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April 09, 2006



I like the green scarf, the color matches perfectly with the new green purse I bought this weekend.


The story and scarf and motifs and pink hair in the background are GREAT.... but I can't stop looking at that coat!! And looks like you got your new glam glasses too. Those are almost as awesome as your coat... almost.


I love your outfit!! My son took the train from Los Angeles up to Pismo Beach and arrived on time (twice, must be a record) my mother took the train from California to Denver (because I swear she's insane, but found sanity on that trip) and was something like 7 hours late, and they didn't even have food on her train!! She still complains about that trip 10 years after the fact.

Did you drive down the coast? And did the sun come out for your trip?


the sun came out just enough for the green to be such a pea and beautiful green.


The "fantasy" of trains being glamorously romantic is just that - a fantasy!! The last trip I took to visit my BGF in the Napa Valley, there was a couple that came out of the the bathroom together and it was oh, so obvious what they did in there - EWWWWWWW!! Needless to say, I held it until I got there!!


naked movie on a train, say what! that may be the strangest thing i've heard. the scarf is great - it looks like it would have taken forever to knit... i'm ready for all of that glorious green to show up in my neck of the woods, mmmmm I can't wait!


Love the sis' pink hair, and LOVE the coat- very train-worthy.

the knitchick

i too love the scarf. gorgeous! did you say what pattern it was? x


Those photos are unbelieveable!! You set the bar higher for the rest of us. :)


Next time I take a train or a long drive to Malaysia, I want to dress up and look glamorous (while crocheting) like you :) Just have to ignore the awful toilet stops along the way and how impossible it is to emerge from one of those and still look glam, sigh. Can you tell that I think you look great in that coat?


Pink and Green... love it!


Love the green, it's all about green. I can't get enough of it.
Sorry you had such a weird train ride, and were mistaken for a 60 year old triplet, but can I please say, you look fabulous? Absolutely fab in your neato coat and spiffy glasses, all with the most gorgeous scenery in the background.
*sigh* I need to get me on a jetplane and do some travelling. Maybe. I'm missing out on great scenery, no?


That carnival shawl is weighing heavy on your mind for a reason. Listen to your instincts. If past experience serves true, the "couple" could be dropping in any day now and your intuition is kicking in.

townie girl

i love your coat! these photos look like they are right out of a fashion magazine!


Wow, I was all set to comment on how gorgeous your coat is (and how it's lucky I live on the opposite coast or I would steal it), but it looks like that's a popular sentiment.


I just posted about my grandma teaching me to knit! Crazy! It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me too.


Love your outfit! Especially that jade ring...it's very hard to find good quality jade in that color. Could be very expensive!!


Ooof, that train experience sounds like a bummer. But you looked good, which is the important thing! I take AmTrak between SF and Davis pretty often to visit relatives. It's about 2 hours, which (coincidentally!) is my patience limit with the train, and faster than you could do it in Friday night traffic anyhow. But I can't imagine 9 hours -- forget it, rent the car! And with a toddler to take care of as well, ooof! rent the car!


So, I guess I was right. My fantasy of romantic train travel is just that -- a fantasy! Well, between your lovely coat and your sister's gorgeous scarf, I think you all must have cut lovely figures. BTW, I envy your sister's fun hair. I'm guessing that she's not of our age -- just young enough to pull it off with great aplomb.

Miz Booshay

Oh, I love your wonderful green scarf...Perhaps I could make it double wide and have a nice shawl.

Your coat is fab. Is it vintage?

What did your grandmother say about your sister's pink hair?


Miz Booshay, Grandma is used to stuff like pink hair...but she's sort of blind now and maybe didn't see it?


wow. nice scarf. you must've packed A LOT of misti alpaca. ;)
and what do you call an outfit like that? a car coat? a duster? i wouldn't know...where i come from, it wouldn't be practical to wear one of those. but how fun!


Sorry about the bummer train ride! At least the weather was good on Saturday 'round these parts.

LOVE the "It's a Wrap!". You are SO brave to model a wrap in a bikini bottom! Then again, you've got the bod for it....

gina L

Hi Wendy,
It may not have been such a great train ride but it did make a very good story! The photographs, family time and being with your grandma on her 90th is priceless. Even just to get the chance to tell your her that she taught you something that is one of your greatest joys as an adult. You are definitely a knitting crazed woman! I am not blogging much but I have to stop in see what you are up to every once in a while and say hello.


Is that a Carnival Shawl motif I see in your hands???? I'm down to 2 to go, I think, and I'm still not doing it! A great lot of help we've been to one another, huh? I don't know why it's called Carnival Shawl, anyway. I looks more like sea creatures or sea shells or a fossilised rendition of one of the above, don't you think?

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