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December 12, 2005



Your mailman sucks, but the hat is great.


Pizza encrusted shawl pin - hee hee, only a mom could come up with that! Love the hat! I so wish I was a hat person. Love hats, look like a major dork in ANY type of hat..... bummer.

Beak Knits

We have mailman issues also. He nearly uprooted our mailbox a few weeks back trying to shove a big package of yarn in it. I keep thinking of all the poor mail-persons up north, with all that snow. Worst our guy gets is some rain.

Snappy hat!


I love the hat, and I have the pattern. I am tempted to make one now, but I think I would look like an idiot in it, not all cute like you.


Katiy, Girlfriend, you'd look cute in a paper bag.


Ahhhh, just the sort of thing I needed to see at the end of my 13.5 hour workday. Funny, lighthearted, and full of fiber. Love the hat! Perhaps your mailman is off doing the other classic Rasta thing (that would be smoking, not creating excellent music) instead of delivering your mail properly.

And may I just say, madame, either that is a magic T-shirt (in which case I have to get me one) or you are built like the proverbial brick house. I'm just sayin'...


Lizbon: you CRACK me up. HWWV was just looking at this post and he said,

"Wendy, you are STACKED!"

Jeez. I am so not stacked. In fact, I was wearing a jogging bra in this pic. (I'm a 34 B thank you)

I think it must be the magic Target three-dollar t-shirt. hey. Get shopping flat-chested knitters!


My mailperson (I'm not sure if he/she is male or female) will not deliver packages over 1 kilogram (2 pounds). Therefore almost none of my yarn comes to my house. Not that it matters, because he/she reported me for having a vicious dog inside (yes, inside) the house....it was my 5 year old son barking.
Oh well, the hat is awfully cute!


I must say in defense of the post office, I have heard they are not replacing them as they retire so fewer people are doing the same work. I know several people who get their mail by a mailman with a flashlight because they are coming by so late. However, that does not account for the mailman who goes MIA in the middle of a street!! I have a PO Box, but get my netflix at home and would be very mad at them arriving late!!

Also... love the Somewhat Cowl. I also made Swing Coat Sweater... very nice!! Thanks for the good blogging.


Love the hat! Now about that mail man...maybe there is a bit of an interlude some place in his route...maybe a girl friend? Hmmm...maybe worth investigating (at least for the gossip part of it)


1) Cute hat!

2) I think it's 1/3 the bra, 1/3 the t-shirt, and 1/3 the arms folded under the bust, cuz I had the same thought as others expressed!

3) Ugh. The mail! I counted 10 catalogs the other day! The one mail lady we have is SO scared of Jenna! If I have the door open & screen closed so Jenna can enjoy the sun & the view, she won't come onto my front porch. She just stands there and calls to me. What's really weird is that Jenna doesn't like her, either. When anyone else comes to the door, she barks b/c she thinks they've come to play with her. When the maillady comes, she growls. Go figure!


Isela, you have a point. Better check out the cul-de-sac action. There's a blonde gal, about nearly 50 with a tiny dog who barks a lot who just may be our culprit. Story is, she's a party girl.

Better get out my night vision goggles.

Will be back with the news when it comes.


OK--you don't like shawl pins. I love my shawl pin! Of course, mine is a $15 wooden one I picked up at my LYS, and they don't carry them any more.... It's very simple, very plain, not likely to hurt me, but occasionally part of it tries to fall out. But I like it anyway!


I'm amazed that I've been have grand luck with the mail on this end of the country recently. Thanks again for the package. From one mail lover to another, you know how much it meant to find an envelope of anything in the post box!


I hate my mailman.

He ALSO wears a safari hat (maybe it's some sort of secret alliance).

He is forever knocking on my door and whining about some little thing about my house that makes it difficult for him to deliver mail here. Little things ("this package was really heavy to bring to your house today" - huge scowl on his face) to bigger things. Our cats like to kill things and bring them to us. This really bothers our mailman. I can understand this one a tiny bit.

On Halloween I bought a noise activated ghost and left it on so that when he delivered the mail - well, it was really funny.


Oooh, fancy german fiber, I dig! What I need now is a close up...

I took a moebius scarf pattern and de-lacified it; it turned out nicely, and appropriately butch :)


I love your hat! it came out really nice! my friend was a mailman, his route was close to his home, so he'd finish his route super fast then take some magazines from his route home to read (then deliver them!), go have lunch or take a nap, till it was time to report back to the post office to check out of work. yes, he had it made...you should have safari hat guy tailed, to see where he went for those hours inbetween!


sounds like you've got a newman for a mailman.

my mailman rocks

one thing i did notice -- the mailman's credo about delivering under all conditions -- a lie.

they don't deliver in blizzards.


I understand your mailman pain. We have a mail lady who is never every nice. She is evil and wicked. Last night, we got our mail after 7pm. What's that about? The post office isn't open at 7pm so our mail should be here before the. It's LA for crying out loud, it's not like she could hit snow or sleet or something and the closest post office is walking distance from our house so, no excuse.

Luckily, she came baring roving so I'm placated...for now.


OK, I am soooo off to Target to buy T-shirts.

Perhaps if your mailman had seen that photo of you, he wouldn't be so unwilling to deliver your mail. On the other hand, maybe he's already glimpsed your fabulousness and puts off delivering mail in hopes that he'll catch you on your way out to a movie premiere in a slinky low-cut Hollywood gown.

Seriously, I think this mailman of yours is leading a mysterious double life.

a) he's a porn star and works nights so he's soooo tired he just can't get his act together;
b) he moonlights as a costumed character at one of those SoCal amusement parks and keeps passing out from the heat before he can get in his mail truck and over to your side of the street;
c) he's a secret agent (of course) and is not a mailman at all; he's been sent to spy on the doings of your Italian restaurateur neighbor, who is running an arms export business from the walk-in freezer at the restaurant (he keeps warm in there by means of small but frequent gunpowder campfires).

Sorry to over-comment here - I guess I'm bored. Supposed to be working...sigh.


Next time you should stand at the door staring... maybe with a bullhorn yelling, "I see you! Deliver my mail!"


Love the hat, Wendy!


BTW, I do love me a shawl, too. I've found that, in addition to being warm and terribly stylish, they're very comforting when I'm sad. There's just something about wrapping yourself up in something soft when you're really down. Maybe it's like an extended hug....


I love the Rasta hat -- it looks warm and there's enough room inside to not totally mess up one's hair.

Your mailman reminds me of mine. Coincidentally, I complained about mine today: http://marysvirginwool.blogspot.com/2005/12/packages-and-presents.html.

Your mailbox is way prettier than mine, however.

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