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May 10, 2006



That pillow is wonderful and the Posh Yarn ... I just went to their site and found cashmere/silk cobweb... I have been looking for cobweb and this stuff is perfect. Thanks Wendy!


I used to mystic tan ALL of the time until I found bare escentuals faux tan. It is so easy to put on and I have no streaks or orange spots. You might be able to blend the dark spots with a self tanner to make it less noticable. My sister in law did a spray tan the day before her wedding and the same thing happend to her but on her wrists. It was awful, I felt so bad for her


I'm going with blending with a self tanner. Arbonne's self tanner is awesome.

Love that pillow. I can't wait to see the mate you make for it.

And wow! Cahmere & silk yarn! Beautiful.


this is why i adore your blog - this tap-dancing story is so funny, so lighthearted, so human. i'd had such a bad day and it brought a real smile to my face! and your yarn recommendations are always fabulous


Lemon juice gets out self tanner fabulously---unfortunately, I've had a bit of experience with selftanner mishaps as well.

Sarah the DomesticOverlord

I beg you, do not use that fab yarn for a dickie. I'm pleading as those who disuaded me from knitting the alpaca pants pled with me, the dickie is just wrong.


lemon juice?! Oh yeah! I have a lemon tree just outside my back door! A Meyer Lemon! I wonder if that'll work too~


Sarah...just think how a so-wrong dickie could be so-right...


I love the pillow! Are you gonna post the pattern... I have some Noro I want to give it a whirl with!!!


I'll have to ask my friend John, first...(if we can make up a pattern for that pillow).


I am *so* drooling over that pretty blue yarn. Does it feel as soft as it looks??


...softer. And it seems sturdy, too, so it would hold up to nice stitch patterns.

Cindy Ericsson

Oh, sweetie, I feel your orange pain. When I've had problems like this, I use a good exfoliant or body sugar to scrub a little at the edges. No sanders, please!


Cashmere and silk....heaven in a yarn.

I noticed that my self tanner stained my new manicure last Friday. Thankfully, it was dark at the event and not noticeable until the next morning.

Are you making the pillow out of Noro?


Yes! I am copying John!


I had a self tanner disaster before and found out from Cosmo/Glamour magazines that you MUST NOT apply self tanner after a warm/hot shower. Why? I really forgot but I did apply and I have really bad orange streaks all over.


A lemon tree in your backyard? I'm jealous. I've been on a lemon kick lately. Mmmmm... lemons!


What I'd do (have had the orange streaks too):
1. exfoliate (also good for future tanning, it's the hard skin that gets the most orange)
2. moisturize (make the skin softer)
3. half a day to a day later, use other, good stuff to mask the darker spots.
4. Good luck!
5. I'm making the dream swatch today!
6. :-)


Love the pillow! Love your new yarn! I went to the site and found angora/cashmere/silk/merino blend...yummy! Thanks for the link!

Sorry about the tan thing...hope the lemons do the trick!



*raises hand and waves it around frantically*

I don't love the oompa loompas, they freak me out. You know I have issues.

I'm happy you dig the yarn. (:


Oh, my. You just had to hotlink to Posh Yarns, didn't you? What beautiful yarns they have...


. . .but in sport weight?



John's pillow is fantastic - you are a lucky girl! Whenever I need a good laugh I head over to see him at my LYS here in NYC. He's a riot.
I have no idea how to remove self tanner. I've found that applying a healthy schmear of the barrier cream on the hands and feet before stepping into the booth helps to minimize the orange.
Beautiful yarn, as always!


My DIL just gave me a gift card to get a spray on tan before we leave for Hawaii. Thanks to everyone for their tips!
Ditto what everyone said about the yarn.
Cool bracelet!


Finger nail polish remover (w/ acetone) takes self-tanner off. Go lightly b/c you can take too much off and that's just as bad as too much on :-) Gorgeous yarn - those colors are so yummy.

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