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December 08, 2005



Is there any chance you might add expanded sizes for this one?


Hi Wendy,

Do you happen to have a pic of a good Somewhat Cowl long sleeve? I'm getting ready to order Drive Thru patterns and yarn for my girls, and throwing in a little more for me. Of course. My climate is more suited to LS, but I suspect it will not do as I've fallen in love with the elbow-length sleeve version. I'm in a quagmire. I need visual aide to make/confirm my decision.

The anonymous masses of "us" in your bloggy reader/lurkership haven't heard recent news about your hip. I hope this means current plans are working, but I suspect it means treatment has not had spectacular results. Spectacular you'd share. Bbphlbt. Hoping for spectacular for you, and soon.



Okay, I'm just barely into "Scarf" and "Hat" projects as a beginning knitter, but this sweater is so spectacular that I'm plopping it next in my queue. That is, as soon as I learn what "purling" is...

(Kidding, kidding... only kidding! Sorta.).

ice yarn

The lattice model has appeal for all ages.I want to knit baby cardigan is going to use several numbers swell so Which type would you prefer to use the yarn.


Four years after you published this pattern, it is still going strong! I just purchased it and will work on it during the weekend. just wanted to say thank you!!

Lynda M Otvos

Jenny says a few comments upthread: "Can I just say that I love the fact that you make sweaters with long short sleeves. None of this unflattering cap sleeve action. Thank you."

May I say thanks too? I moved from So Florida to No California in 2000 at 44 years old. Since then, my upper arms have apparently ceased to have blood flow. Always cold, I look for sleeves that either hit just above or below that elbow.

Do our Bingo-Wings ever get warm again?

Would they be helped by CPR?



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