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April 11, 2006



Thanks for a "behind the scenes" look. Don't worry about Girlfriend, she'll decide one of these days that she's ready!


I personally LOVE the fact that you give us knitters options... the way I see it, you've taught me and others how to start modifying all of our patterns so that they fit. Knowing where the variables in a pattern are and how to manipulate those variables, gives me the freedom to make changes in other patterns. From my perspective, what your patterns offer isn't a burden but instead a new found freedom.

Now, how hokey does that sound? :)


Not so hokey...Actually, I'm happy it works for you, Colleen...


I LOVE your patterns. I find them to be very easy, and I like the freedom you give in them. That's what makes you so great Wendy, you're not uptight. :)
Girlfriend will get the potty one day, just when she feels like it. She's got her mommy's laid back attitude, right?


I agree - I am working (still) on the Somewhat Cowl and I appreciate that in knitting your pattern(s) I learn more about how knitting 'works' and what fits me. So, no, don't change a thing. :)


We were talking about this tonight at my knitting group. I found a tiny error in a pattern I am knitting and I showed it to another girl who is knitting the same thing. She never noticed the error, and just did what came naturally. I, on the other hand, was following the pattern literally and had to re-read the pattern multiple times to believe that there WAS an error in the pattern, and not just me being an idiot.

I NEED to learn more on garment construction rather than just blindly following a pattern....so I think one of your patterns would be just the thing. I sounds like you are giving an outline in certain places and making US fill in the details to make it work for us.

As for the lack of training...you really only have to worry if you get to kindergarten and she isn't. I doubt that will happen!


No worries Wendy, Girlfriend will do it when she's ready. Daughter "P" finally made the plunge, now we are just battling the dreaded poopoo-IN-the-toilet deal!


I love that picture, Girlfriend's such a cutie!


Geez Wendy, as the mum of three girls who each had very different views on potty-training...all I can say is...you gotta let Girlfriend call the shots on this one. At the end of the day, they all figure it out sooner or later.

Girlfriend is a real sweetie!


LOL, is that a Princess Jasmine Pull-Up? :P

FWIW, my uber-intelligent daughter didn't potty-train until she was almost 3 1/2. Any pressure from us only complicated the issue. But once she decided she was ready, it was pretty quick and painless.


I like having options too - but then I'm a pretty creative type person. Some people need a pattern they can just follow. I was recently talking to a friend who was casting on for a scarf. She asked how many stitches she should cast on. I said "until it's as wide as you want it to be". She didn't like that answer - she wanted a number. One of the best knitting things I learned is to try something on (as you're knitting it) so that you can get the size just right. :-)


My sister who has 20 years of pre-school directorship under her belt stands firm on "training" when they are ready and it will be a breeze! I followed this with both girls and they did just fine on was at 2.5 years and one was at 22 monthes...yes, that was lovely - I know where every clean public bathroom is in the San Fernando Valley. She did great just was challenged at times but refused to wear a diaper. One day she will say she is ready and it will be after you have bought the jumbo pack of diapers.


my dear - i swear each new picture of you is better and better, how is it that you manage to get cuter every day when you were already so stylish to begin with?! i'm loving the look on your face here, trying hard not to crack up it looks like...

i've knit a few of your patterns now and have had a great/easy time with all of them and what do you know - they all fit perfectly!!! i say keep up the good work.


Your daughter is the MOST adorable girl ever.


I think trying things on as you knit is a good idea, to get an idea of the fit; the only caveat is that blocking can change the size, so one should also have an idea of whether the item will grow or shrink after blocking; i.e. "this sweater is a little tight under the arms but it will grow a little after blocking so I should be fine," OR "OMG, this sweater is a little tight under the arms, and the swatch shrank after blocking, so I will either have to rip it, or risk it looking like a casing on a sausage."


We like to think that we potty train our kids, but in reality, they potty train themselves when they are good and ready. Early potty training=parents putting the kid on the potty and catching it. Drag.

