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May 23, 2006



oh geez.

what a day.


Slap her. OR tell her that you earned every one of them, and you will display them proudly. Feh.




That means you've been laughing more than you've been crying, right? That's got to be a good sign...


Doncha love dermatologists? Mine looks like the poster boy for face peels, Botox, and plastic surgery. Don't forget the fake tan and the fact that the dude has smooth arms. I think he lasered them. LOL.


Yeah, she told me about the laser hair remover too. I told her Nair was cheaper. (Although the fake tan: wrap it up, baby!)


Yeah, when I was 22, a woman at a spa was giving me a facial and told me that I should have botox on my forehead. Nice, huh? I guess unreasonable vanity can never start too early.


That's like when I go get my eyebrows waxed and the woman says "can I do your upper lip too?" I always say NO!


FIX your laugh lines!?
OMG - the nerve.

Doesn't anyone appreciate character anymore?
Laugh lines are beautiful!


my dentist told me he could do work on my teeth to make them even and white (argh!)

my hair dresser ripped out a hair triumphantly and said: oh, your first white hair! (that was ten years ago)

feeling with you!


When I was a mere 12 year old, someone gave me this quote:

"Wrinkles show where old smiles have been"

Now at 44, I wear my wrinkles proudly...I've smiled a lot!

Susan Jones



How totally rude!


That's the derm for ya. Plus you're in So. Cal. I'm sure she's looking to shoot them full of botox that you could not longer smile.


Don't do it! I just sat in four hours of meetings with a woman who apparently can't say no to Botox. Her face was so immobile that I couldn't listen to what she was saying because I was so distracted by her complete lack of facial expressions. Follow my lead on this one. Spend obscene amounts of money on whatever potions claim they will make you look younger while claiming you are going to age gracefully and treasure all your lines! (you don't seem to have any yet btw)

Liz K.

The scariest moment I had is that recently, I noticed my own laugh lines around my mouth, and damn! they're deep! How long have they been there?? They really snuck up on me!


Why! So you can start looking really creepy like Meg Ryan or Nicole Kidman?


They sure have balls in Cali huh? Dayum!

Miz Booshay

Good ole California.

Here's what they say to you in the Midwest,

"Were your parents obese too?"

(This was actually said to my sister...but we all take offense!)


My dermatologist is approximately the same age as I am, which is reaching what is generally known as "advanced." He told me he could "smooth my wrinkles" with a little Botox. I'm looking at him thinking that he looks worse than I do, and felt like saying, "Physician heal thyself." I passed on the treatment. I've earned these wrinkles.


In my life the people that I've loved the most had faces that looked like road maps, they just happened to be the most beautiful too. Don't spend the money on botox, spend it on yarn.


Can you say "New Dermatologist"?


I still don't get how injecting Botox into your face can be good for you.


They are happiness lines :)


That's when you say, "Yeah, and I can kick you in the head...if you want me to."

Maybe her mercedez benz broke down and she needs a new one.

Gotta love doctors.

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