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April 30, 2006



I think we all have a favorite bra, and I dread standing in the line to buy another....maybe mailorder would work?


Oy is right...we could have been channeling each other today, I was doing the prom dress version of shopping hell, for the 2nd daughter.... the REALLY picky one... argh!!! We ended up with a gorgeous blue way-to-sexy dress I'd die to have the body for again... that she's still not sure she likes!

Erica B.

how funny is that? Just last weekend I went to a humungo sale at Kohl's to by bras because there was a buy two Warners and get 1 free! Well, who could pass that buy. But you get in there and there are so many options! Whatever happened to just plain ol' beige and black which are my favs?


You are feeling jaunty - I love that! You go!


You are a wickedly quick knitter to have finished a sock in such short time - I'm terribly envious! Such fabulous rings too (in the close-up photo)


I never cease to be amazed at what a prolific knitter you are!! Of course, if I didn't have so many project going on so many needles...when are we going to see GF in her cute little dress you made?


rubber boob cover things... *shudder* i've even tried those flower petal sticker things. they're like bandaids. peeling that stuff off is like trying to peel duct tape off your skin! not my favorite.
bra shopping is right at the bottom with bathing suit shopping. i got to do that today. that's even worse, i think...because at least people don't see the bra, just the "concept."


That's funny. I just went bra shopping Friday at Kohls. Of course there was a sale and of course my size is the most popular and the one that's always sold out. I can't wait to see how that skirt looks on a real person. I'm always skeptical of knitted skirts.

Elizabeth M.

Bra shopping is the worst! What more can I say?


What I want to know is, you always say "these socks knit up really quickly" but mine always take at least a week each sock. Maybe I should make a smaller sock with larger yarn on fat needles. Anyway, they look great (and I bet that skirt will look fab without the squats and lunges!)


don't talk to me about the bras. drives me crazy that damn bra buying. Everytime I go I have child or husband hanging about making me rush and I either end up with ones that don't fit properly or none at all. wish knitted ones were more supportive, man I'd have a wardrobe full.


It is one of the three dreaded B's to shop for: bras, bathing suits and blue jeans! I've found my favorite bra and now check it out on Ebay (much cheaper to buy there) and whenever one is the right price I buy it...never stuck with one favorite bra.


I have a bra store less than 2 miles from my house. The place is run by a Jewish couple...staffed (it seems) by only 80 yr old jewish women. You walk in, tell them what you need, i.e. every day, special occaision. They take one look at you and send you into the dressing room.

The first time I was a little appalled....I was shopping for the bra for my wedding gown....and the lady came in the dressing room with me!

I learned I just need to shut the door and they understand.

Thing about this place...they get it right EVERY time. The wedding bra - she brought in 7, but handed me one and said that would fit best...and it did. They had the BEST nursing bras. They also keep you on file...and I call up and say I want 2, or 3 or whatever, and it is waiting for me when I go there.

Problem....expensive. I have never walked out of there without a bra under $50.

I hope you bought more than one for all that trouble?

AND HOLY CRAP...how can you knit a sock in 25 minutes?


HOw is the pleated skirt coming?? due to your post a few months ago(or maybe just a month :-)
I bought the pattern.Do you have a pic posted?? Just have too many projects, but plan on doing it in the fall, w/their plum color, and waiting for you to find any problems/add suggestions. Bras??? I just wear my sports bra all the time.


It's just now registering - you knit a sock in 25 minutes???? Do your needles start to smoke when you knit???


Apparently 90% of women wear the wrong bra size!! So I hope you had yourself measured!! I used to wear 34B and always had ride up backs and often the four boob syndrome until I found out I was 32DD!!! (Some women pay a lot of money to get that size!!) I used to hate my weird boobs - now I think 'Hey - you're not so bad' -unless I want to run upstairs!


Okay Wendy, I'll be the one to say it: what about the two pairs of socks that have been lingering on your sidebar for ages?

Martha (another one)

I'm with Lynae, I have a LBS (local bra store). They have little cards that they write down what bras you got last time so they can suggest different ones, or hunt up the tried-and-trues.

It took me a few times to get used to the lack of anonymity that I'm used to at department stores.

They're even adjoining the LYS! Only thing is, they're not open on Sundays.


I skipped wearing a bra for my wedding - I had a strapless dress with "modesty cups" sewn in. The bodice (with lots of boning) easily stood up on its own, with or without me in it. :)


I had the same shopping angst this weekend, but it was with Victoria's Secret. I walked in and walked out. The need just wasn't great enough to deal with the crowd. I am thinking about ordering online and that is no treat either.


Jaunty? I think "fearless" is more to the point. Although, you have the legs for it, so perhaps, "jaunty" is just right. I thought of you this weekend as I weeded through my undergarments -- your post about thongs. Yes, I need to come to grips with the fact that most of them need to go. Goodbye youth, goodbye smaller bottom...


Two words - Victoria's Secret. They will fix you up just right!

I am envious (in a good non-threatening way) that you can knit up a pair of anklets that quick. So Cute!!


bras cost too much...and i wouldn't wear them if I didn't have this hanging problem. lol

gina L

I agree bra shopping is a terribly daunting. So are all department stores! The crowds, the merchandise and the service is unbearable.
I won't even attempt it any longer.
Thank god I found Cosabella mesh bras at a small shop. I am hooked!


Your "only bra". Only one...I have a drawer full of bras that aren't the right ones...certainly good enough to get me through the weekend...I avoid malls/shopping centers on the weekends...I don't shop with the masses.

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