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May 02, 2006



My young boys think that space shuttles are "cool"... not becuase of the technology and genius that goes into the development, nor because they travel through space... but because of the flames and smoke that expel from the rockets when they take off. Their young simple minds are simply not able to appreciate the greatness of it all.

Your friend's simple, non-knitting mind is simply unable to appreciate the beauty, creativity, entertainment, and intelligence of knitting!

Don't worry... the rest of it get it and love what you do!

Steph VW

Has she even met you?

Cute. Bah. Cute is a verbal tic for too many people.

A friend told me once that I had a "cute little house". I own half of a 1925 Arts & Craft syle house (it was built as a duplex). Neither it, nor the mortgage, are cute or little. It is cozy, it is warm, it is elegant, it is NOT CUTE. I've not spoken to that woman since.

Jennifer Coomer

I sigh with you. *sigh*

I am tired of being compared to a “little old lady” when someone spots me with knitting.

Personally, I am highly anticipatory over a Knit & Tonic book. Rock on, Wendy. Rock on.


"Cute" should be retired from every person's lexicon except in the context of describing baby animals.


Hope you commented with "CUTE!?" and laughed jauntily as you walked away shaking your head. Let her wonder about THAT...

And you can have a good laugh again when you have a "cute" knitting book on the market that brings you in a lot of money someday. You already have the photographer and the talent. You're on your way!

So remember there's two kinds of people in this world; those who knit and those who don't. The ones who don't, don't matter. Knit and be happy!

gina L

Don't even go there, you don't need to defend yourself not even in your mind. You have the luxury of being able to spend time knitting. You enjoy it, which is most important! I'd give her the benefit of the doubt on calling you cute. It is not worth the time or angst in worrying about it. She might not understand the joy of knitting but I don't think she was trying to put you down either.


As my slightly-knitter daughter would say, that lady makes me want to PURL!


It's sad that she has such a limited vocabulary. She probably would refer to those gorgeous statues your grandfather sculpted as "cute." Anyone who can't recognize art for what it is, even if they don't quite "get it," is obviously someone of limited mental ability.

At least she didn't make some stupid comment about how her grandmother used to knit...


Wendy, scroll down to the bottom to see a little "hater" club of your own, but in an entirely different way that is for visor girl.

Oh, it is from "The Randomness of Jennifer Coomer", april archive if the link doesn't work.



I'm curious as to why this got to you? Maybe you were already having a bad day, because it was such an inane little comment that it truly doesn't warrant a second thought. Put it out of your mind and move on to something you enjoy!


Gaile, I don't think it really got to me, especially coming from her. It was just that so many times I get the exact same reaction. I think people just don't understand what is involved in our craft and I honestly don't think she meant that it didn't matter or whatever. I think what bugged me is that it was probably the 20th time I heard it in recent months and I felt so misunderstood. And yes, I was already having a bad day!


Wendy you're sweet. If I lived near you my daughter and Girlfriend would drive us crazy watching Disney movies and dressing in costumes. But I know a lot of good movies so if you had two TV's we'd be OK. = )


I'd tell her, "No.... it's FUCKING cute!"


please make sure you use this quote in your book "I don't complain. Complaining makes you frown. (And frowning causes wrinkles". That is a gem!!!


All I have to say, is that if you are coming out with a book, I am buying it. I'm new to your site but I absolutely love your new site. When I finish up a few projects your somewhat cowl is going to be up next!


Ooh yuck. That is right up there with "Well isn't that fun!". I quickly learned that's what people say when they simply don't get it. I worked before in craft-like buisness and that comment became a running joke. Be proud you do something that other people can't even wrap their minds around!


I mean to say I love your "patterns", not "new site". I blame the allergies, they make my head fuzzy!


Cute. So she's one person who doesn't get it. I'm at least person #93 today who does get it and how accomplished you are as knitter/designer/writer! I recently told someone about taking my knitting to the coffee shop after prayer meeting. As I heard myself say it, I thought "It sounds like I'm 90!" Honestly, it's something I think I remember hearing my friends grandmother say almost word for word. Just for the record, I'm a good deal short of half way to 90. But I love my life.

As a Minnesota transplant, I have to say that the "Oh for cute" thing is one of the more mystifying sayings. "Uffda" is my fave, followed by "holy buckets."


Cute? Pfft! Your ex-neighbor should try to be so cute. I enjoy your blog and love your designs - even the ones I could never wear. Here's hoping for a book, for sure. Best wishes.

Pink Rocket

I'm a SAHM and I craft/knit...my soon-to-be landlady called and I said, "Just a second while I go turn off my sewing machine". She says, "Oh, how cute; you sew." What?? Cute? I felt the same way!! I wanted to say, "Are you knidding me?"

Martha (another one)

It's funny how much it hurts to be belittled, even by random people. I'm outraged with you. (Outrage gives no wrinkles, and exercises seventeen different facial muscles.)


Cute, eh? I'd kill her with kindness. I'd be happy to send you one of my hideous "knitting gone bad" projects to give to her, "I made this for you. Isn't it CUTE????"

Vicki in Michigan

I took the trouble, once to talk to my m-i-l about a sweater I had knit from 90 different handspun yarns (my spinning guild did a big yarn swap). I talked about some of the things I'd learned about trying to turn so many totally different yarns into a coherent whole, and what I learned about using color, and.....

Her response? "That's a nice little hobby for you."


That was the last time I tried to share any of my interests with her.


Some people get it, and some -- are hopeless and to be avoided whenever possible.


If you stick up for your feelings right away you won't have to dwell on it. Be honest, tell her, "Actutally it is something that I'm very passionate about, and your calling it 'cute' is honestly a bit degrading!" Since she's your friend, she'll understand, and as a plus - she'll be more supportive of you, and more careful with her words in the future.


Okay, see, you just need to get over it and realize how other people see you. I showed my daughter your blog as a perspective adjuster when she came to me in tears because she just realized that "all there is to life is getting old and having kids and getting fat". (No, I'm not fat. Shut up.) We read all the Girlfriend stories and Katie cooed and ahhed and now she envies your life there at home with Girfriend, Chuck and the Bunny. You're the new paradigm.
And she loved that shot with the shoes too. We have a shoe problem.

I stayed home with my kids for seven years. It's when I learned to knit. There were people who weren't staying home with their kids who would make condescending comments but inwardly feel like crap because they didn't get those everydays you get with Girlfriend. And can I tell you I've never once regretted those seven years? Not a minute of them? Ever? It's true.

You'll also notice that there are moms who do stay at home who will utter little "not-for-nuttin-but" comments about going to the gym, grad school, learning to do ceramic tile and anything else you do that makes them feel like less. "It's nice that you take all that ME time, but I really prefer to be devoted to my kids," my friend Lisa said when she learned that I was going to the gym four days a week.

Bah. You are so cool. You and Zibibbo together are even cooler. You inspire great envy. You do this motherhood thing right. You do this personhood thing right. Did you really think people wouldn't feel compelled to take pot-shots at that?


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