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May 19, 2006



i'm with you on the poopy diaper thing.. if a kid's that big, then, well... that's just too scary.

the dress is adorable... and since my three year old niece only responds with the word "pink" when I ask her what she wants me to make her, i think i might have found some inspiration.

Miz Booshay

That is amazingly darling!!!

Nice work there, Wendy!

Ya done the Brady's proud!


Heh Heh... poop karma.

The Dress is REALLY cute!!



The scissors scare me, though. Please say it's only for the ribbon.


it was for the ribbon (although I'm thinking of ripping the top of the shoulders. If I do, I'll adjust the pattern, too.)


VERY cute! hmmmm, you must be out of ice cream.


That is awfully sweet. Way to persevere despite poopy Mercury retrograde (just imagine what July will be like when Mercury is actually retrograde).

The ribbon belt really pulls it together.


It's adorable! It kinda reminds me of a little pink gingham dress I sewed when pregnant with my 3rd (of 5 sons) convinced that it must surely by a girl. I'll admit to briefly putting him in the dress so I could admire my one (and only) sewing success before I gave it away. But I don't think I'd get away with that now. Hmmm... gotta pass this on the my knitting pals with girls!

BTW - right there with you on the poop thing.


So when my daughter was an infant I started on one of my first attempts at crocheting, and I am as much of a crocheter as Britney Spears is a model mother- good, loving intentions but lacking common sense. It was a little dress, aline, with a halter top. No pattern, just kind of went with whatever seemed right. Well "right" didn't happen, and ripping it out 7 times was inevitable. So I finally finished her size 6 month summer dress, in the middle of a very snowy winter. Let's just hope the next one is a girl. For this I admire you at finishing your dress, which is quite lovely. I think the ribbon really makes it work.


Well now, that is too cute! It reminds me of a dress I wore when I was in preschool and kindergarten. Except mine was a plaid dress. And I think I wore it almost every day. No joke.


oh boy! is that ever cute! i am knitting for my nieces right now; it's just girl-heaven around here . . . and i've been thinking of an a-line dress too. the full-skirted one; i made seems a little heavy; now i want something sleeker.
thanks for sharing pictures of it!


That dress is so precious! There are some great pink metallic Kenneth Cole sandals on Storybook.com (children's clothes)but the heel may be too much for Girlfriend. It is luscious and reminds me of my prom dress, at which I had no fun, but the dress was awesome!


I have friends who work in special rec and the poop stories they have are priceless...I'm with you though. I can't imagine being on the poop brigade!

My DD just looked over my shoulder and said "Mama, could you make me that to go with the Scooby Doo boots?" OMG LMAO!

What was the site where you got the ribbon?

I think this is my favorite pattern of yours, yet!

lisa b

ya done the 70's proud and i can't wait to buy the pattern. hmmmm...do you think that the yarn might be cotton fleece?


Other people's kids - sheeeesh!!!!
Love the pink!


That dress is AWESOME!!!! I'm sorry about the poop drama, sounds like it was a drag, but holy moley, what an COOOOL dress! More pics, please.


The dress is ADORABLE -- what will the range of sizes be?


The yarn wasn't cotton fleece. I saw something like it, it was by Blue Heron and it is in the latest Patternworks catalog. It is this cotton tape stuff (but I'm sure that it's not the brank I used and dyed). The ribbon is from lesbonneribbon.com. Range of sizes from 2 to 12.


Well, I'd never know this dress/tunic gave you one minute of trouble - it looks perfect.

Is it wrong that I want all of your children's patterns in adult sizes for myself?

I'd totally wear that, in those exact colors. Love the ribbon, too.

(now that I think of it, my favorite new jeans are from the Old Navy girls' department, so maybe I am fashion-stunted)


poop - ick. dress - bellissima!


For all of it's trouble, it is a very sweet pattern.


Woohoo! Sizes 2 to 12! I have a very tall 5 1/2 year-old, so I'm glad to hear that!


Great dress!
And as in most things kid-related: "There but for the grace of Whomever go I." I find the more I judge other kids/parents/situations, the more I fear being judged by other parents.

(And, the worse my karma is!)


I love it.


Oh so beautiful! Hmmm...I'm seeing it in purple for my girly. Glad the size range is large since my 2 year old is wearing 3T now.

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