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May 31, 2006



BTW, does it make me a freak that I want to zerbert GF's neck?


very cute! girlfriend looks adorable. how can you not love a girl in pink shoes?!


What an adorable pattern. The names you give your patterns are top notch! Read your blog daily for a fun way to stay current. Thx!


I can't wait to make this for my "girlfriend". Thanks for the design. Where did you find the buckle?


Funny, Marcia did have it all...even my dad! Really, they wen't on a few dates (he was a playa' on my mom) and he was her tennis instructor for a short time.


You two look super super fab! You kick A$$!!!!


I got the ribbon and buckle at lesbonribbon.com


I should've said:

"I'ma lookin', and I'ma liken'" (I've always wanted to say that) I know sounds a little perverted, but you know what I mean...lol.

YOu know, Like on the movie movie "meet the fockers"


Totally not related to your post... but the T-strap shoes you've got on are rockin'.

Cristina (CrissyPo)

A very Brady dress! I love it. I hope to have someone to knit it for one day.


That is freaking adorable. I wish my daughter would wear it!


I already have the go-go boots on order - lol!

I have some purple twist in the stash...need to swatch it and see if it will work.

LOL - apparently Peter Brady got married in Joliet, Illinois last weekend.


Oh Peter! Why...oh why?


Yes, strange there is no 'comment' about the pile of yarn at your feet. But then again, you don't need to. Sending good vibage your way. Starting today?


Oh man, as soon as I tell my husband I'm going to use he paypal account to buy this pattern, I'm buying this pattern! I love it. I have plans to make one for my daughter and my niece. YOur daughter looks adorable in it. And you should have worn that A-line more than two times. Really, you look great in it. You should stand up straighter so that we can really see it. Maybe it's an easy sewing pattern? Anyways, I was never a Marcia, though I so wanted to be. I was too much of a tomboy and just didn't have that same confidence. I was probably a Jan. I can see it in so many ways. Oh, is that a bag you're knitting that you're holding in your hand? I like the colors.


Adorable! Perfect for the summer!

Miz Booshay

What yarn did you use?



I used Online Linie Clip!


Dig it! I just bought my copy! My friend's two girls will look adorable in this! Nice job!


Cute cute cute. Now I just need a tiny person to wear it when I'm finished!


Honey, you are so cute!

um...why are you standing like that? You're going to need a chiropractor!


...I was flipping my hair.


D'oh. Well then YOU GO GIRL!


That's truly fabulous! Now I just have to wait for my little niece to grow up!


lovely work! just the thing to get me out of my knitting rut. thanks.


That's the cutest thing ever. By the way, what's that in your hand? The color looks gorgeous

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