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February 13, 2006



That skirt is really cute, who knew a knitted skirt could pull it off. Hopefully it isn't just the model. Diet tonic- I just don't think it is worth it, regular tonic is so much more delicious. mmm, with bombay sapphire...and a lime wedge...


Oh MY God. I saw that pattern yesterday and I KNEW you would like it. I knew it so much so that I almost sent you the link. HOW freaky is that?

Your gams. How can you even call them that? I saw them in your post the other day and they look smashing to me. *jealous*

Make the skirt and wear it. You will be HOT. Right?


I saw this in the new Interweave Knits and emailed BSA asap. And I'm a hippy (as in big hips not hip like cool) black women with two kids who should maybe give up wearing this kind of stuff. I too am in love. Maybe we can start a cross country mini skirt work out.

erica b.

That is too, too cute! I say in between stockinette rows let's hit the gym and look really cute this spring!


I'd say you are up to the challenge. Yes, I hear ya on the gams, I am working on the gams up.


Knitted pleats, I think I've seen everything now.


Make it longer and eat more fries. Never diet tonic. :)

You're smokin' - knit away.

carrie m

sigh. i'm so short that it's probably not mini on me. you could totally pull it off, tho.


Good gawd, that skirt is killer...me want!


You can totally wear that skirt! Go for it!


I just want the shape to wear that skirt...


The skirt is WAY cool. I would line it to make sure it doesn't give to much. I think if I recall properly, it was the sag you didn't like in knitted skirts.


oh, I know it! I'm getting up early to run tomorrow, just for that skirt. I blame my need for squats on the little one, but he's four -- no longer a good excuse. I too will wear this knitted skirt! See ya on the miniskirt highway!


I have reservations. Just don't knit it out of cotton. With cotton's propensity to stretch . . . well, you know.


I bought an expensive outfit at Anthropologie a few days ago that is waaaaay too small for me so that I will be motivated to lose weight.

But it's just so hard when I see the double chocolate chip cookies with walnuts! Or the mango cheesecake. Argh!


Lovely! Almost (almost!) makes me take back my plea to knitters everywhere to eschew the knitted skirt. However, we know from your blog that you work out a lot, so I think you can get away with anything. Looks fab!!


people have written that the Karabella pattern needs an errata and is chock full of errors are you finding this?


Siow Chin

You've got to knit it. For a moment, I though it was you in the photo but then look again as you never (seldom) go headless :D)


I agree; I thought it was you. If anyone can wear it, you can. And, AHEM, what is this nonsense about "cr***y knitting skils"? I mean, REALLY NOW!

That is SO COOL that you'll have your stuff on The Garter Belt! Both my favorite Wendys (Wendies?) in one place!


I saw that one in IK, too. It is so cute. Have you seen this one?


I dig it! No way I have the thighs for it so I shall admire it from afar on you!!


The skirt is super cute. I would certainly not be able to resist. I say make the leap, try it out.


Funny I thought the same thing as Siow Chin!


Knitted skirts are only for standing around. No bending, no sitting. No matter what, you get a saggy bum and all those squats are wasted. Think about. Pull out the other skirt you knitted and remember.


Hee, I just picked up the new IK yesterday and really liked that skirt. Go for it!

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