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December 06, 2005



Oh wow... that will be an interview I will not want to miss. Fun!

Your yarn turned out great! I use to stand like that when I was talking on the phone or blow drying my hair... but I haven't had time for either since Livi came along. Besides, who has time for that stuff when all your free time is spent knitting? =)

I know I've said it before... but I just love your blog Wendy! Knit and Tonic is just too much fun to read every day - keep it coming!


Thanks Rach!


Hand dyed yarn in my favorite color...beautiful!

Funny, because I just rose from sitting for about 3 hours of knitting and discovered that you and I knit in the same position...but it's not the knees that hurt, it's the hands!

I almost bought the New Knits on The Block today. A gal at the LYS came running at me waving that book in my face and asked if I wanted to look at it--I feel in love...mostly with the mermaid costume and the bowling pins--too cute!


Oh, and yet another thing we have in common...I bought my son that same tricycle about 4 years ago.


Your mani/pedi look perfect.. ahh, to have nice nails again.


I remember reading about a culture in which knitting was typically done while walking. I can't remember where I read this, or what group of people it described, though.


Woo- and furthermore Hoo! It's so much fun to watch you gradually hit the big time. Looking forward to your interview w/ the fabulous Ms. Howell.

Geez, the two of you could pose as poster children for the new hip image of knitters.

If it makes you feel any better (I'm sure it won't; it's not like hearing about other people's aches and pains make one's own go away), I have developed strange pains in my hands, apparently due to knitting. Just had them X-rayed - here's hoping I haven't managed to give myself early-onset arthritis.

Martha (another one)

I knit standing up at work sometimes (in a pharmacy). Unfortunately, Essential Stripe is getting too heavy to knit while I'm standing! Life is so tough sometimes:)


Oh, yeah...I have the same problem but with the right leg. It's always getting tucked under. Sucks getting old... :o)
Can't wait to see the interview! You are the best Wendy!

Jan aka Warrior Knitter

OMG! You are barefoot on green grass! I hate you! It's 20° here & we're supposed to get 3-6"of snow by Thursday. I know not a lot & not that cold. But I want it to be summer & 85° again . . . now!.

BTW, yarn looks great!

I alternately stretch out legs & feet then they get cold so they get bunched up under me until they get stiff & hurt & get stretched out again.


Love the yarn!

Good luck knittin' standing like that.

When I sit too long I usually get a numb butt. Ever get numb-butt?


I've always thought to myself while on a treadmill, "There ought to be a way to knit and do this. Could I knit something washable so I didn't get it all sweaty?" But I've never done it. Mostly because I'd be THAT person to fall off the treadmill.


That yarn is great! Beautiful. As for knitting positions... I'm frequently in coffee shop or school room chairs, so no room for tucking there, just crossing. At home I'm just about always sitting Indian style. Feet fall asleep pretty regularly, but no pain. Good luck. You know they have little things that go around your wrist and hold your yarn for knitting while standing...


Oh to knit standing in the green green grass, at the moment it is a balmy -3 here with a wind chill of -20. I do knit standing. And sitting, but not walking, I can barely walk and talk at the same time. Actually I can't complain about the cold too much, it does make one want to knit something cozy and warm (speaking of which, finshed the hat with the yarn I dyed and posted a picture, not as fancy as the things you've knitted but girlchild likes it!)


I knit while standing and walking all the time. You need to remember to keep your shoulders and head erect. Straight chairs or stools work well for better knitting posture. Good luck.


I actually sit on a throw pillow while knitting to get more support. I can definitely feel the difference when I don't. You might give it a try or change where you knit.


do you own the book "folk socks" by nancy bush? It has a wonderful photograph of a women knitting standing up, leaned over with an extremly large satchel on her back.

it was very common back then for women to knit while walking from place to place. I couldn't do it!! Sure as hell not on a sock - which was most commonly what they would knit when walking as it was easier.


I could knit while walking. Thing is, my hands are usually busy pushing a stoller, picking up poop or handing out treats and milk to Girlfriend. Now, if I only had somewhere to go sans child and dog. I'd definitely knit if I did...


I'd buy that yarn you dyed. Love the color!

Now I'm just wondering if the back problems I've been having should be attributed to knitting, or just big boobs.....

Miz Booshay

The color of your yarn is very Knit and Tonic! It matches your name :o)


PuppyMomma...I'm thinking the big boobs...


Great yarn! You're making me want to break out the Kool-Aid again...

I'm impressed that you can balance in that position, even if it's only for the few seconds needed for a picture.

I hear you on the pain; I have lots of pain in my right hip. My "don't do that!" natural knitting position is w/my right ankle on my left knee. I have to consciously force myself to put *both* feet on my good ole nursing stool...


Very pretty yarn, I love the colours! I know what you mean about the pain, except I sit with my right leg tucked under me - you aren't a lefty by any chance? Oh, and I envy the bare foot pose. I just got home (it's 1 a.m. and minus 5C). brrrr. Probably won't get warmer than 4 or 5 above freezing tomorrow, but on the bright side - it's not raining!


I get the same problem.
It is my Left Knee - that I tuck under, and my right hip - it takes all the pressure. I actually mentioned it to my doctor at my last check up ( I was beginning to worry it might be arthritis) She tells me that I am putting too much pressure on the knee joint and the only way to fix it is TO SIT PROPERLY! Trouble is sitting properly just feel weird.


I hope you feel better soon! I like to knit sitting up in my bed with pillows behind my back and something under my knees to keep the stress off them. That way if it's something small I can read while I knit too. Just prop the book up on my upper legs by my knees. Maybe switch it up.

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