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May 04, 2006



Must. not. go. see. ribbon!!!!!!!!!

You gotta love morons, really.


i clearly come from a long line of morons. members of my family would ask me to diagnose their various aches and pains. i was a biology major.


i'm a nurse and when people find that out they come running over to show me some gross bump or rash and want to know what it is.... morons!!!!!


...Uh oh. I'm beginning to wonder if each comment will feature the word, Moron... (heh heh)


I so dislike stupid people. You know the type...morons.

My friends, at least, get it when it comes to knitting. I think it's b/c we're all so good at different things and are willing to share what we know with eachother.


The ribbons are calling me. Holy crap that brown and blue is gorgeous.

Can't wait to see what you make with it!


Imagine what it's like to be not just a knitter but a librarian.... No, they don't pay me to read all day. No, I don't check books out all day or shelve books all day (that's what we have clerks for). No, the internets aren't putting libraries out of business... Morons!


beautiful!! i went to M&J Trimming last year on my trip to NYC. it's in the fashion district. i walked in the store and saw the floor to ceiling, wall to walls of trims and nearly fell over. the next best "rush" to a yarn shop!!!! have fun with those.


Only because I'm laughing so hard with each comment that does indeed include: moron.


One of the comments I have heard a couple of times is: Oh, you knit? You must have a lot of time on your hands.


Well, I have the double whammy. I used to be an optician and now I'm a knitter. You're right. The comments I get about being a knitter are not nearly as irritating as the ones I got when I was an optician. And that's saying something, believe me.


Imagine me, as a CPA, how many questions I get about taxes? Talk about eyes glazing over.

That top ribbon is BEAUTIFUL. I am dying some sock yarn in colors like that....can't wait to see it knit up.

Erica B.

My goodness Wendy, besides being a fabulous knitter, you can spin a story like nobody I know! People have a tendency to be so invasive when they find out your profession.


Once upon a time I was a nurses aide in a home for the multiply handicapped. For some reason people seemed to think that this made me an expert on mentally retarded people. It was easy for me to stop the stupid questions, I just told them about the gross parts of the job (enemas). Knitting becomes far far more interesting....(and for the most part I really liked that job, just not the gross parts).


First time commenter. :) My mom's a lawyer, and fairly well-known in my hometown. I can't even count the number of times she's run into clients, or even just people she knows, in the grocery store, and they'll launch into long-winded explanations of their court cases, privacy and confidentiality be damned. She hates it so very, very much. I love your blog!


I try to never tell what type of work I do to meet expenses, and I'm a clinical dietitian. People will ask for advice, and it's the last thing I want to talk about, or want to give without collecting a fee. I'd rather hear idiotic comments about my knitting.


Corinne, I've been meaning to lose those last few pounds. Any tips? I want to say that the chips are doing it, I mean keeping it "on," and all, but do you think it's the Splenda? The Splenda I use in my coffee? Maybe my body is trying to hang on to the fat for other reasons. Maybe I'm harboring bad feelings and could use a massage or maybe some of that rikey stuff. Rikey? Is that what they call it? Do you know about the Rickey? Oh, I mean Rikey? Is that what they call it? What do you suggest? Maybe five more minutes of cardio a day? Or do I need liposuction? What would you do?...


Oh wow, you really hit a nerve with this post.

I love the "Oh, you knit?" questions. What I dread are the "Oh, you do computer stuff?" questions.

The thing is, unless you're having a problem with a Unix or Linux server, I have NO IDEA what's wrong, or how to fix it. When I try to explain that I can't help you with your desktop because I don't know a thing about Windows, I usually get a puzzled look. Like, "But you said you do computer stuff...? %DOES NOT COMPUTE%"

But hey, if you ever need help with Apache configs, setting up Sendmail to use SmartHost, or figuring out why you're having problems compiling from source on RedHat Linux, I'm your gal!


(Note: I am not the Erika who knows all that Unix & Linux stuff, despite my incarnation in my former life as a LAN administrator.)

Oh, those ribbons are gorgeous! You just gave me flashbacks of a very happy kind. I remember, a gazillion years ago, there used to be a shop in...Sausalito?...Mill Valley?...where my mom bought nothing but braid. Beautiful braid trim for her sewn creations. Funky braid trim b/c it was the 70's. She might have bought some buttons, too. Why am I thinking there might have been some knitted items in there? Anyhow, thanks for the flashback!


Being in IT and a systems administrator the question always goes something like "oh, I have this problem with my computer, I just HATE to ask you, but could you take a look at it, I'm sure it's a quick fix, I am just computer illiterate?" And always "I didn't CHANGE A THING" turns into "well, I didn't know THAT was going to affect it".
Every time we go out of town to visit friends and family I end up spending hours troubleshooting and fixing everyones computer problems. Commisserating at the hair dressers a few weeks ago, I realized I wasn't alone. She is asked (oh so politely) "you're bringing your scissors right?" when she goes out of town, because everyone knows, we ALL want to WORK when we go on vacation:)


What a hoot! I work in a fabric store and because I know how to knit I am known by a few of my co-workers as the 'knitting lady'. I HATE that. Someone will come in with a knitting question and drag out their magazine and insist I explain the written instructions. Never mind that I am not an instructor and won't get paid to teach them to knit, etc. Of course this person has knit for years and they could not have made any mistakes.


Worse than having people find out you are a knitter is having them find out you are a doctor. Ask me how I know.


Oh, I hate for people to find out what I do when I'm in a social situation! I'm a physical therapist so whenever I'm at a party there are always those morons who've been drinking up a storm that want me "to fix them" or the idiot guy with the line "bet you give a good massage" YUCK. Like that was supposed to turn me on back in my single days.

My husband has a standing death threat against him if he should reveal what I do. As for the morons, I either give them the silent stare, tell them to make an appointment to see me AT WORK or tell them I charge $100 hour for private pay patients.


I find it increasingly distressing that people just don't have the most basic sense of manners and good grace anymore. Nobody is afraid to say anything, or demand anything from anyone in any situation. Nothing is taboo. Anywho....tell us more about the book!


I won't say what people ask me or say to me about my job, suffice to say I work for a drug company. But I will say I was at a Craft Fair on Columbus Ave on Sun and there was a woman selling darling belts for $45.each out of vintage ribbon. Well, now I know I can make that so for $45. I just bought enough ribbon to make myself and my sister several!! Thanks for the info.

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