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February 14, 2006



very nice work


I just LOVE the patter, and the color is very pretty too!


I'm glad you added the check box for new pattern alerts. I keep getting behind:)

Kim Goldstein

I wore my "Something Red" sweater to Stitches East today and got quite a few compliments on it. I told everyone that I got the pattern from your website. Thanks for a great pattern. I look forward to more.

dana jensen

I just purchased the "something red" pattern. Can you send the additional instructions to make it 3/4 sleeve?



Hi Wendy -

I'm almost done with my Something Red. It's been a great pattern so far. I'm about to start the short rows and am a little confused. Are the short rows totally contained between the markers? I would have thought so, but the instruction to "...work to the wrapped stitch, 'correct' the wrapped stitch, work 1 additional stitch in pattern, wrap the next stitch and turn.", sounds like you are knitting beyond the marker. (Since the wrapped stitch is just before the marker, working another stitch would take you past it, wouldn't it?)

I REALLY think that all of the work stays between the markers, but can't envision how based on this description. Can you please clarify?

courtney (knitnpurlgurl)

Is this neckdown?

Sarah Demsey

Hi Wendy! I just want to say I love your posts and your patterns! But I have to ask, I have this pattern (Something Red) and I got to the point where I was going to start the bottom ribbing. But, I tried it on, and one side covered half my boob, and the other side covered twice as much! Now, as this is a cardigan, I realized something was very wrong! Where did I screw up, and how could I have screwed up so consistently? Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Sarah

Pauline A Stevens

Love that RED SWEATER!
Can't wait to get started on mine, and please, keep the nice styles coming.

thanks, Pauline

Laurie Logan

Dear Wendy,

I paid for the pattern, something red, but never received the e-mail to download the pattern. My bank account shows the $5.50 deduction. What gives?


Barbara Margolis

i am about to order the pattern and reading the notes, I saw that other people were interested in changing the sleeve length. You replied that you included the directions. Are they with the pattern or do I have to look elsewhere.
Anxious to start this adorable pattern.
Thanks for making it available.


. . . in the pattern.

Adeline Brenizer

Help....I ordered the something red pattern and paid ofr it on Jan. 29...my computer went down after that and just got it back...can you please check and send me an email regarding this email....thanks


I can't use that link. Would like to buy the pattern.


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