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March 30, 2006



I sent a skein to add to the pile..... :)


Fad classic - that's a cute name!!

Half way on green gable! Woohoo... can't wait to see that truffle color.

Elizabeth M.

I'm just about ready to Flash. It's handy to have a lot of pictures from last year to use again. Or maybe that's a bad sign...


You know I have heard that a side effect of being pregnant is memory loss. Any chance there :> Can't wait to see the stash!


I understand where you're coming from -- I think we should get a panel of knitters together to determine what the stages of Yarn Gathering Disease are, the terminal stage of which will be "I Bought This Yarn, Not Because I Love Eyelash Yarn, But Because It Was 50% Off and Discontinued."


Oooh, Flash Your Stash, I'm scared...

Your headbands are really cute, I could use something like that to hold back the dreaded Bangs that won't stay behind my ears after my last "Hair Cut", lol.


The headband was the first thing I noticed before I read the post...I love it...Pattern?

It's funny because mine looks the same, and when I go "in" the hubby always says; "don't get lost".


I am so glad that at least one part of your house is a wee bit disheveled.....your pictures always seem so perfect, I've been wondering if you actually live in your house!

So where are the pictures of this famed Green Gable?

After seeing pictures of you in your headband I have decided that they are indeed "in" this season. Now I need to go make myself a Panta out of some handspun.


I can't wait for the Fad-Classic pattern. Great name!

So Flash Your Stash is tomorrow... are you going to include all the pictures from before or just do a final installment?


If things go as planned, tonight we are holding the official photo shoot...


Hey, just wanted to tell you--I finished my Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan tonight. Woo hoo!

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