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May 02, 2006


Elizabeth M.

No, don't complain. RANT! How absolutely condescending. EWWW. Cute?!?!?

But, you're right. Don't stay mad because that only hurts you. And causes wrinkles.

Just know in your own mind that she is a twit and you can just feel sorry for her and move on.


O.K. If you were to only knit little fuzzy bears, and barbie outfits, THAT would be cute. I don't see how designing women's clothing is "cute"


a knitting book is serious technical business. Not cute. Cute is reserved for cozys and the like...my 2 cents is you are a craftswoman, Wendy. You are not crafty.


Where does this gal live now, Vomitville?


Cute? Puppies, kittens and kids are cute. Knitting is serious stuff.

I've been frowning so much lately I swear I'm gonna look just like my grandma did only she was 90....


Are you serious? Cute. CUTE???? I've never heard that it was CUTE to knit. Strange maybe. I’ve had people imply that knitting is dull or lacking in the excitement factor, as in only the elderly knit, but I’ve never heard that knitting was cute. Seriously. Cute?


Yeah. Cute. (But this is a middle-aged girl who wears a visor to the gym. I figure it's okay if that is what you're into, but a visor? I guess we could say that is cute, but a visor? Is she an accountant? Or someone who crunches numbers with one of those nifty loud counting machines in a room with green walls while chewing tough bubble gum and saying "Yeah, Mac" a lot? Or maybe one of the gals who stands behind that guy in Hawaii doing a zillion lunges? The middle-eastern guy? The sorta cute one who used to date my model friend? They're on the beach dancing on those cute little black, circular pad thingys? And lotsa canned disco music plays while they lunge and do their moves? Now, that's CUTE.)


She just so totally doesn't get it!
Good thing you don't have to prove anything to her, you've got a fan club and she doesn't! NA NA NA NA NA NA!


It's so not even worth the energy to have negative feelings over. Shake it off and go on! You have enough patterns to call yourself a Knitwear Designer. You don't need validation from her or any of us either for that matter because you truly know your selfworth deep down inside. You own it and no one can take it away! Although, it certainly doesn't hurt that everyone who reads your blog thinks you are FAB!! And let's face it - you ARE C.U.T.E!!


the word cute makes me want to throw up!


Wendy I want you to know that your comment in the comments section made me laugh out loud and I haven't been doing a lot of that. I'll put it a little plainer than the other. She's an asshole. She would probably have said the same thing if you said stay at home mom, or student, or anything that she didn't personally feel was impressive.


It sounds like the cry of someone who just doesn't get it and therefore needs to belittle it. I had a boyfriend like that. He thought it was "cute" that I was considering majoring in Computer Science or Aeronautics...Cuz you know, those aren't "girl" subjects. Dumped him pretty hard pretty fast...

Cute...I kill over less.


the word cute makes me want to throw up!


Oh Wanett. If only you were across the street right now. I'd go grab you and make you sit with me while we watch a couple hours of Breathless while eating popcorn and sipping something someting or maybe a caffiene free diet coke or something. (and knit socks)


Eeeecch. The nerve of some people.


Geesh. Take it easy on that viser girl. Congrats on having a book.


Why is it when some people see you knitting a project, their minds immediately picture a completed baby blanket or a scarf done in basic knit & purl stitches? Do they not realize there's an entire culture of talented knitters who exist in the world? That there are REAL knitters who design (such as yourself) and knitters who take on way too many complicated sock patterns (such as me)? Or what about those knitters that even dye & spin their own yarn?
FYI: Having a conversation with visor girl sounds like a huge waste of time ... especially when that time can be filled with knitting!


Well, it IS cute!

*ducks and runs*


What a coincidence you said that just now. I was at a gig the other night and the wife of one of the musicians asked me how I pass my time and I mentioned I've been knitting lately, and she said, "oh, that's sweet". I was more perplexed at her response than anything and assumed she was just not understanding, but I must admit, I keep thinking, "sweet? Sweet? But, sweet, though?????????" Where was she coming from? And she was an old hippy as well....weird.


If she had said that to me I would have told her to go boil her head. Only someone who doesn't get a kick out of being creative or someone who needs to get a life would be that condescending.

Take care you and keep knitting xx


There are 2 kinds of people in this world. Actually, more than that. But I mean there are the kind of people who are creative and dare I say visionary (in your case, not mine) and there are people who can't see beyond what is in front of them. Be glad you're in the former category.

Do you have an agent yet? Because that is way beyond cute.


man. i would have poked her with a dpn and seen how cute she found THAT.


cute. that word is all too familiar to me. while it doesn't quite leave a bad taste in my mouth like it used to, it does serve as an indicator of how well someone knows me.
cute? yeah, i can be cute...but there's a time and a place for it, and i'd really only respect it as a compliment when it's used appropriately.
otherwise, i hardly give people who consider me or the things i do "cute" a second thought.


People who don't knit don't understand it! Think of all the images we've been raised with to show knitting (old ladies, rocking chairs). My non-knitting friends glaze over quickly when I express the excitement of finding the right yarn or finishing a project. However, when I'm sporting something I've made they get a whole new appreciation. When the time is right, you might be able to call something she thinks is important "cute".


You do know that when people say things like that it's because they are entirely jealous and totally inept at doing anything remotely artisticly inclined? (that was a lot of "ly"'s) But really, that was said to specifically make you feel bad - and now that you know this - you can just give her updates on how successful, creative and talented you are - and don't forget to give her a personally signed copy of the book.

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