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March 01, 2006



I love your blog but have not commented before. Hi!

Great job on the sweater! I loved this pattern when I first saw it, but was a little hesitant that the weight of the yarn might pull the v-neck and make it kind of loose and awkward. It doesn't appear to be pulling in your picture. Does the fabric seem like it will hold over time?

Beautiful knit!


OMG, a sweater that would actually look good on a fluffy body like mine.

hmmmm...more to add to the list of things I really want to knit.

Dang, that is beautiful.


Really beautiful sweater! I love ending my project with just barely enough yarn left over. Although, it is stressful while knitting. Still, it's like I pulled off some amazing feat of skill or something. (rather than just actually following directions and ending up with what I was supposed to).

I vote for a summer top that can double as a stand-alone and as a layering piece.


Definitely a keeper! by the way it looks way better on you than on the model :)


The sweater is just beautiful. And I too love having that little yarn leftover. More because of the lack of extra skeins hanging around than for the nail biting. The nail biting really gets me. Can't wait to see your summer knit.


the sweater is fabulous...you knit such lovely things!


Are you really asking for our requests for what to design? If so, I would love for you to design a cute summer top for people that need to wear a bra. I know, it sounds simple enough, but try to find one. This girl cannot were a tube top or anything with spaghetti straps. How about a cute vintagey feeling top? A little antique lacey feel? Hmmmm...

Beautiful sweater, BTW. You are finishing master. Everything you knit looks like it's always been there.


So pretty Wendy!
Lookit that wee little ball of yarn-you like livin' on the wild side eh?
Me, I'm one of those that always buys an extra ball or two, just for kicks. Now I know I can send them to you to fund your daughter's college degree. ;)


Hi Angi, yes I WANT to know what you guys want to see! I wouldn't ask, otherwise. There are so many patterns out there and I really don't know where to go next. I need to wear a bra, too (although I'm not all that, you-know) and I don't go braless no matter what, not even when I sleep!

So, yes, whatever I do, I'll do with straps or something you can wear a bra with...but I want something green. . .


It looks beautiful. Having just that amount leftover IS a thrill, I agree! Oh, and I just cast-on (finally) for my Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan. I've got a whole 4 rows done so far!


Gorgeous gorgeous. One for you and one for your sweater!

Hey, at least you know the designer wasn't inflating the numbers to sell more yarn for the company!

Green. green... meditating on green.

The gym pants would be outrageous, but it would be a quick one way ticket to You Knit What? A top is a better idea.


I've run out of yarn a couple of times (even after buying what I thought and figured would be more than enough). I have many many partial skeins staring at me, taunting me, they're going to the elementary school art room soon.

The sweater is beautiful, much prettier on you than on the model.


Lovely. And it looks stunning on you.

Green - it's a healing color. A good choice for spring, I look forward to seeing the top-you-can-wear-with-a-bra.


A keeper for sure. It is lovely! I love the neckline!


It looks wonderful! I was so looking forward to seeing it done. Definitely a keeper. For your kelly green sweater, how about Picovoli by Grumperino on Magknits? It's an easy peasy pattern that you could probably finish in a day or so, but so well shaped.


You are just too cute for words in that sweater!

So, when you get close to the end of your yarn, have you ever thought if you knit really fast you can finish before you run out of yarn?

I know it's silly, but I do that when beading and knitting... Maybe I can race the thread or yarn to the end of the project and win. LOL


Wendy, do you really live in Reston, VA? And why is your Blogger ID blocked? It's a quandry for sure. A lot like trying to get Jerry to stop going after the cats because he thinks they will take his bone. Hello?


Wow that's lovely! It turned out just perfect! Too bad it's so darn hot there.

And that pic of you, BTW, is the CUTEST thing ever. You earned that grin of victory :)

I am trying to stashbust, but I may just have to do that pattern in the Marble. Temptress.


shelagh. last I checked I didn't live on the east coast. But, you never know. I could be dreaming this whole blogging thing.


OK, this is what I have to say, and then I am going to dreamland. For days:
Thank you for your patience.


Your new sweater looks fab, Wendy. Great job again - I just hope it stays cool enough for you to get some wear out of it :)


gorgeous! i am not usually into shawl collars - but that one has me waivering on my convictions.


the pullover looks smashing with the black gym pants ;) very nice. the little details on the collar and sleeves aren't so visible in the little kpixie picture, so the photo of your finished sweater helps a lot.
i'm feeling you on the kelly green. a summer top? hmmm...how about something inspired by the lines of those patterns you were looking at a while back? the entry was the one where you took pictures on your dining table wearing really cool boots and a large, oversized sweater...i think...i forget.


that's a cool steamer, too. the one from the previous post. if i didn't just buy a new steam iron, i would've picked that up. but i don't think anyone would really appreciate the steamer as much as i would. at least my iron is capable of steaming vertically and has a button for an extra long burst of steam. hee. i love technology, and technology for knitting makes it that much cooler.

Sonya Berry

It's definitely a keeper! It looks fab-you-lous!

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