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May 01, 2006



You are the most ridiculous knitter I have ever met.
Will you come live next door? The house is for sale.

No, REALLY. ;-)


the glasses over the motifs are a nice touch except it kinda looks like they are poking straight into your eyeballs - ouch!


Oh, you MUST finish the Vesper knee socks!!


drinking a G and T for you...breathe...breathe....


Hmmm... Poor loop-d-loop guy is probably on his way to Minnesota, land of the loons, right now. I'll send your regards, should I see him.

Is Brittany girl still showing up? Is she preggers, too? Does KFed know? Will you be knitting her wanna-be-Brittany-baby items? :-D

YAY on only 4 more motifs to crochet!


Four Weeks?? And then you'll be hiding in the closet again? Four weeks? Have you made the juice of one whole chicken plan of attack yet? (ack!) I do hope you have learned your lesson as all of US have vicariously thru you re the long involved project for the MIL. Four weeks!


Only four weeks, and the Carnival Shawl will be done? It will be the end of an era. . .
All of your faithful readers must each have a G&T or glass of wine to toast the auspicious event.


4 motifs is nothing...but I'd just bang (she said bang) them out in a week and get that thing sent off to your friend that is putting it together.

My thinking is that you will get at least a few days of positive energy if you present it when she arrives.

You might need to make 2 more so you can keep the mask. Doh!


That is a very sexy look for you.

Too bad about the loop d loop guy, but I'm sure there's still plenty of weirdos there at the gym to entertain you.

I'm digging The Bunny there, in the picture. Looks like he might be trying to eat your motifs? :)


I want to party with YOU! lol


What will we do when the Carnival Shawl is finally finished? Is it truely the end? What saga will be next?


Those motifs look like huge cucumber slices on your eyes. Knock out those 4 motifs and put on together this weekend. You'll feel better than waiting til the last minute.
Are you going to frog the robe or just leave it until you feel like finishing?


great fotos - you're aaaallllmost done with the damn thing. it's like how sometimes during a workout you just want to leave and give up and go to ben & jerry's and pretend you don't have a gym membership. but you do. and once that rassafrassa carnival shawl is done and gifted, another angel gets her wings. damn jimmy stewart.


I'm sad to hear the loop-d-loop guy is gone...has the gymnast-pointy-toed guy been back?

4 weeks - you can do it!


It was me - the Sock Reminder. I'm just dying to see the vesper socks and you keep teasing us with whole other pairs of socks we've never heard of! You're killing me!


Wendy, I'm feeling very sure that when your MIL gets this shawl, she's going to love it and... have another project in mind for you to make for her! Be prepared in every way to say "NO!"!!!


You and HWWV would make such a great comedy team, like Lucy and Desi. I can't imagine my husband having the patience to take photo's of me being silly. Great pics, I hope you pass his kudos on to him = ).

Ann in Vermont

Oh Wendy, the "carnivorous" shawl looks too damn nice for the witch in law. Finish it, wrap it and be done with it. Have a Gin and Tonic to celebrate and then whip up some sexy little number for all of us to drool over


Wendy, sit down and knock out those four motifs during GF's nap time this week. Seriously, get that albatross off your neck.


koigu, you say? i don't recall seeing you knit socks with koigu lately...i just bought some, and when it came in the mail, it was like having a tryst with an old flame (i am supposed to be finishing my sockapaloooza socks).
relish the vesper because getting more is like chasing a white elephant.
fad-classic is kind of tricksy...just the part where you make the ribbing for the neck and armholes. i kind of wish there were numbers for it; i've had to re-do them several times, but i guess that kind of thing is a bit more difficult to figure out. i went out and bought a shirt to wear with it. it's funny how i'm buying clothes to go with the things i knit...shouldn't i be making knits to wear with my clothes? an interesting misconception...
best of luck to you on finishing the shawl. i'm not sure you would want to relish that one...you're more likely to want to burn the book when you're done, i suspect. just for perspective, you could consider the cost of the shawl vs. HWWV. time + effort + yarn = shawl, HWWV = priceless. let her have her shawl. i think you get the better end of the deal.


You're almost there. Finish that shawl!!!!

Oh, and your Vesper knee socks. I'm pining to see them.


Four weeks? Plenty of time. Also time to get a mini-bar situated in a locked box under your bed.

Amy Jo

One of the first times I saw your blog was when you did "The Giant Swatch" post. I saw the picture of you slumped over and read the post about the slimfast and reduced fat pb and I thought, now this is someone I can relate to, someone who can make me laugh out loud. Well, the picture today, with the carnival shawl pieces...I'm speechless with laughter. You've continued to be an inspiration with your funny and heartfelt posts. Thanks for your great writing and great patterns - you're a unique voice in blogland.


I am sorry I missed that day at the cantina!


Hey Keohinani, I don't usually like to give out hard and fast numbers for picking up stitches around armholes and such. It seems like whenever I've been given them, I end up with puckers or whatever because I force the issue. And row gauge has a bit to do with it, too, so if you don't hit it exactly, you may end up picking up fewer or more stitches than what will lay flat.

Oh Well! Sorry you've had to do your edging more than once!

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