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September 12, 2005



it is great, Wendy!


I love it! I like the feel of oversized too, but have been making a bit of effort to try not to look frumpy. Well, thought about it anyway. That's a nice sweater!


Just got the pattern, looks fun! This is probably a beginner's question, but when you say "for bust sizes," etc., does that mean the inches around the bust of the finished garment, or the gal's actual bust size? thanks


Congratulation on the fabulous design! And even better that you offer to share it.
It would be extremely helpful if you could shortly contact me by email. It has to do with a surprise for one of your test-knitters. Can't say more here.


I ordered mine and cast on yesterday - who wants in on a knitalong???


Is the Marilyn's Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan seam-free? I don't know a thing about how to seam...:-( I'm a beginner and I was thinking of taking some classes on finishing techniques, but that will later in the year...hopefully before it ends.
I just love your patterns.

Happy Knitting?


It is seamless!


Hi Wendy! I have a question about the pattern math for you...making the size 34, I have 115 stitches on my needles. I CO 9 at each end and increase 8 times in between at the B markers--I have 141 stitches on my needles, but the pattern says I should have 133. What am I doing wrong? Should I not be increasing inbetween, or is the 133 incorrect in the pattern? (This is all on the first page, btw.)

This is a lovely pattern, and other than this one confusion, I'm enjoying the knitting. Thanks!

gwen aka tllgrrl

yay! just got the pattern and can't wait to print it out (at work) and get to readin' it!
now...i need some alternate yarn ideas!
all of you who are making it, what are you using?
: )


So far so great Wendy but I am bit confused on the raglan sleeve measurement......can you provide a little guidance? Thanks oodles!

gwen aka tllgrrl

Are there any schematics available for this sweater?
Or anyone who's knit it?
I don't know if it knits true to measurement or if it's supposed to be a little bigger or a lot bigger.
Anyone here can help with how this actually knits up?
: )

Missie P

I'm really excited about knitting this.... my first cardigan! It looks really nice and simple thanks Wendy. Before I start, I am assuming that the sizes on the pattern refer to bust measurement in inches ... please tell me now if this is wrong!


...Yes in inches

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Sarah D

I adore the coat you are wearing in your "Behind the Scene" post - with the green scarf. Where did you find that??? Do you mind me asking. Oh, last but not least, I love your patterns too. I just purchased the Marilyn sweater pattern. Thank you! Sarah

Yvonne Robles

would love to make this cartigan, but want a pattern to use my beautiful worsted weight wool. Any suggestions?

Yvonne Robles

would love to make this cartigan, but want a pattern to use my beautiful worsted weight wool. Any suggestions?

gwen aka TllGrrl

I started this cardi in Nov/Dec of 2005. I finally...FINALLY... finished it last week. Just in time for the cool weather.
Thank you for such a great design!
(Hmmm....I think I might do one for my sis for the holidays!)

Soul Spun Yarn

Hi Yarn Shop in SLC interested in carrying your patters. Do you sell wholesale?

Kristen Harris

I cast on last night and knit a little, it looks lovely! But do you have final measurements for the sizes, a schematic, or can you tell about how much ease is allotted? I've read a few comments and wonder if I should go down a size. I like things a little more fitted, and don't want it to end up too loose ;) thanks!


i love this... hopefully someday I can make it.


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I just purchased this pattern. And I rarely buy patterns with so many really cool ones out there for free. But this is JUST what I've been looking for! I can't wait to get started.

Does anyone have photos of their completed sweaters??

Stacey Neufeld

For size 36,the Not So Shrunken Cardigan, after you've cast on the 9 stitches at each end shouldn't the stitch count be 144 instead of 136? I look forward to hearing from you, Stacey.

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