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September 13, 2005



but, but, but... you know you'll have to buy yarn at Anacapa, right?


...yup. Will buy fabric in two-day's time. I promise.


I guess you could always knit a couch cover with all the yarn, lol.


Round and round we knit bloggers go...

Googled Den-m-nit and clicked on you. Perusing blog. Chuckling (kudos on humorous writing - can't do it myself). Admiring wealth of stylish FOs (brave woman to put up the failures). Then I look at the name. Hummm. Familiar somehow...?

Ah, the Gabaldon fan! Btw, Evanovich is total white sugar carbs, but she too has lost a little of the thrill lately, though this last one was an improvement.

gina L

Hey Wendy, I can't help you on the yarn spending because I am right there with ya babe! However, I can help you on getting fabric at great prices. Anyway I am resourceful in this area if you need help.

Siow Chin

Isela said it, thought, too, that you might think about knitting that couch cover istead.


What is it with men and shoes? Once upon a time I had more shoes than Imelda, then I moved here, to the land of shoes, and now only wear 3 pairs year round depending on season. Mr Zib on the other hand sounds like HHWV, shoe thingies inside of the shoes, a special closet just for the shoes with all the shoe "stuff" that goes along with well, the shoes. But then his shoes balance out all my purses so it works out in the end.

Oh yes, I completely understand the yarn money thing ;)


I think we've all been there, but can you please buy the couch cover? Then I can say I donated to Wendy's couch : )


What is it with men and getting dressed in the morning? My husband gets up for work at 5 and he always sits on the dang bed to put on his shoes and socks. Do you know how much a 200 lb. man can shake a bed while putting on his shoes and socks? I do. Just saying.


Is this a universal male trait -- the need to wake the sleeping partner in the a.m.? I broke Joe of it by springing awake and jabbering his ear off until he left for work. Now, he dresses in the computer room.


Happy Birthday to little Girlfriend, it's my birthday to day as well !!!!


Happy birthday girlfriend!!! I hope your day is special and your mommy knits you something pretty!


Well, if it'll help get Chuck off the hook . . . and I DO like the pattern . . .


Yes, yes, I know...i get up early to go for work and can't help but wake Wendy...after all I won't see her again for the whole day till I get home in the evening...

I just know I'm going to miss her terribly...

It's like on the rare occasion when we get a baby sitter and go out for a wild night on the town, we get home and nudge and bother Girlfriend till she wakes and sees that we're home safe.


I feel your pain, dear. He Who Wears Eddie Bauer loves to nap on the couch, sleep in on the weekend, etc., but JUST ONE TIME let me doze off on the couch and it's "...Honey, where's the ketchup?..did you feed the cats, sign the permission slip, call the vet???" and let me tell you, if he has a runny nose at 2 am, it's all over.
Okay, now that my rant is over, happy birthday to Girlfriend!


I think it's hysterical when HWWV responds. It's like a cameo on a tv show or something.

Also very happy birthday to Ms. Girlfriend! I hope her day will be filled with fun and cupcakes and ice cream! :)


Happy Birthday to you Girlfriend! I have a little package on its way for you.

Hang in there Wendy, the not-buying-yarn thing CAN be done...

I once gave myself a two week no-buying deal, and it worked! Yeah, it was only two weeks, but we all have to start out at bottom. Right?

I'm lucky in the sence that my HWWN ("N" Nike) does all his dressing in den watching Current Affair. Not so lucky, that he's blaring the t.v. as if he's going def! Banging draws shut and slamming bathroom doors! Now, I'm hoping that he can do all of this before he goes to bed at night, and not while we are all slumber in our beds.

BTW: I'm loving that HWWV posted a comment, what a careing hubby.


I'd get the sofa covered quickly so that you can hide yarn UNDER the sofa.


I must say, I live vicariously through your yarn purchases, it's one reason I love the blog so much!


Yeah, I'm with Rebecca. Hide it under the sofa.

I keep telling myself I am going to stop buying yarn, and then my LYS has a fab sale, or I see the yarn I have been DYING to get for a pattern, or I am just bored on vacation and have to buy something to keep occupied. But this time, I REALLY mean it. Except then I see your pattern for the shrunken cardi, and I remember my LYS is having a sale, and they carry Silky Wool. ARRGH!


I too am on a self imposed not buying yarn right now time. I don't like it at all. I was living vicariously through you watching your yarn come in. Now what am I going to do? I guess I'll just wait for your fabric to come in. Maybe that will get me through the tough times . . .


I just have to laugh sometimes at how alike we (humans) all are. I have a HWWTB (Ted Baker) and he does not grill (Oh God, he DOES NOT grill - just thinks he does) and he is NOT quiet in the morning - but the mornings I am up early, well, he certainly moans then about all the noise I make. but I love him anyway. Happy Birthday to Girlfriend...and tell Chuck not to feel too bad - my Olivia chewed through TWO couches when we got her. The first one is sitting with it's tattered corner in my living room, the second one, she removed the front panel, the arm and the stuffing - what a fight that couch must have put up! Luckily for her - I love her too.


My hubby just leaves his shoes all over the house and is forever looking for one. He's pretty good in the mornings usually, but there always seems to be a noisy morning to shake things up. He's not said much about my yarn buying, but then I've not really amassed much of a stash. Then he may complain.

Happy birthday to girlfriend, and hopefully Chuck has outgrown the furniture chewing!


Forget the couch! Keep designing -- I love the GirlFriend Shrug (I love the pattern and color scheme that you used -- is there any way I can find out the stitch pattern).


Happy 3rd Birthday Girlfriend!! Hope it's a blast!!!
I've been *trying* to buy yarn/ fabric and immediately create something with it. I now have a 6 foot high cupboard filled with all my fabric purchases. Oh yeah, and in bags in my closet...and under the bed... Yarn is so much easier to hide.
Love the cardi pattern...hey...now I have to buy yarn for that. ;)

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