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April 24, 2006



Well, it matters not that cell phones are banned in locker rooms on account of camera phones. Cell phones in close quarters are a bad idea. Those public cell phone conversations can just get way too mundane, personal, gossippy, etc. No joke, I heard a cell phone booty call in open air on campus: "Hey, it's me. I was just callin' to see if you wanted to get together later to, y'know, do the dirty." That's my cell story.


The colours of the yarn are delicious - like a mixture of chocolate and coffee ice=cream, mmmmmm!


Yeah, we have that sign at our local too, but because my Dad (when the novelty of his cellphone cam was new) would bury me under an e-mail barrage of pics of fat bottoms from his realtime Walmart shopping spree I twigged what the signs were _really_ about first off. Would you like my perverted pop? I'll unload him cheap.

Speaking of handshakes gone wrong, I was seventeen, sneaking sips of margaritas and in charge of filming my sister's quinciñera when I was introduced to a San Diego PD lieutenant and was shaking hands and somehow...just kept going...I did a full minute of jive handshake salute dance with this fifty year old white guy. The sober part of me stood back and was MORTIFIED.

Kelly B.

I think the exception to writing about happy things comes in with knitting blogs. It's nice to share in a another person's happiness!


I love all the Twisted Lily designs and was even eyeing up that ring. Hmmmm. And I think I'm one of the last 5 people in the United States that doesn't have a cell phone (and no interest in getting one.)


I was oblivious myself about the cell phones because mine doesn't take pictures, but I can see that it would be a problem, especially with the teenagers. But I sometimes live like I'm in a daze anyway....

I hate it when they leave their cell phones in the lockers and they just ring and ring....

Yarn looks yummy!


Gotta love HWWV. At least he has a clue. I was with you on the cell phone issue. Would have never thought about the camera part of them.


LOL - I would have thought it was the annoyance factor too! Of course - cameras.
Never stop yourself from sharing happy things - there is a shortage of good news these days.
I always enjoy your funny stories!
Your blog is one of the best.


Don't sign off Wendy...your our daily coffee...and not that i drink it, but you know what i mean. (and if you do, that's okay too, remeber we had that conversation a while back, that i was thinkging the same)

That bag is FRIGGIN' cute! I'm so going to start another project!;o) And your color palate, is exactly what i would have chosen.


That bag you designed is amazing!

So glad you like your ring, and thanks for the attention. Love that!

Your silly story is so cute. I wouldn't have thought about the camera thing either. Did you know people can steal your credit card numbers with the camera phone too? While you are paying for your yarn, holding that card out, unawares.......


People yammering away on their cellphones EVERYWHERE is really annoying on it's own! I would almost prefer they take a pic of my butt, but have silence. Love the ring! Lastly, my friend was applying to grad school and was meeting with the head of the dept (leader in the field, VERY serious, not the warm & fuzzy type at all). When they were finished he stood and leaned over. She was already in a complete tizzy because she was so nervous ... and now! What! He's leaning in for a hug! So she stood and hugged him. And he just stood there like a pole. Turns out he was bending over to pick up his briefcase which was next to her chair. Heehee.


I ordered a necklace from Heather, quite lovely.

I've not seen a sign regarding cel phones in our locker room at my gym. But there are many many signs saying "over 18 allowed in womens locker room only, other use the family or youth locker rooms", but still it seems to me that often a herd of preschoolers seem to wander through the womens locker room with their mothers....but I guess that's still better than the thought of a camera phone in there (some of the sights would probably break the camera part of the phone)


I'm all for the happy stories. I don't want to go through life exhaulting the bad, the gloom - I want to revel in the good. I've gotten through some horrific tragedies by looking for the good. It's always there. Bring it on!

Jennifer Coomer

I loved that story. Are you a first born child rules follower like me?


I had a dream last night that I was reading your 'blog. Seriously. Is that weird or what?


Love the ring! Love the story. I probably wouldn't have caught that about why they're not allowed, either, except I seem to remember seeing a news story about that. That yarn would make a lovely, albeit not so loud, Val.


Another cool place to spend money! You are going to be the death of my VISA card. hehe And I do like to read about good days although those type of posts never seem to receive the high number of comments like a grouchy bitchy one (at least for me they don't). Have a lovely day!


That HWWV is a smartie. I would have stuck with "no one wants to hear your conversation."

On a similar note, I love the ones that sit and talk under the "Silent Study" sign in the library. *sigh*


Love the funny story. And I love this: "out of sheer nervousness, accidentally high-fived your first boyfriend's grandfather when he reached out to shake your hand." I like that kind of clumsiness!


No no no ... I cannot start another project ... I really want to start that bag though ... no, no I can't, I cannot... must finish other projects.
I am right there with you on the silly story ... I would never have thought of the camera thing.


Oh my! I never even thought about the cell camera thing!

I greatly enjoy reading about happiness on knitting blogs. It gives me a cheery feeling to go about my day.


I never thought about the camera aspect either. I have a love /hate relationship with mine - it gives me the freedom to leave the house and still be available for work, but when it rings at 11pm on a weeknight - what exactly are people thinking?


My daughter's boyfriend is on the swim team at a university in PA. They went to huge scholastic swim meet in Florida in December. Their bus driver was constantly on his cell phone while watching their practices. Turns out, no, he wasn't talking. Nough said. Ugh!

carrie m

oh, that never occured to me either! now there's another thing for me to be paranoid about at the gym ...


I prefer to read about what is going great in people's lives. There is enough doom and gloom on the news.

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