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December 11, 2005



Two socks at one time on two circulars, and at the same time use two skeins for each sock? I'd say, that takes some balls!

I still need to learn how to knit one sock at one time... I was going to take a class last summer but it got cancelled. Apparently, I was the only one who want to learn how to kint socks during a heat wave in July. Go figure! Now it's crazy ass cold and people are whining about cold feet. Tough noogies, I say, they had their chance!


That would be four balls, KatieLiz


Picked up your pattern just now. I've had Elann's Quechua in my stash for awhile waiting for the right project. I still think that Austermann's Barkarole with it's wool/silk/cashmere blend would work (and be softer) - but that is one I'd have to order and I'm on a "kill off some stash" mission as of late. I admire your 2 socks on 2 circs ability, maybe I need to open Cat Bordi's book and take another look!


Heheh... Wendy has four balls...


having hair of the nicole kidman kind, i think i may have written the book on frizz. and you know i have never tried the run into pool trick, but i reckon i could do it, just because of sheer TERROR of the afro styling that much moisture would produce. a friend of mine (straight hair) is alwyas whining about how she has to strighten her (straight) hair because it frizzes. she don't know JACK about frizz. the point of this long winded tale? no 2 (or 4) sock knitting on circs going on here anytime soon.


I vote you just keep going--call the socks fraternal twins, not identical. That's what works for me. ;)


I would say love the socks the way they are too...Too much work trying to control 4 balls at once!

Yes the list of yarn substitutes is impressive!! You are a yarn ho! (I mean that in a good way)


They sure look like they match in the photo. I even sorta like it when they don't they show the beauty of the cool yarn, you don't want them to look machine made now do you?
Glad you have not mentioned your weather in a bit I'm in chicago and a winter hater, I can hardly stand to read blogs from you warm folks! ;-)


Heck, if I was knitting them (one sock at a time), they would be that "mismatched" - I kinda like that aspect of hand-dyed yarn. Now, if they were self-striping, it would be a different story - they would have to match.


Wendy - Make one Boogie Time and almost finished another this weekend. Two young girls on my Christmas list are going to be thrilled!
Thanks for a great pattern.


Elann has some sport weight merino/silk/cashmere blend going up tomorrow. It is Austermann Barkarole at $3.10 US for a 93 yard ball. I get the newsletter with little clippings of yarn and it feels nice. There are a few nice colours in it, too.


The beauty of hand knit socks with beautiful hand dyed yarn is that they are not going to be identical. I've not been brave enough to try 2 socks at a time. Maybe after the holidays....

My hair is wavy, but likes to frizz. My younger sister has hair much like Rosannrosannadanna only my sister's hair is beautiful when she manages to control it.


Frizzy hair or a mohawk -- either will keep you from full immersion.


Thanks for the plug Wendy! He's awesome! If I could keep him I totally would!!!


Pooling shmooling. I think this post gets a gold star for the most creative use of two forms of the word "pool" in under ninety seconds. Though I suppose frizzy hair and yarn aren't necessarily worlds apart.

Sorry I can't adopt Mr. Roving Feline - I have two non-FIV beasties already. He does look like a character, though.


hmm I just got a hang of one sock on two circs, I think I'll hold off on the one circ, two socks and 4 balls of yarn technique! If I didn't already have three kitties of my own I'd rush to get this cute feline even though I'm in Brooklyn!

elizabeth m

Regarding subbing in Peace Fleece sport weight for the cowl: I'd caution people to get a ball, knit a swatch, and stick in your bra for a while before doing the whole thing. This top is made to be the layer right against your skin. I've used Peace Fleece worsted. It does soften up a lot after washing, but because of the mohair content, I still would not want it right against my skin.

Really, any yarn you might use as a layer against your skin should be put through that test.

Also, add to the list: Knit Picks Elegance. That is if it wouldn't be too disloyal to kpixie to mention a yarn from that company.


Ok, I just started 2 socks on 2 circs this weekend. I got Cat Bordhi's book....well she never actually talks about 2 socks at a time..so here I am in the middle of a Borders cafe with sock yarn tangled all around me and cursing. I'm about 2 inches in and still haven't figured out exactly how I cast on that 2nd sock. Never mind using this technique on handpainted yarn! The math-robatics alone gave me a headache. Good luck!


PuppyMomma, what i do, is start one sock and do about four or five rounds. I remove them to some other needles, maybe dpn's, and then start the other ones one two circs and complte them tot he same point.

Then I add the first sock.

From there, it is pretty simple, although you may decide that you'll remove them again when you do the heels.

Overall, once you get it down, it is way, way better.


Well I can help (somewhat) with the underarm fart sounds. I learned this trick from my littlest sister: stick a straw down your shirt and squeeze one end in your armpit. Put the other end in your mouth, blow, et voila! It takes a bit of practice to get the pressure just right, but it makes the most hilarious fart sounds.


pretty pretty yarn again. you know how to make a girl jealous! I cant wait to be in a yarn store soon :)
Now to pick a yarn for the not so cowl!


Wendy, I think that is what I did to get both socks on the needles. I can't remember, I was in such a yarn tangle and caffeine haze that its all a blur. Of course now I'm about 3 inches into them...I may be hooked. Jury's still out. But unless I can master the magic socks (knitting one sock inside the other...) I think this way might just win.


My husband found your blog while googling something about unicycling. Anyway, he thought I should send you this link to my blog and something about unicycling: http://hedgehogmom.typepad.com/brooklyn_in_stitches/2005/10/index.html Check out October 19th. Personally, I am really impressed with the two socks at once trick. I'm still struggling with one sock - not at a time, mind you, but my one first sock.


Quick question on your vesper socks - what size needles did you use? Just received some (ok, lots) of Vesper yesterday and am starting a pair on size 2' but wondering if it will be too loose. By the way, LOVE the new Flair pattern - just purchased and can't wait to start.

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