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March 28, 2006



You're killing me with the stash shots! and I'm taking you to buy more yarn this weekend?? You're my hero - I'm gonna learn at the foot of the master!


Oh my!! You could start up your very own yarn shop....people would flock to you!!


Cheri, they won't be flocking to me to buy the Eponge...trust me.


Said with a fake French accent. "I scoff in your stash's general direction." If Lynda really wants to learn from the master, she needs to come to Indy and do a little shopping with me. I just counted yesterday, as I walked on the treadmill in what my husband not-so-lovingly refers to as the Yarn Warehouse that is my storage room, and I come up with 27 full-sized tubs of yarn, plus several boxes and bags that don't fit into the color coordinated boxes. This does not even count all the yarn in the shelves of my actual knitting room closet, nor the 10-12 shelves of it in said room, nor the 4 large legal sized going longways drawers full of yarn in that room. Oh, and did I mention the table in the family room with a beautiful antique bucket for blankets that has been taken over by the stash, or the drawers in the cofee table, or the cabinets in the entertainment center (well, knitting is entertaining, after all). I'm not sure my blog site has enough bandwidth for pictures of my stash for the "show me your stash" day. If you can't get on, that will be why! Do the as-yet-unspun fleeces count as stash too?


Oh my, I think those two shots of yarn are about 4x the amount of stash I have, although I did just pluck out some loverly stuff from my stash for a scarf or something. Oh yeah, I got something from ya in the mail today! Thanks, Wendy!


Maybe you & Julie should have given a lesson on stash-building - like "Stash-Building 101" -to those of us in the Buy More Yarn along. :-)


Gee Wendy, you just make that eponge stuff sound so appealing....I spotted some Elsbeth Lavold in there, that's a lovely yarn and I saw some of the same stuff I have stored in my freezer because of moths (why is it the moths only like the nice stuff). Julie's stash sounds like it is most impressive too.

Siow Chin

Oh no! I have some of those ne-Eponge-pas sitting in stash since last year. I'll give it another try later though and see if I can boss it around.


Oh, my dear, while my stash pales in comparision to yours...you are a rookie eyeglasses shopper. Move away from plastic and crystal into the world of titanium...as light as a cloud with the thinnest, priciest lenses needed (I'm near-blind in both eyes), and then you're talking coinage.

But you're still WAY up there in the style points. Mine are more swedish-euro/a brush of dork.

Too bad there's no style in a veil of pet hair.


I don't feel so bad about my stash now! lol
Becky from Fluffa! did a really gorgeous baby ensemble in Eponge last summer. I think she may have referred to it as "bad boy yarn", but the baby outfit turned out beautifully.
I love Julie's stash description!!!! She made my day!


After seeing your stash, I think I need to buy more. I've been wanting to make the Corset Pullover by Robin Melanson, and the only thing stopping me was the cost of the yarn. Now I won't feel so bad!


Right, I am still thinking if I should flash my stash. So maybe starting a few more projects to lessen the stash would be it!


I am always willing to dole out the dough for good glasses because really, they are a part of my face. It's definitely the first thing people see when they look at you.


Am with Allison - toss the cash at the glasses. Not only are they an integral part of your face, but they do the best job at hiding those dark circles (from knitting too late). And with that in mind, they are still cheaper in the long run than stocking up on eye bag creams..


I will never ever go to Megalomart for anything again. My daughter borrowed my one pair of extravagant (for me) sunglasses. She took them in to Megalomart for repair, along with her other glasses and the woman broke them. Just snapped the hinge and refused to take responsibility for it.


It takes me forever to find frames I like, then my son runs at full tilt into my head and breaks them. I'm still procrastinating on going out and getting new ones. I just know they'll make me pick out frames while my pupils are dilated, then I wonder what the heck I was thinking when I get the new glasses!


Had to laugh. After buying yarn online and have new brakes pu in my jeep, I sprung for a pair of RX bifocal sunglasses. Tried Wmart and costcos and ended up at ugh-Sears for only $219 good thing I pay all the bills. YATTH (yells all the time hubby) would have me killed!


ooooh, I can't wait to see your glam specs!

Maybe roll in you yarn a bit to cheer you up after your MegaloMart disappointment?


LensCrafters, baby. I know, I know, but I've have the best luck there! And I've also taken advantage of their 30-day no questions asked return policy.

Wait for a sale and then hope and pray you find something cool among all the other craptacular frames.


Oh, the spectacles saga I could tell. $400 and two - count 'em two - replacement pairs later, I have a pair of rimless pink frou-frous that are so fragile I only wear them when meeting cute boys. The rest of the time, I'm back to my purple plastic horn-rimmed ones (not quite as geek-chic as I'm making them sound) which have been stepped on, slept on, and carried naked in a hundred pockets, and never bat an eyelash. Oh how I wish my eyes would tolerate contacts.


The Dior's will be fab!! I have one pair of Armani and one pair of Anne Klein, and I am glad I splurged every time I wear them because they are right there ON YOUR FACE! If you can, good frames are definitely worth it!

Prosh stash - whew!

Jen the Knittingspaz

Oh glamour puss... now I want to see your new glasses too! I just argued with DF about the glasses I just got. He says, why spend so much money on glasses you don't usually wear that look so similiar to your old ones? He just can't grasp that concept of, because they're new.


i can relate as i've recently wiped out the balance in my checkbook buying new glasses...i'm too embarrassed to tell anyone how much i spend on glasses so i'm happy to hear i'm in good company! oh and i LOVE that somewhat cowl and can't wait to se if mine looks as good. wish me luck!


holy stash-o-la batman! I bet there is even yarn in girlfriend's room. what is that gorgeous yellow tweedy loveliness i see in the bottom photo, it looks like something i may need to find...


Glasses are so cool- I find myself pining for near-sightedness so that I could have some. If I ever need them, I will have lots of different pairs to match all of my outfits. Remember in the 80s when you could get falsies that just had plain old glass lenses? Now those were the days.

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