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December 08, 2005



Love it Wendy! It's a bit too cold in Chicago for it now, but it may just be my first spring knit!

Rhonda in the Rockies (CO mountains)

I bought this and now feel that going to the gym is worthwhile. Thank you for sharing your gift of design with the rest of us. You are a wonderful artist.


another voice from the lurking shadows... but really, it's a gorgeous sweater and must be spoken about. I think though that you need to come up with your own word for the Somewhat Cowl, name a new neckline - your own personal neckline - the Howl, well maybe not, but it's fabulous!


Jenny, I am working on providing a range of sizes, all the way to 52" bust. Since I'm a beginner, right now, the sizes go to 44. But stay tuned, I'm getting this pattern tested at a 50" chest.


Great pattern. Have you included waist shaping?


Sarah, the Domestic Overlord

Okay, I'm making this one. I already have the yarn. All I need to know is about how much ease (or negative ease) I should allow. It looks like it's about an inch of ease, am I right?


I didn't include waist shaping because it is already a close fitting sweater. With top-down patterns, the body is affected by how tight the sleeves fit. As far as negative ease, the approximate finished circumfrence matches the bust size. So, theoretically, there wouldn't be any ease. But, the way it works out is there is about an inch or less...(due to the way the chest opens up so wide)


Elann.com is going to have Austermann Barkarole (70% Merino Wool/ 20% Silk/ 10% Cashmere) on sale Tuesday. I'm thinking it would work well for this pattern, and be easier on the budget for anyone on a Christmas budget that wants to make that gorgeous cowl right away. It comes in some really lovely colours too.


Way way cool. And you go girl, showing off a little cleavy! Brilliant pattern. I bow to your expertise. Truly.


this is your best pattern yet. and thank you thank you for writing this with 2 inch incremements in the bust area! i always end up inbetween the given measurements and have to go through the entire pattern and make up my own inbetweeny size. havent bought it yet cause im not on my computer, but i will, i will...


SO love this pattern....shows just enough skin to be sexy but still able to wear it about town.

elizabeth m

You could wear a sweater like that just about anywhere. OK, maybe not to help out at preschool on Art day, but everywhere else. It's elegant and versatile. On a chilly day, you can put a jacket over. Short sleeves are good in warmer weather. Just perfect!


Wendy, that cowl is stunning! I'm gonna buy it, but lord; I just CAN'T have another UFO in my future. The beauty of that cowl, compels you to finish it.

I'll make it an anchor piece for my spring wardrobe!


Horray!! I've been waiting for this pattern. I LOVE it! :-), but before I purchase it I was wondering how large is a size 44 bust...would you consider that an XL? It if is I would like to know how could I make this lovely sweater a bit larger.

Keep doing such amazing things.

Happy Knitting!!


Celia, I emailed you. It's easy to add size to this pattern...and it's being tested in larger sizes as I type this so in the future, I can offer larger sizes.


Hi Wendy - you look fab in the 'cowl. Very cool.

I have an unrelated question: I can't figure out how to access your archives. I was interested what yarn you used for Glampyre's City Shawl? Thanks!


Heidi, I made them unavailable for a weird reason...I used Berocco Foliage...


Thanks for the response, dear Wendy.

(I remember accessing them at one time, because I saw your "CSI Knit" post and nearly fell off my chair I was laughing so hard. :)
Keep up the good humour and awesome photos!)


Another beauty! I was meaning all weekend to grab this up, but SOOOOO busy with holiday kvetzing (mostly knitting stuff of course). I even have suitable yarn subs in my stash I believe!!


Looks great! I have to ask you-- where did you get your dragonfly hairpin?

Viv, a reader


I bought the pattern, its beautiful and hope i can make it. My question is, what substitute yarns are people using as the Blue Sky is on the pricey side (especially for larger busts) ! I've heard Cashmerino Aran might work. Suggestions or thoughts? Thanks,



teri, Anything in a sportweight should be okay, except for 100 percent cotton. I think cotton would droop a bit much. You could try some of the lion brand sport weight wool blend, if you want to. I think that TLC makes a cotton blend that may work, too. Just check around and look for things that drape well that meet the gauge.

Check Elann.com for deals. They have a lot of yarn in the right weight for great prices.



I just bought your beautiful Somewhat Cowl and might need to make it in a size 46 bust. Would you be able to recommend how I could successfully increase the size?

Thanks and Happy Holidays



I just purchased the pattern for this sweater....I love it. I want to start on it right away....I need bust size to be a 48. I too was wondering if you could let me know how I could make it in that size.


I just bought this pattern. It is so elegant. I can't wait to wear it and be fabulous!

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