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May 23, 2006



Words that strike fear in every woman's heart!


How offensive! But I guess that's LA for ya. You don't need work, trust me!


that's just how they earn their money. Luckily you've got laugh lines (somewhere in there - i can't see them) instead of frown lines!


I've had 2 customers at my job ask me when my baby is due. I think its because my boobs are DDs (which looks huge with my height and small frame)


The nerve!


Restylane? I've used it under my eyes, but have been afraid to do it in the mouth because of the pain.


Is this a conspiracy to make us 40-somethings feel less fabulous?


What did she say when she got up, off of the floor?


When I was 26, a California dermatolgist tried to get some collegen in my marrionettes -- 26 years old! Still alive 17 years later, with no injectables. Must report this feat of low maintenance sustainability to the dermatology board.


I love the advice to spend it on yarn. I wonder, will all these Botoxed people lay on their deathbeds and wish they had really spent more time on their appearance?

If it doesn't pass the deathbed test, then ix-nay. (And I can surely see wishing there had been more knitting passing this test!)


you should've told her that 40 is the new 30...

...and to piss off. I'm 25, with laugh lines starting up around my eyes. I love them. I love my grandmothers' and mother's wrinkles so much. It gives them that extra-special sparkly look to their smiles. I'd even go so far as to say magical in my Grandmothers' case.


Good grief. the doc needs a new mercedes - that was my guess, too.


okay, i must be slow or something because it took me a moment to figure out what the heck was going on; i didn't know a comment about fixing laugh lines was a "bad" thing...nor that laugh lines were things that needed fixing...
learn something new every day, i guess.
that lance thingies those dermatologists use? scary. i never know how they know where the zits are. and sheesh, retin-A? strong stuff, that.


Hey Wendy, I have products that'll do the same thing (and cost less than the dermatologist). :-)


I hear the Kinarase is good...


I vote to send her the glasses :)


Oh gawd. I thought dermatologists were sworn to look after the *health* of one's skin. Injecting one's face with botulism toxin doesn't exact have that blooming-with-health ring to it.

I'm with the Mercedes folks. She's upsellin' ya.

And with Laurie, who wondered what the doc said after she'd peeled herself off the linoleum.

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