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April 04, 2006



HWWV is a pro, but so is his wife.

Seriously, it must be the marketing background and the creativity that goes with it. I always look at my photos and think how boring. Every time I take one, I try to add a little zest a la Knit and Tonic.

That is a sweater I might just try. It is really pretty.

Dang girl, you really knit like the wind.


Did you make that beautiful sweater this morning on the treadmill? HWWV didn't drool? I guess that's okay since everybody else did!


What a beautiful sweater!


Green Gable looks great! I'm anxiously awaiting my Cotton Fleece so I can start mine...in the meantime I'm trying to start a Green Gable KAL, for anyone who's interested.


LOVE the Green Gable. LOVE the leprechaun-green Fad Classic. LOVE the flash your stash photo (just didn't comment earlier because I thought 150 comments was probably already overwhelming for you). Honestly, your blog was the one that got me into knitting blogs to begin with - always inspiring and highly entertaining!


There's no way Chappy would have been sitting that still while somebody ran by for a photo . . . and that is another great photo. As always. Green Gables looks wonderful.


Was it Mark J? Because he did that to me in 5th grade and I'm still not over it.


Green Gable is an awesome sweater - great job!


Looks great! I love your new haircut too.

I'm still halfway on my GG. I had to chuckle a bit about how you mentioned the way the yarn was wound. I had a little hissy-fit this morning after a huge tangled mess. I never got to do any knitting, just unknotting. Ugh.
I hope mine turns out as nice as yours.


I think we need to have an HWWV appreciation moment. Let us bow our heads and give thanks:

Thank you, HWWV for being such a great photographer - and a great sport;

Thank you, HWWV for keeping our fair Wendy happy and for fathering the redoubtable Girlfriend;

Thank you, HWWV for being such a chic, fun, and all-around cool dude-about-town;

Thank you, HWWV for helping us readers to believe that sometimes fabulous women do get lucky enough to find equally fabulous mates;

And furthermore, thank you to the powers that be for helping these two find each other;

So say we all (or at least me).


I don't know where to start my dear... the shirt, the smile, the scarf, the hair - you are rockin' it all! Honestly. It came out
p e r f e c t!
the boys will surely be taking their time when passing you by...


LOVE the brown yarn!! You look fabulous and Green Gable paired with the skirt is too cute for words. I'm so glad you liked the pattern!


Awwww, I love your picture today too! It's so adorable with you all demure and 50's classic, contrasted with sprinting HWWV. As always, it is so infuriating that we don't get to see his face!

The Green Gable Top looks so good on you, and I love it.


Damn but you and your Main Squeeze are clever!...true partners in crime. Pretty pretty top -- I've just started a T-shirt with cotton fleece: now I think I want to make a Green Gable instead!


you're so cute! everything looks good on you (even yarn in a tub)!


This is so summer chic and HWWW is such a good sport. Not many like him where I come from :)


Erin, didn't you know that he is from where you come from?


OMG...I love the memory...I love the sweater...I love the streak of HWWV...but I really love Chuck! And how did you find sun when it is pouring rain in the SFV...I am moving to your neck of the woods.


Darci...notice the umbrella I'm standing under?


Are you sure he didn't drool? I dunno, we all did, but for different reasons--the yarn you know. Your pictures are always upbeat and fresh. Love the streak of HWWV. I like the combo of the sweater and the skirt


Superfantastique! I love the first photo. You guys seem to have a lot of fun. :)


Oh, dear me. All these people making such great-looking Green Gable tops. Makes me want one myself, so badly. Yours is fantastic, of course, and I have to compliment the new haircut, too. It's retro and fresh at the same time!


I was curious about that tub photo. Very chic. But what you and HWWW do with ladders and cameras and bathtubs isn't necessarily blog fodder. Unless you want it to be. :-)

Great sweater.


LOVE IT. I just got this pattern and am itchin' to make it. Yours looks great, and I love the color you chose. (I notice you avoided green after the Fad Classic...)


Oh finally a photo with HWWV in it! Course showing his superhuman powers by zipping by.

Ah, a clue!!!!!! HWWV is from Singapore.

Love Chuck just calmly checking HWWV out as he zips by

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