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March 29, 2006



I am so scared for the day when my cowboy gets rid of the nap time... time to give the little sister some sticks and teach her how to make the knitting magic happen!


It's cute!

I keep putting my workout clothes inside out and notice it in front of my trainer. Whoops!


You must be mistaken. I am putting another dime in the jukebox (baby) as we speak.

I remember the depression brought on by the nap elimination thing. Just wait until she is a teenager - the naps come back - in spades.

carrie m

oh, i *hate* when i forget to charge the ipod. without music at the gym, i'm just a prisoner of my thoughts and end up running an 1/8 of a mile then quitting.


I know teenagers who call them albums!

I take step aerobics and the instructor provides the music. She has pretty good taste, but I can't enoy it because by the end of the class, I'm positively dripping sweat and wondering why I ever decided to take the class.

I LOVE the color of your yarn. I can't wear it, but it looks beautiful. And I've felt the alpaca before. It's so gorgeous.


Personally, I think the hair looks great, but I understand. I'm there right now -- good cut, but...not the good cut I wanted. I bet if I teased the back of my hair, I could whip it into a decent redition of a Joann Whorley do. We could be the modern Laugh-In gals!

Ah...I still say album as well.


My daughter gave up naps a while ago. It truly sucked for a while, but it made for a much easier bedtime. I hope you have the same experience.


oh, hold on to the naps as long as possible. Little Bit declared on his second birthday that "naptime is over mama". Not a nap since. however, he does go to bed at 730 now, makes up for it a bit, but i miss the daily break. I keep thinking if i have a 2nd i may get that time back, and then I realize the flaw in that plan. heh.


I miss naptime. My kids all gave them up by 2 1/2 years. *sigh*

Your hair looks great!

And the gym, ack. The other day at the weight room here, two teenage girls were pulling up their tank tops to compare how flat their stomachs were. Every mom in the joint was shooting them death stares.

Liz K.

When my daughter dumped her nap, we instituted "quiet time," where she rests and plays quietly (or noisily, but who's checking?) for an hour or so in her room. It is sacred knitting/iPod/Tivo time for me, and very helpful on days when she really does need a nap, because she'll crash those days. Otherwise, she is out of my hair and she really plays creatively too.

I am on a green kick too! Making green Koigu socks and a green Picovoli, just finished a green baby sweater, never mind the green Spring coat from H&M and the new green wedges I bought yesterday!


Yep, the dreaded nap protest, is never a good thing. Your whole balance of life gets a little thrown off. For me, it really forced me to spend more time with the girls. Shoot, I was knitting during her entire nap time from start to end, thus I felt I was getting more done. Now, I'm lucky if I get a solid 10 minutes without inturption.

Just maybe you can use the, what used to be nap time, movie time...At least that's what works for me...lol...sometimes:o)

And girl, there ain't nothin' wrong with green! Love it! Actully, like you said, it's really back by popular demand, FINALLY!


Dear Wendy,

I have a few points to make:

1. Here in the totally teched out world of college (you're no one without a powerbook and an ipod video) we still call them albums. Occasionally we'll call them "CDs" but considering we're downloading it all, that word seems obsolete.

2. Nap time may be over, but isn't Girlfriend getting to be school age? Soon you'll have a full four or five hours and nap time might magically reappear!

3. Your hair = supercute. Swoopy bangs are the coolest.


Girlchild used to take naps. It was especially funny when she'd put herself down for a nap. She'd disappear and you'd find her in her bed asleep (or she'd get angry and announce "I'm going to my room" and you'd find her asleep). Now sometimes I can get her to lay down for a nap, but she wants me to lay down too. She usually falls asleep in the car when I take her brother to karate (late afternoon). I loved nap time....now like Ariane I try to call it movie time.


I have two words for you, Wendy, Afternoon Preschool. It's the only way I can get anything done around my house. I think my second is about to give her nap up, too. I feel your pain.


ooh, a real live hair cut - that's not a bad idea - i'm in desperate need of one these days...

not sure what i did in a past life to deserve it, but delaney is three also and still tells me when she's ready to go lay down for a nap every day.
people always say to me - why don't you nap when the girls nap - caz i gotta knit y'all!!!


Nice yarn. Nice hair! You don't look like Goldie Hawn. You're much younger than Goldie Hawn, just keep telling yourself that.

BTW, what IS IT with the naked old ladies at the gym? Is this an offshoot of the Red Hat club or something?? We have a group of them here at the local YMCA-equivalent. You can't even take your children in the ladies' locker room/restroom to pee without them getting defiled by live Senior Citizen porn. The gym actually had to post a sign (which they largely ignore) that says "Please do not socialize without clothing in the restroom area of the locker room". Unfortunately, that's where the BENCHES are so that's where they hang out. bleh.


When my kids (I have 3) stop taking naps that is when "quiet time" comes. It is during the same time as the old nap and they are in their room playing quietly. My youngest naps most of the time and during the nap the big kids take their quiet time in the daughter's room. I've found that they are already used to the schedule and switching from nap to quiet time is pretty easy. Rambling ending now.


Mine are well past nap time at age 41 and 44, so I have adjusted!!! I do not have an I-Pod yet, but then I swim lengths for my exercise, so I have not heard of a water proof one, but hey if we can put a man on the moon, perhaps we can solve that little problem!! My bathing suit on inside out would not be a problem - really - I had a double mastectomy and NO reconstruction, so no matter how you cut it - I am flat, flat, flat!! That is okay by me, it was a war on cancer and those are my battle scars! I got started back in knitting by making "tit bits"!


No more NAPS????.....

Run. Run screaming. Life as you know it is over. I fondly remember naptime. My dd is now 11 and we're back to naptime, in a way. She's old enough to not burn the house down while I take that afternoon nap-a-roni!!!


It is sad when naptime ends. :-(

You have the new Prince album already?? :-)


There was a brief year that Liz quit the naps, but she still wants them now and again. Thing is, she gets all rested up then bounces off the walls for three hours. I like her all tired and wiped out better. Easier to control.

Green is all I can think about these days. What's up with that? Are the fashion magazines and dept stores messing with our heads? I hope a couple of months down the road I don't regret all the green yarn, green walls, and green shirts. Yikes.

You look all cute and frisky with your new haircut.


Hey, I like the new 'do, too. The thing is, Joan Jett in blonde pretty much = Goldie Hawn (or Kate Hudson). Just make sure you're always wearing a torn black T-shirt and have plenty of paste or wax or whatever they're pushin' these days. You'll rock the house.

Jen the Knittingspaz

supercute haircut! And the Misti chunky alpaca just makes me want to dive into a giant pile of it... I vote for it as the most fondle-able. is that a word?


The loss of naptime....I dread the day. I hope you can institute "quiet time" so you can get a bit of knitting in. I lost naptime when X was born. The Twinkle Twins still nap, but getting three children who are under the age of two years to nap at the same time requires a miracle.

Before the little man came along, naptime was my knitting heaven. Now I just dream about getting time to knit.


It's a tough transition and I fought it tooth and nail. Once I got used to it though, it was nice not to have my world revolve around nap time.

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