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April 17, 2006



LOVE your new yarns. I've been wanting to try that Allhemp3.
Sorry about your day! Wow. How you managed to tell about it without slipping one curse word in, I'll never know. You DESERVE the new yarns! :)


I'm gonna get my hands on some of that "All Things Heather" Sock yarn soon.


This is why I design in Excel spreadsheets. You make everything a function of something else so the numbers are always internally consistent.


Hey Lauren, I do that, too, but in this case, I picked up the wrong row and pasted it in my Word document!!!!

After that, I had to re-check everything by hand to make sure it was correct!


I've heard lots of versions of same story...if your pattern were PERFECT you must think yourself god-like and definitely asking for visit by horrible scourge. Or...how else would you know if it was yours if you hadn't left some little mistake (er...detail) that only you would recognize?? You should use same philosophy when preparing house for "the Inspector".
PS I think managing to work out while "working out" a pattern with a calculator is pretty close to perfect!


Monica, you make me feel so much better...


Ah, but you lead all of us to near perfection, and that matters. That and self-tanner, princess pull-ups, smokin' eyeglasses, and eggs. Yarn too, of course. That was a given.

Thanks for the updated pattern. Glad that 1989 beauty is still working its magic.


I have one of those soul soothing rugs in my living room...even after 12 years I still love it. I have never found the flaw though. I did try and count the stitches- there are about 200 per square inch...think I will find it?

I agree about the Excel spreadsheet. Of course I make my living working on spreadsheets - LOL!

The yarn is lovely. I'd get some, but I am on a buying moratorium....at least until I go to Greece in June. They must have fab yarn stores there.

gay schiff

what a day i had, i cast on your swc so i would have some mindless knitting to do while waiting in the surgical family waiting room for a total of 16 hours today and i was the mindless one since i increased 1 stitch before and after all but one of the markers and that one i increased only before the marker for about an inch and had to rip it out and...well the rest is knitting history and has been told before... but it was a welcome release to be occupied with a knitting project that will turn into a beautiful sweater! and thanks for the help with the fad classic...i was too chicken to go the distance til i made sure i was doing it right and now i love love love the stitch but i'll do that one when i'm not in the family waiting room for 16 hours....thanks for the beautiful pattterns to occupy my mind with and thanks for your attention to detail and for your willingness to help! keep up the good work!


oh and i did i say that my new glasses are so out of adjustment that they were sliding down my nose big time all day long...love your new glasses by the way.


Gay...I hope that whatever is going on in your life that causes you to spend so many hours in the hospital will go away soon.


Your yarn is beautiful. I've spent the past 4 days crying, so you can cry with me.

And I'm with you I hope that whatever is going on in Gay's life will be better soon.


Just wanted you to know I ordered some yarn from kpixie just because I keep reading about them on your blog. It came so fast, I'm hooked.


Nobody has mentioned the look on your face in that photo, but it's just priceless! I love it! (and the yarn colours are pretty nice too)

As for perfection in anything, I think it's vastly over-rated (and I've heard of quilters and cross-stitchers leaving a "unique flaw" in their work, kind of like a signature. Perfection leaves nothing to aspire to, right?

Carie Morrison

Wendy, I have made two of your patterns (with a third waiting in the wings), and I have found them both to be concise and very well thought out. I just finished Something Red (but in pink) and put photos on my blog. Several people complimented me on it on Easter. You do a wonderful job with your patterns, in my opinion.


I would argue that if you intend to have a flaw and plan for it *in advance* and there are no other errors, well, that's still perfect.


wow, i didn't know you had a day like that! at least at the end of the day, you got some yarn mail. i don't think you're alone in your kpixie shopping sprees. i spend no less than $60 every time i shop online there....they must have my address memorized by now.


When I come home from work or errands and there is yarn waiting for me, sometimes I hug it all up to me like that. It's medicine in fiber form. Hope you're day is better today!


Honestly, perfection is slightly overrated, seeking out ways to improve is what keeps us on our toes. BUT, with that said, it would be nice to have a pattern or knit come out perfect everytime, or even a perfect day now or then. Anyway, your patterns are well written and don't be hard on yourself. If you are really concerned about it, just solicit for some test knitters/readers/editors/number crunchers to review future patterns, I'm certain you would get TONs of volunteers and it would ease your mind a little.

AND thanks for the shout out about my yarn. Your compliments mean a lot, especially since your the knit blog BOMB! :)


you know, a lot of sock yarns are reminding me of Ko---I---Gu. I guess its a good thing.


I heard that story about Persian rugs years ago and when i started knitting I clung to that thought like a lifeline. I've always wondered though - isn't it better to make the mistake honestly and be truly human than to make it on purpose and think we are just avoiding being Godlike? I love that you are truly human - it's what makes for all your great stories.


Yeah, I heard the same thing - that they make a mistake on purpose. I had this brief moment when I thought I should do the same thing - you know - make a mistake on purpose. But then I remembered...."john, you make enough mistakes. you don't need to make another one on purpose"

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