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September 11, 2005



I'm sure you looked fab.... at least you have more imagination than the rest of the lemmings...

Dooze - that's funny. We've called Kaity "Doozer" since she was about two. Still do, more than "Kaity," actually!

PS - love the socks! I don't know if I have the sock-stamina to go for knee socks!


I hate that last minute what do I wear that looks like I'm not trying to hard even though I am moment! No fun... but send a happy birthday to your sister for me.
That yarn you're using for Ella is great! I love those colors. Have fun with your sock too, looking good!


The sock...marvelous! And I am sure the Ella shawl will be amazing. Can't wait to see it!


I love the sock. Must...get...vesper sock yarn... And I hate ending up as The Girl In Hot Pink (no green for me) when everyone else is wearing black. But either way, just save the list of outfits you made, then you've got your next four what-on-earth-am-I-going-to-wear? type things all taken care of.


People are saying...black is the new black for the fall season!...duh:)...jk.

Lordy, now I have to hurry and finish gf shrug and Lacey Wrap before I can get started on Marilyn Cardi.


It reminds me of the time I took my friend Deb to a punk club in Pittsburgh (The Electric Banana), and she was the only chick in the place in a twinset and pearls. Rather than faint with fear, she embraced the fact that she was truly the top-billing in the non-conformist category. Good for you with the green. Black is so overrated.


LOVE that vesper sock yarn in your colorway! Must.. get some.. if only I can find it.


ah, at least green shows you have creativity! The all black thing is not only over-done, it just screams..."ooooo...I'm 30! I'm mature, yet young and hip and sexy....at least in my own mind...but I don't yet have the confidence to break away from all BLACK!"
Can you tell I'm over 30??
I bet you looked great.


I'll bet you were the best looking girl in the place (okay, maybe second banana to the birthday girl). I really try to not wear black too much, it's just too easy. But I freeze whenever I have to get dressed up for something, since I have about the same everyday outfit as you.

Love the socks!!


don't those poeple know honeydew is the new black??? come on already.

btw, thanks for introducing me to the new love of my life: blue sky alpaca's cotton. yumm-o!


Jennifer, I tell you what: that's the best stuff around. You don't even need to knit it. Just put it in a pile and lay down on it

You'll have to show pic of it in your blog. I am dying to see that color you're using.


I would choose green over black at any time. And at least you're not going to a funeral, cos why would everyone wear black anyway?


i had a dream last night with you in it. you were wearing and adult size version of the swing coat, and were at the yarn store trying to convince me to buy 300 skeins of $1.30 yarn. you kept saying "but its only 1.30!" and i was all "yeah times three hundred" totally weird. Those socks are ruling.


you sure worry a lot about what you are going to wear! (dont we all?!) but you could have just followed your gut instincts and felt great, you have great style


I bet there's a blog entry out there today that goes something like this: "I went to this really nice birthday party for a friend and there was this incredibly beautiful blonde woman there. She was so classy. So elegant. And there I was in black. Just like everybody else. I wish I were more like her."



I agree with Janet's sentiment. Besides, anybody can wear black.

This season's black was actually orange. I admit it did take a while for me not to associate black and orange with halloween (sp) attire. It's color color color over here (sure lemon and limes abound too). Next up - Purple and emerald (and variations of with a bit of gold thrown in ) seem to be IT for the fall over here. And that concludes the color report from Sicily (:

Speaking of colors, those you chose for Ella are lovely!


PS - those socks totally rock!!

I am in awe. Really. I have major sock "issues" but still can appreciate 'em and ooh those are All That!


Forget about leg warmers!

I was talking with my mother the other day about how gauchos are back and I've even seen knickers is a mag or two. Her advise - if you wore it the first time it was in style you are not allowed to wear it again when it comes back. It's ok for my daughters to wear those things but I had my chance the first time around...


OK, dear Melon Maiden, I have news for you. I went to a real-live NYC runway show last week, and there was color everywhere. On runway, on models in audience, on editors of chic fashion rags (er, mags), on the buyer for Bergdorf's.

I myself went in a long shockingly pink coat and a pink Chinese print skirt designed by my friend T.

I felt utterly chic. Black would have melted me into the bland business-suit crowd on the street. Sometimes standing out is a good thing. Sometimes not being uber-young is, too.

And anyway, we know HWWV has great fashion sense; if he approved the outfit, it must have looked good...


"Dooze" is my nickname too in certain circles.

And I'm green with envy that you can wear chartreuse. Good for you breaking the black barrier.


Ugh, I'm so sick of black! It's so boooring. And I must add: I'm amazed that you post to your blog practically every day and always make it interesting. Kudos!


Black is 'safe' and unimaginative and what I wear when I'm bloated or feeling a bit insecure.

Green is what I wear at every flippin opportunity.

You know those 30 year olds all blended together and were thinking how cool you were.

And pinky...hmmmm...well, she sounds like you could have had a glass of whiskey and a hearty laugh with her at minimum!


I can't stop laughing and identifying w/your post. Life gets crazy ak (after kiddies). BK you worried about your nail polish color---now you can't remember the last time you painted your nailes or had a pedicure!

Miz Booshay

At least you were not wearing purple and a big stupid red hat!!!

Little inside joke on my blog today...just for you, Wendy.
Well...you and Lynn and I and anyone else who reads both of our blogs ;o)

Slammin' socks, oh, by the way!


You are a sock goddess... I think knitterky things should just give you their sockyarn from now on! When you posted the red stripey ones (around the time MIL and FIL came to town) I thought they were the best ever, but now I definitely think these are the best ever! I love how tall they are and I am beyond desperate for kniterly yhings to re-release the knit and tonic color way, because I really really want some! Perhaps you've noticed the similarity between the knitand tonic colors and the zephyr colors...
BTW, I think it's fabulous that you were the only one in color, I'm sure you rocked it!
Also, I'll be first in line for M.N.S.S.Cardigan, I think it'll be the fastest thing I ever knit cuz I can't wait to wear it!

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