Many mothers who "potty trained" their kids early have problems with bedwetting.

You're doing the right thing by letting her do her thing.

Soon, you will be missing the diapers - it is so much easier than trying to find a clean bathroom on the road.


Girlfriend will not go to college (or even elementary school) wearing a diaper, eventually she'll cave in to some cute little cotton panties (It will be after you've just openend the biggest box of diapers you've ever bought).

For many years I followed knit patterns exactly, and any more...well, now I prefer to knit something from the top down so I can try it on as I go along knowing that if it's a little snug I may be able to block it out, if it's too big I don't finish the thing only to have something I hate. I've not knit your patterns, but just from reading your blog I'll bet that they're fun to knit.

(I cook the same way...how much? Enough. How long? Til it's done)


I think the strictness of the pattern is dependent on who is using it. If it is a person who has more experience with garment construction then a less rigid approach is okay. The top-down approach that you use in your patterns definitely is a less rigid style. This works okay for a more experienced knitter but may not be good for novice knitters that need more instructions when they are first starting. More rigid patterns require more thought and calculations. Lots of calculations. I tend to be more rigid in my patterns because I intend for a specific fit but it requires that I spend alot of time with my calculator. I think if you just add a disclaimer to your patterns about your pattern style then you should be okay.


I've got no wisdom on potty training. I just have dogs. So maybe try cheese?

Other than that, I think the sheer fact that you are creative enough to design and write patterns is something to be proud of. As long as you put together the basic structure of what you are trying to do, most of us are quick enough to pick it up and make it turn out right. Keep up the good work.


I like trying as I go. So your patterns work for me!!

Buy at least two jumbo size boxes of princess pullups for Girlfriend. At full price. Preferably at a convenience store, so that they cost even more. She will then be potty trained by morning. Guaranteed!!


You ask an interesting question, The design group that subscribe to have been discussing this at length and I think the general consensus of opinion is that you have to give the knitter enough information to knit the pattern without giving them too much and overwhelming them. Your patterns do that very well. As for how you design I think that every body does thing differently. when I design something, if it is something that I would wear I knit the prototype to fit me (44" bust and all) If it is a design that wouldn't suit my figure I knit the prototype to fit my teenage daughter - I won't embarass her by putting her measurements here but suffice it to say she is much slimmer than me and therefore requires less knitting time to cover her:-)


IMHO the reason I love your designs is that they fit so gloriously because you let us fit them to our bodies. You have taught me so much about top-down knitting and given me the inspiration to try my own patterns. By letting me participate in the actual creation of a piece, I've learned more in a few days about seeing how a pattern works then I have in years.

About the potty training...each child is different...but it will happen...my son was potty trained at 4....but he needed to get over a lot of fears (I didn't know he had) and really learn to listen to his body. I promise you it will happen. :)



When I first began cooking, I rigidly followed recipes. It helped me learn the principles behind how and why to add or not add certain ingredients. Same deal with knitting, when I first started (and sometimes if I'm trying a new technique), I tended to follow the pattern exactly. I was really scared to deviate. Now I'm just starting to get comfortable deviating or following patterns that have "leeway" in them. (Thanks to Elizabeth Zimmerman for sure!) Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. Either way, I'm becoming a better knitter because I understand the why of why I'm doing what I'm doing. So Wendy, keep doing your thang girl! It makes us better knitters in the end. Besides, who doesn't like a custom fit! BTW, Girlfriend will get it on her own. And the other ladies are right, it will be right after you picked up the Costco sized pack of diapers. :)


great post. i worry about similar things, and also about (horrors) the day that will inevitably come when someone discovers a great big honking deal-breaking frog-making mistake. but from your comments, it seems like people think you've got the balance just right :)



I know it doesn't seem like it, but I too promise that you will not have to take a diaper bag to her high school graduation! She just has other things that she's learning right now, she'll do it when she's ready. The 'jumbo pack of diapers' spell and the 'pretty princess underwear' incantation help things along, though!

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