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May 02, 2006



Wow, hot topic. I have a completely unrelated question for you. What size did you knit for your green gable? I am having some sizing issues and I am thinking that we are similar sizes, not having actually ever seen you in person... Thanks Wendy!


Oh, and did you actually do the backwards loop cast-on?


how dare she rain on your parade? what a loser!


Jane, I did the second size up on the green gable, the size small. And no, I didn't do the backwards loop cast-on. I did my usual which is the "other" kind (don't know the name. Is it Long-Tail?)


I wouldn't worry about it- she is obviously a dumbass. So who cares? Plus, you know you are way cooler than she is anyway.


"Oh, you knit? How cute! And I bet you save a lot of money, knitting all your clothes. Did you make that sweater you're wearing? Oh. You didn't? Well, I could never knit. I mean, I don't have the time. You know. I'm just a really busy person."

Heaven save me from people like that.


IDEA! Link her to this page, let her all know what we think!
I have friends that do that too, you know what, they are just jealous& untalented!
P.S. I am in the middle of Girlfriend Swing Coat....it's on my blog & it is coming along awesomely....don't you all
forget June 10th is WorldWide Knit in Public Day! www.wwkipday.com


OMG, this thread has taken on a life of its own! I sent email to your gmail account (just wanted to let you know). Hope today is going better for you!

Sarah the DomesticOverlord

Did you at least punch her? OMG! Are you in jail because you punched her? It's been three days since this post... Do you need bail money? I'm sure we, your readers, could scrape it together. There is no worthier cause than bailing out a freind who punched a moron.

sandy j

Stupid muggle.




It's an unfortunate result of living in a society where we are taught to value only certain activities like wheeling and dealing in the rat race, while at the same time not valuing artists, intellectuals, etc... I know this sounds hippy-ish, but its true. I teach high school (history) and when people ask me what I do, and I tell them, they assume I must be a slouch because I choose a low paying profession. Anyhow, I love your site and find it inspiring. Congratulations on the book, I will definitely buy it.


Returning after an enforced hiatus due to move, delayed DSL setup, consequent resorting to dialup (yawn), and finally returning to find knitting and Fair Wendy declared "cute"....

I'm w/ Miz Booshay on this - it reflects solely the limited imagination + vocabulary of the Visor Lady.

Just remember that what comes out of people's mouths is directly connected to their brains and only marginally connected to the supposed subject matter of their discourse.

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