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February 16, 2006



Ok, I will knit socks on 00's, 0's ,1's,2's, or size 3 needles, but NO way an entire skirt with size 2 needles.

I think you should just take the picture to a seamstress and have her make it up in a beautiful knit fabric. Less personal investment - lol!


A skirt on size 2's!!! Yikes!!!


That brown is just beautiful! That skirt will be fabulous if you can deal with the size 0 ribbing. And I blame you for tempting me to knit that Shawl Collar Sweater! :) One ball for the whole back?! Tempting, very tempting.


I really like the color. The girls at the shop did a fantastic job. I think it will be a great color for the skirt.


Doh, I am such a dork. I didn't realize the brown was for the skirt.

So, you ARE giving into the call of the skirt. I hope you prove yourself and all the naysayers wrong....


I CANNOT wait to see your shawl sweater finito!! Once another does a pattern successfully, it makes it even more desirable!


Chocolatey brown is one of my favorites. And, conincidentally, chocolate. I'm sure you'll look fabulous and svelte in your skirt no matter what.


brown is also one of my favorite colors.. but size 2 needles? maybe for a pair of socks, but you are a brave woman....BTW I love your blog, and you are now in my bookmarks...


Yes! Knit the skirt! I was eyeing that pattern, but reminded myself that I've only worn my other knitted skirt once--bad color choice. I love the color you picked.


Woah, look at you go on the newest sweater! I love the color of that yarn, I have been eyeing it on kpixie.


Yep...that color will be great. I need some of that marble yarn! Love it all.


i'm excited to see how that skirt comes out, because i've always wanted to knit a skirt, but keep chickening out!


Oh, go ahead and knit the skirt, you know you'll love it once it's done. It's like knitting one giant sock, you like knitting socks right?
Nice socks on this post by the way!


the skirt is cool! i LOVE the chocolate blue sky. i ordered some chocolate allhemp3 from kpixie a week+ ago, for a sweater that will be knitted on 2's. lanaknits also has a skirt pattern, knitted with hemp, with a pretty lace hem. go check it out at kpixie :)


Hum... A looser knit fabric on a girl with more to cover? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.


Wow - size 2's...or less, for a whole skirt! You're the only one I know who can pull this off - my hero! By the time I finished that .... well, no one wants to see an 80-year-old in a miniskirt!


I LOVE that chocolate brown colour. Other than needle size, what brand of needle would you use to knit the skirt?


Hey Brooke, brand of needles don't really matter too much. I just don't like the circulars that have squiggly plastic joins. Yuk...


You are Wendy the Wonder Knitter. You *do* knit up stuff faster than anyone I've ever stalked. I have NO DOUBT you can complete that skirt and look totally cute in it. Plus, with the 2's, the fabric will be nice and hearty, so you won't suffer from any of that saggy-butt syndrome that I've heard plague knitted skirts and pants.


At the risk of being a big ole pain......any motifs worked in the past week?



Lynae, you little stinker. NO!


i have knit skirt aversion, so i will hold off on any comment there - but i am in love with those socks...i must get some of that yarn...enjoy your little stinkers


Hey Gigi, I just had some coffee with a gal who SAW that actual skirt at a conference just recently. She reports that it is to die for. I guess I'll just have to knit it and see... :)


Hello Wendy,
I also decided on one more sweater and succumbed to the marbe-shawl thingie,but they recommend 9 balls of yarn in the pattern, how can you do the back with one, what happens to the other 8 (minus one front, minus two sleeve, and that leaves 5.. do all of these go into the collar?)
have fun knitting more and more and more and more....


I know, Petra, totally bizarre. But when this sort of thing happens, it is sort of nice! (I can either return some yarn or make a hat or something like that, too.)

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