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May 07, 2006



ok, so either i read too quickly or no one's mentioned it - what's with the guy on the beach with the blue ellipse around him? that's not HWWV, or is it? do tell - littel details in pics always get me. and congrats on the IK gig!


it's the woman who knit the tablecloth...


Um, ok. So, like..the glasses ROCK. You my biotch. Ms. Pillow is on the way. She wouldn't let me keep her. We had a small spat at the last minute and she growled at me and said, "I'd rather live with Wendy ANYWAY!"


i like it better when people recognize me for something i'm proud of doing than something embarrassing that i totally forgot i ever did.
in high school, i was training with a couple of coaches at a high school...just me and maybe three other guys. one of the coaches was an all-american wrestler that came down for a month to visit his parents and show us technique. at one point, they said dancing was great for conditioning, and so they had us dance for like, five minutes. they said all we had to do was keep moving and we could jump around and do whatever we wanted so long as we were good and sweaty at the end. so we did. we didn't know that the coach was filming the whole practice. so imagine how surprised i was when several kids from that high school came up to me a couple of years later and said "hey, you're that dancing girl! our coach shows us that training video every year!" yeah. i'll take random knitter in public over that any day, thanks.


Love the post today! and I just had to say, Your hair looks fabulous!! Congrats on the pattern for the Interweave book!


Can I ask what HWWW stands for? I know it refers to hubby but what do the initials mean?


This is something I've been pondering for the past several months. We know many people whose lives have been very...eventful, I guess you'd say. DH and I have decided boring is good. I like knowing he'll be there every day, I like knowing what to expect from my daughter's school, what I will find at home, that my son's feet will hit the floor running every day. I like even keel living. I want to be known, but definitely not famous. I am a familiar and friendly face to many, but am really known by a small number. I want to be known to my husband and children as great wife, and mom (a tall order there!), a caring and fun person to my friends, a devoted servant to Jesus (taller order) and an encourager to those I merely bump into. You know, one of those people who says just the thing you needed to hear. I want to speak God's truth into people's hearts, even if I never see the result of it in this lifetime. I want to do a small kindness that means so much to someone without my even realizing it.

I think anonymity in general is a bad thing. God created us with an intense need to love and be loved. But we are also capable of terrible things, and are much more prone to do them if we think we won't be found out.

Probably TMI, but you asked....


He Who Wears Versace


Hello!! Did I miss something? IK is putting you on stage???!!? About time.


It's just a pattern in one of their books!!!! (I'm excited, naturally!)


I don't think I could handle being recognized everywhere I went, so a certain degree of anonymity (in my mind) is a good thing. Do I want to be recognized? Only for my achievements, far less for what I perceive as my failings. Sunshine, cheap wine and steamed crab are a winning combo in my book. The most interesting thing about this post was the photos and recognizing your daughter's face in your profile! Hair colours may differ but Girlfriend is a definite reflection of her Mom.


I think you know my answer to that.
That lady you spoke of? She looks like she fell and can't get up. heh.

The motorcycles are the husband's thing. He watches that stuff all weekend, dreaming.

I am coveting your shades. Ooooo.....


The shades? A gift from you-know-who...the most stylish straight husband on earth.


...and they're prescription!

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