you're in great shape. Love THAT. Tremendous idea Wendy!


It's okay to buy more yarn with or without a purpose. Yarn snobs unite!!


Hmmmm...I have to delurk for this one. I find the application of cognitive dissonance theory to knitting intriguing, and probably true for myself. As for the yarn in bags....sometimes I get lazy when a shipment comes in to the shop where I work and leave them around for awhile in hopes that someone will save me the trouble and buy the whole thing. Clearly, that sometimes works: )


I want to know where you find non-yucky yarn at 2 bucks a ball. At my LYS it is usually some horrible fun fur that the scarf knitters won't even touch!


heh heh, Lindsay, and here, yesterday I was going on and on about how simple is best!


Kris, go to Elann.com . . .

You will find yarn nirvana at just a few bucks a ball.

tense teacher

I love those little balls of cheap cotton yarn, and even though I already have about 20 skeins of them in nearly every color, I can't help buying more any time I'm near a YS.


Must resist temptation. Must not go on Elann shopping spree RIGHT NOW. That log cabin blankie idea is genius, never thought about using the Sonata for that.


I think it's your use of the word "nifty" that makes me laugh out loud. I too have a yarn problem but I think it originates from my love of sales. If it's cheap, or on sale how can I not buy it. It is completely irrelevant that I don't need it.


OK, so I see "El Yarn-O Cheap-O" and what do I think? "La Musica. La Musica Del Average White Band..." Anybody remember that show? Am I dating myself here???

Siow Chin

All the yarn stores in Hong Kong display the yarn in plastic bags. Keeps off the dust but you'll have to get the sales ladies to open up the bag so that you can fondle the yarn. Re Elann, I've always wanted to try but the exorbitant shipping to HK beats any kind of discount :(


That reminds me that I need to post the picture of my Log Cabin Blanket. I too used sale yarn - Lana Grossa Leggero $5 a ball. The whole blanket was $35

Can you believe I have never been to the Elann site? I feel cheated somehow...until I realize that I could start my own shop with the stash I have.


I am warning you - start this log cabin thing and you will never NEVER come out alive!



I love the olive green and the varigated. I am definetly thinking a log cabin blanket.


The Sonata is one tasty cotton. Not going to look though, no way, not after the hour clicking around redbirdknits and converting currency and narrowing down my order. They have a 20% off all yarn/fibers today, who doesn't need a bit (more) of FleeceArtists in their life. Well, okay, maybe I'll just check out the new Sonata colors. It won't hurt to look, right?

How's prep coming? Closet bar stocked up?


I bought "cheap yarn# for the first time ever this week. two balls of wool from the Michael's! But its to be felted and for that purse i'm lusting after from knit 1. (with that insane cover, even more embarrassing than the cheap yarn)

I've bought yarn thats cheap on the pocket, but never 'cheap' yarn. I felt a little guilty, next time i'll do it online. :)


I keep going to Elann, but haven't purchased yet. But the log cabing blanket, great idea! I've purchased from Knitpicks, and been very satisfied. I used the Ambrosia and made a beautiful sweater for $42. Sometimes I look at patterns and they call for 11 skeins of yarn at $13.50 each! Yikes. Yes, it's beautiful, but I cannot afford that.

I love the expensive yarns, but have to cheap out sometimes!



I placed a big-ish order at KnitPicks a few months ago and you know what? I wasn't so impressed despite the nearly imperceptible dent in my wallet. I probably won't ever use it and I hate the fact that it's going to just sit there (unless I can make a log cabin blanket in lace weight?!? Nevermind). Be a yarn snob. It's ok.

(Oh and clearly I'm stating the obvious here, but you're very very funny.)


There is a local store store that keeps the bulk of the yarn in the sealed bags. Does it force customers to feel that they should buy a bag? I don't know. I don't know that I've ever bought from there. It's rather dusty; I go into sneezing fits after 2 minutes in the store.


STOPP writing about CHEAP yarn from elann.com! That makes me want to buy some and I DON'T need more yarn. My last purchase from elann is still untouched in its box. so, sshh - keep quiet. ;o)

Scribbles & Bits

I love cheap yarn, but I definitely know that it's my guilt over the money I've spent on expensive yarn that makes me use it first. Although when I think about it, I've probably spent a lot more combined money on cheap yarn than on expensive.


I got some of the Sonata from elann, too, and also for a Log Cabin blankie. Frankly, I think elann doesn't have "cheap" yarn, they have good yarn at cheap prices...I also got some Regia sock yarn, the same thing you pay $12 a skein for at the LYS, for $6. Can't beat that! The only thing is that you have to get there when they first put the yarn online to get the good colors. Wait a day and all that's left is mustard yellow.


I have the opposite problem that you do. I have a bunch of normal priced yarn in the stash, but all I seem to knit with is TLC cotton plus. But it's GOOD cheap yarn.


I think we have some underlying hope that the cheap stuff will be just as fanastic as the expensive stuff. And even if it isn't, we still love yarn so much that we'll keep it eventhough we know we may not use it because the money has already been spent. I just gave away a bag of that splitty elann Lara summer cotton that I bought last year. I had to get out of denial. I knew I would never use it.


I'm like you...I always buy the cheap stuff, but hardly ever use it. I'm not sure what that's all about. BTW, whatever happened to In The Ears?? I have found some great music that way! I'm listening to Pink Martini right now! I always want to know what people are listening to when they are running at the gym!

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