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May 28, 2006



So glad you gave them another go--NOW they look fierce!


OMG Wendy!
Good Luck!
Hang In There!
Be Strong!
I'll Say a Prayer!

On the other hand Girlfiend great! Will she be sporting it to school? Can't wait for the pattern.


Remember - you know where there's a happening BBQ and graduation party in a couple of weeks if you can't stand it anymore and need a break!


Be strong!! I vote you go to Lynda's house for the graduation party!


You can do it! Remember: you're FIERCE! At least with those shades on. Wear then when you feel your superpowers being sucked out of you.


Now THAT's a great photo! You look amazing -- as does g.f.
I once read that's its o.k. to knit in public, as long as one looks "hot" -- go out somewhere knitting, Wendy -- you're fabulous!


Girl, something shifted because you are working those sunglasses. And look at Girlfriend shaking her booty for the camera!


4 days? Oh, my. I think you'll NEED Dittneyland in July! Hang in there. Hey, you got Girlfriend to wear something other than the princess nightgown!


oh, OH? I missed something....who's doing what to you?!?!

BTW, the glasses are fantastic, sans sweatshirt. You are utterly adorable.


Christine. It's a force that is bigger than all of us. Trust me on this one. And stay tuned.

Elizabeth M.

Sounds like lots of trips to the pool or something. Mall walking. Gym. Just many excursions. As many as you can fit in.


Oh dear, that time of year again huh? At least you're looking fabulous to face it. Hang in there, take deep breaths, and remember to exhale.


I knew you could carry those sunglasses off! OMG - 4 days. Eeeeeeeek.

Remember - you are French Vanilla! Don't let anyone tell you different!

Miss Scarlett

Wow - you look incredible!

And Girlfriend is working that Brady outfit in the garden!

Totally Fierce Famiy.


Oh no... did I miss something? I feel clueless (hate that). What's in 4 days??????



(Will cross fingers that you survive the coming onslaught unscathed - or at least un-sober)


Oh, your mother in law must be visiting. I go through the same trauma. I don't hide the booze to far because I still have to consume copious amounts just to make it through her visit.


You look fab! And Girlfriend is a pint-sized fashionista working the red, er green carpet. I know you can make it through whatever trauma is coming....(add me to the slightly confused) ;)

Miz Booshay

You gals look *fine*.

townie girl

G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s. Both of you!


you look great!!! and this visit will be over before you know it. just be sure to hide the booze in the same place as the yarn so that you can kill two birds with one stone if you need to "get away" :)




MIL and FIL here for the past ten days, today is final. I feel your pain my online friend! Off to the gym and then our final family outing until the fall visit. The saving grace is they have their own place here in NY and do not stay with us. I just have had it with the banal small talk, and not one question about our careers, quest for a home or a child. oops husband just walked in...


Laughing here cause I just put PORK in the crockpot. But does it help that it will be Mexican? Served with tortillas?

May the 'Needles be with you' for the next 2? weeks? Ack!

And we are here for you to vent.


O.K. What am I missing? Is summer break upon you? I know that can be overwhelming-that is why my son will be in summer school:) Now, if I can just find something for my two year old;)

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