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May 02, 2006



Ew. Here's the thing, I think Girlfriend is really cute, but I think your knitting and the speed with which you do it is incredible, artistic, creative...not cute!!! And if you made a book of patterns, I would totally buy it!


My design teacher in Montreal 20 years ago, overheard two women discussing how "Cute" the Degas were, in the art gallery!
Maybe they're related!


Cute? Horray! Now let's put on pink-lensed sunglasses and go dance in the daisy field!


Oh whateva! It shows more about her lack of imagination that any comment on what you do.

Knit on Sister!


Clueless. She is clueless. She has no idea the skill and creativity you put into your craft/work.

I agree, don't spend time even thinking about her. But, of course that is easier said than done. Sometimes people say things that just stick to you and irk you for days, months even. I had one of those comments yesterday also.

So, I'd say let's forget them, but I think we would both rather get revenge by continuing what we do...in your case the magical knitting. Work on that book. Make it great.

And when she wants a copy, make her buy a "cute" one.


Ugh. Once A class-mate told me the same thing (about knitting, not a book). I responded by knitting a hat with skulls on it.


I would start on that book TODAY.


She's jealous. So jealous. What does she think you're doing? Crocheting dolls whose skirts cover the extra toilet paper in the bathroom?


I'd make sure to send her a signed copy of the book (when, if) and write a note that you HAD to send it to her b/c she is just so CUTE!

Revenge is always sweet :)


Oy! The CUTE person. I know someone whose response to everything I've ever shown her is Oh Cute! Needless to say I won't be showing her anything again. Lack of imagination and vocabulary is to blame I think, but she is also a big ass.


Just doesn't get it. Sigh. I'm reminded of the reaction I got from another *knitter* to the soaker I knit for my daughter. "Oh can you imagine going back to CLOTH diapers?!?" Yeah, I can, and they're great. Plus I can accessorize with wooly pants. ;)


i am 5ft tall and have always weighed less than 100lbs...until just recently. my point is i was on the tiny side of petite, which to many people is french for cute!!! i have been insulted and enraged by that comment for all 54 years of my life and continue to be. yep, gray hair and all it continues!!! if there's one thing i've learned it's that i have no room for nasty people and their back handed back stabbing compliments in my life! don't waste your energy on that one or anyone else like it!


Ah, this is a simple mistake, a case of crossed wires.

Obviously she didn't mean cute. Obviously she meant impressively creative. Skilled and imaginative. Innovative. Gifted. Talented. Inspiring.

Obviously she meant to say one of these things, and 'cute' just popped out, squeezed out by the visor.


"Cute" is for puppy dogs. Of course, not everyone knows this, and sometimes they use it to mean "great." As in "what a cute sweater" when really it's so far from cute it couldn't see cute if it tried. I'd take it as a compliment and just assume that the ex-neighbor doesn't have the same command of the English language that you do.


What a horrible thing to say! Some people have no appreciation for others' TALENTS...and it is a talent, because there are pleanty out their whom can't knit!

Maybe it's just me, but I have always been an admirer of the talented!


(sorry about the mispelled words, it's really early)


There is only one time I want "cute" and knitting used in the same sentence; when my husband says I LOOK cute when I am knitting on the couch or when my brow is furrowed trying to figure something out while knitting. Other than that I feel mostly sorry for folks who can't imagine how cool it is to create something from start to finish and have it mean so many different things on so many different levels. Unfortunately when people make stupid comments like that about my knitting I never think of a smart retort at the moment. sorry for the long post.

townie girl

I'm thinking that it's just her lack of vocabulary, more than anything else. I guess you could have come back with a question..."How is that cute?"

I agree with everyone else - giving her that book will help you feel better. Maybe she'll have more variety in her vocabulary then! ;-)

You're the best, Wendy!

Betty Wineke

Cute is it?! Would she describe what Vera Wang does as cute, or Armani or any other clothing designer? As with others, I've been looked at strangely for my knitting, but more times than not I've been described as talented and told I should be selling my stuff. Nobody has told me it's "cute".
Hang in there sweetie - my guess is, having seen you in your wonderful photos, there's more than a smidgen of jealousy going on. You are incredibly talented and you and Stephanie the Yarn Harlot are the only two blogs I check and read on a daily basis. Not only because I love knitting as both of you do, but because you both are wonderful, natural writers who would be good at writing about any ole thing.

Miz Booshay

It's not about you.

She is vocabulary challanged.

She is of no consequence.


How is writing a book cute? I'm with the previous poster who said you should take the opportunity to call her profession / avocation "cute."


Wait! Wait! What was that about an accountant with a visor, in a green room, with bubble gum? My walls are white, and I only chew Trident. And, as an accountant I can testify that I am darn "cute." But my knitting--now that's serious stuff! And your knitting, Wendy, is elegant, sophisticated, even glamourous. Some people just don't get it. I guess we have to make allowances.


CUTE: the favorite catch-all word of the lazy and passive-agressive mind. Arrghh. If she doesn't know the difference between what a creative woman chooses to do with her life (design knitwear, write a book, etc.) and what is cute, send her over to www.cuteoverload.com to wallow in the puppies and kittens and gerbils. LOL



And the word she'd use for your book's cover shot? The one of you in the tub with the yarn? I'm thinking 'cute' doesn't cut it.


Two thoughts-

I love how you started that post, as if you were cheering... "ready? okay!" (confession: former cheerleader here...)

Second, a story. A few years back, I broke my foot, had to have surgery and was on crutches for 6 weeks. I ran into one of my coworkers in the halls one afternoon and she asked me what happened. When I told her, she said, "Aren't you glad it's not bikini season?" Huh?

I'm still not quite sure of the point of her response, but now at least I have the knowledge that other people sometimes don't know what to say, so they say the ridiculous. Like calling your knitting "cute."


I can totally sympathize with you--I have really curly hair. I'm talking corkscrews and spirals curly. I seldom wear it curly, but when I do, I always get told how cute it is or, even worse, how adorable. Come on, people, I'm 30 years old--I left the adorable stage about 25 years ago. I think they consider it a compliment. I can sympathize with you on the knitting too--several of my friends think it's "hilarious" that I knit. One even calls it cross-stitching!! Don't let the turkeys get you down. We'll all be first in line to buy signed copies.

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