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May 22, 2006





Wow, those glasses are seriously tragic. ;-)


Only thing more dangerous than glasses are bathing suits! I wouldn't dare buy one of those without trying on first.


i'm sorry wendy but you look a bit like willy wonka!!

Elizabeth M.

Wow, a serious fashion blunder. Who'da thunk it?

Must be the effects of the impending visit. A ripple in the cosmos precedes their arrival, throwing your world into disarray.

But maybe the glasses will make a perfect go-with for the Carnival Shawl? A thoughtful gift for MIL?


They RULE!! You look priceless. Seriously. I bet if you wore them to the gym for a week, you'd see the nekkid ladies in the locker room sporting identical pairs soon enough.

You're awesome!

PS: Willy Wonka is the coolest. Cutting edge.


Um, yeah, sorry, but they look a little scary and insect-like. Quick take them off before you scare any small children. Just kidding, they're not quite that bad.


LMAO! oh dear...are you the new old navy spokesmodel?


Did your face shrink, or are they really that big? ;)


I have a friend who is addicted to buying those huge sunglasses. The problem is, she always buys the kind that you have on - the ones that make her look like a giant bug.

I've never quite dared to tell her, because most of them were very expensive and she is rather proud of her collection.


please just say they're not $100's, and prescription - and you can just write it off as a fashion dare gone wrong...


You look a bit like Nicole Ritchie. Whether that's good or bad, I'll let you decide... :)




O.K. I have glasses like these, too. I feel really fab/glam in them, until I look in the mirror -- horrors -- I now call them the "sclams" (scary yet glamourous)


Oh so "OSCAR de la NO NO"!!! LOL
I love your ability to find humor in yourself!


Oh, c'mon, they're not so bad. With that expression on your face you kind of look like my mom circa 1978, but if you vamped it up a bit I'm sure you'd look perfectly fetching.


heh heh, He Who Wore Versace is trying to tell me that they're Fierce...


If you ever decided to get a nose job, they'd go nicely with the bandages. Unfortunately for the glasses, but fortunately for you-you don't need a nose job.

Although. I would try to find them in pink if so.


Ok...I'll say it cause I got the b@lls! I was the one that convinced her to buy 'em. I love them and still do. If anyone can carry them off it's Wendy. (And of course the one and only Rory.)

You're both FIERCE.


HaaaaHaaaaHaaaaHaaaa! *snort*


Hi Nicole Ritchie!


Very Hollywood Squares...you just need a cigarette in a holder dangling from your waving hand!

Miz Booshay

Is that you Nicole?...Jackie O?...Swifty Lazar?....Phyllis Diller?.....


You look like you're a little girl wearing your "mom's" glasses :). Or like my mom wearing any glasses (she's 4'6" and about the size of a 7 yr old...)

But you're right, at least they're not an awful color to match :).

Miz Booshay

Not Phyllis Diller!
I just checked...she didn't wear glasses...don't know why that came to mind.

Perhaps with a big floppy hat.....

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