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February 14, 2006



Are you available for consultation should attempts to knit at 48" go awry? Me likey.


I think the pattern looks great, but I have a question about using cotton yarns: Lots and lots of books remind us that cotton has no memory, like wool and other animal fibers, so over time it stretches out. As a result, I've been leery of making anything with cotton. Do you have any suggestions as how to deal with the memory problem? Does Blue Sky cotton yarn present similar issues?


Wendy, Congrats on your pattern being offered through Garter Belt! I bought your pattern for the essential stripe. I just got the yarn for it last week. Wish me luck!
Only 4 years of knitting??


3/4 sleeves are perfect for this pattern. I've been waiting patiently (okay tapping my foot and chewing my nails down to the bit) for this to be done. You do wonderful work. I'll be purchasing very soon. You do wonderful work.


I love it!! What a great design for a wide range of body shapes too...good going!! I'm off to buy it too! Congrats on joining Garter Belt too...they rock!


Esther, I love using cotton, and most of the time I have used the Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton, which is machine washable and dry-able so it doesn't seem to present issues for me. I just pop it into the washer and then tumble it dry until it is just damp. Then I lay it out and shape it. So far, all these garments have worked well.

As always, substituting yarns works well if cotton isn't your thing.


I'll work on different sleeve sizes and if you want a revision, just contact me.


Thank you for another wonderful and stylish pattern. I just bought this one and look forward to knitting it for spring.


Super cool, and just in time for V Day! You have some mad pattern writing skillz too- it takes me about a million years to write up a pattern! How do you get it done so quickly?


Cute pattern, Wendy! And congratulations on joining The Garter Belt.

Quick question for you - are you tall? I'm thinking you new design is more flattering on taller body types? I'm barely 5'4", so while I love the pattern - I'm not so sure about it on me.


Well isn't that a cute sweater! Your designs are getting better all the time. I might have to add this to my list of things to knit.


Wowza! It's gorgeous! I'll definitely be buying this one!


Gaile, I hover around 5'4" and on a good day I'm closer to 5'5". I guess it depends on how I'm standing!

so no, I'm actually average height!


Your sweater is great. You've added to my frustration of not being able to keep up with the projects I want to create, but I'll forgive you since you've done such a wonderful job! ;)


. . . and the button is perfect. . .


Thank you for another wonderful pattern! But drat, now I have three and I haven't done a one. They are all at top spots on my list, though! This one really takes the cake, because I love cardigans. And The Cardigans, too. :)






I! Love! This! Sweater!

Thank you for reading my mind and knitting the exact sweater that I would like to make and wear. Pure knitting genius.


You design the best sweaters. With so many great patterns, it's hard for me to keep up with you!


I am completely enamoured with this design. Give me a few months to hone my fledging knitting skillz, and I'll be back for the pattern! :)


I love it! It is so lovly and fashionable. How long did it take you to make it?

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Penny in Palo Alto

Hi Wendy,

I 've knit a sweater with this same yarn and am now ready to rip it out. It is too heavy and warm. I think your pattern will be better. Does the pattern include directions for long sleeves? The shorter one is cute but my yarn in the pale pink and I think it will look better with long sleeves.


Penny, I include instructions for longer sleeves...


I have a group for Cotton-Ease lovers and this pattern is the top vote getter for our next Knitalong. I like the idea of longer sleeves. Can you include instructions for long sleeves when I purchase the pattern? I suspect you'll be receiving a few orders in the next few days.

Here's a link to the yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cottonease/

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