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May 08, 2006



I dig this pattern - have a ball of SW Trading Co's Bamboo that has this written all over it.

marine teillard

hello i'm sorry but i speak little english. my name is marine teillard and i cherch my best friends wendy bernard she live in orlando in floride. please hellp me to found her.tank you.

mari hope

this pattern is so amazing! I'm starting knitting it right away. have a lot I should be doing now, but I just can't wait to start.



I'm a bit late commenting to your story, but it sounds like these men need some serious FIBER! And I'm not talking your knitting here. :)


I like this pattern but don't know what you mean by (wrap the yarn three times around the needle,) got that...but this is confusing
then withdraw all the wraps along with the needle. ????
Are you saying wrap the stitches then drop them on this row?


can i have the pattern it is so pretty


sorry but i couldn't find this pattern on the sidebar (free pattern). may i request a copy pls, if possible??
regards from istanbul (turkey)


Did you remove the pattern? It is no longer available on Ravelry and I can't find it here either.

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