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August 16, 2005



eeeewwwwww.....I'm having bad 80's flashbacks to the heyday of the mullet. Yikes!

As for a grownup version of the swing coat, I think it could look really classy, not necessarily frumpy, depending on the yarn. I'm thinking black, with a bit of shine to it, maybe some beads?? Or some sort of novelty yarn fringe along the hem, facings, and collar? Hmmmmmmm.........


Pretty socks! Kaity's "Wendy socks" are still half-skein, half-ball (we don't have a swift and ball winder.... yet!).


I am proud to say that I never sported a she-mullet myself, but there are still many fine specimens here in my part of the country. There should be a law against the she-mullet.

Love the swing coat. I don't think it would be frumpy. I think it's all in the yarn. And speaking of yarn, I scored one of the last skeins of Vesper Knit and Tonic colorway. Can't wait to make my socks. Great colors!


Nicole! You'll have to tell me how the yarn is...My dyelots are Kool-Aid...yours is one from her new acid dye and I think the colorway will be more vibrant. Please let me know how it looks when you get it!


If it were fitted and had buttons or snap closures, I think it would be great in "adult" sizes (although what am I saying since I'm close to your largest kid size?). But there's always a simple attached (or not) belt to give it a waist.

gina L

Wendy you never cease to amaze me. When were you a hairdresser? There are so many dimensions to your life. My dad is a hairdresser and owner of a beauty product company. I grew up around the beauty business as they say. I know exactly which haircut you are talking about, sort of the mullet for women. Almost as bad was the one with a bowl on your head type bangs cut just past your ear and a long bob in the back.
Good for you just not doing it for them. I think I would be right there with you on that!
I could not give someone trailer trash and put my name on it. The same goes for interior decorating… I will NOT put a recliner chair in any setting! Ok maybe a dentist’s office. An adult Swing Coat would be cute possibly a little more fitted and shorter. I would love it in yummy fall colors and maybe not cotton.


Wendy, I about fell off my chair when I read about the hairstyle. Have you ever visited mulletjunky.com ? If not, it IS a must. They have the dreaded femullet and even the Mullabino. Not sure what a Mullabino is? You must check it out!
Love the colorway of the knit and tonic Vesper Yarn!


I prefer to think of that haircut as a "shlong". It's short, it's long, it's a shlong.

Swing coat + pencil skirt = vintage fabulous!


I tried to buy some of that fabulous yarn today, but all sold out! Mullets -- just the name cracks me up :-)


That mullet junky site is priceless!

Miz Booshay

Wendy...you got some splaining to do :o)

Actually I agree with you that the coat would be very Lucy :o)

I happen to love Lucy!

Such pretty socks...they are going to be beautiful.
I am using some Brown Opal 'Crocodile' and it is pooling like mad. It's very odd.
And not very soft.
Ah well.



Donna, you gotta love the Opal. Not so soft, but let me tell ya, It's sturdy. And there's nothing like a pair of socks that won't let you down.

About the pooling...yikes. Just hope that it works out the same way on the other sock. Consider frogging and then casting on at a different point with a few more or less stitches?...


That is so funny, I have never heard it referred to as Ten-Ninety! Thanks for teaching me a new phrase.

But oh my goodness, that yarn knits up fabulously! I love how it stripes and those colors are to die for!


I think the coat would look really cute on an adult if it were fitted at the waist, with a bit of flare for the "swing" part.


If you add a lot of waist shaping to the coat, and flare it at the hips, I think it would be terribly sexy. Um... okay, inspired, I might have to make that myself. Add lots of shaping in the lower back to give it extra movement, and maybe some short-rowed bust darts...? The children's version is beautiful by the way, the collar shaping is fantastic. :)


I'm loving me the vesper sock yarn, too! I cast on 72 stitches and that works well for me. The stripes are coming out great, no pooling at all on mine.

Cambria W

Now, where I hail from that cut is know as a mullet, or a Billy Ray Syrus. I also worked in a salon (as a nail tech, or manicurist as you may remember it) in a little crap town that has the highest welfare rate in the state of Calif, and it takes 5 locals to compile a full set of teeth. My moving cross country helped my survival in the business till a certain political leader drove our economy into the ground, and now women can't afford both hair and nails...so guess which one took the cut. I work in a bank now. I had a point, but lost it somewhere along the way. Girlfriend, and coat, are both lovely.


I remember seeing Lucy preggers in her coat! How about a short swing coat with tight/more form fitting pant or pencil skirt? Updated 50's?
I just returned from Stitches Midwest and after 3 1/2 days of classes I'm thinking design. It was awesome-LOVE LOVE LOVED it! Sally Melville, Lorna Miser, Chris Bylsma, et al FAB.


Wendy, I'm with you on it being hard for an adult to wear a swing coat. If your not shaped like audrey hepburn then it might be tough to carry off.

I've never heard it called the ten-ninety, although it makes sense. I'm most familiar with the phrase, "all business in the front, but a party in the back."


In a lightweight yarn the swing coat can be fabulous and drapy on all sorts of shapes. Hanne Falkenberg's Ballerina (www.knit.dk/ballerina.htm) which is a variation on the shape, works well on almost everybody.

I've never knit knee socks, but the patterns for them I've seen include shaping for the calf. I'll be interested to see what solution you dream up.


I'm fortunate enough to have been born in a year recently enough to have missed most of the Ten-Ninety years and to be unable to remember what I was around for. As for the adult version of the swing coat, would it work to have the coat fitted to the waist and then flare out over the hips?


lord you get a lot of comments!!

I just love that sock yarn, if that brown was green it would be my colors!! Mmm... i want to make socks but I have never tried. I'm to scared I guess!


the brown is green....just looks brown in the photos!


Love your site and read it every day! I have to chime in on the adult swing coat - I think it would look better long, just past the hips, and not quite as full as the child's version, but still an A-line. A short version? Ech. And coming in at the waist and flair out? A totally different design. Just my 2 cents. :)


hi wendy! gorgeous sock colors and the swing coat is just cute cute cute! i noticed that you use the susan bates quicksilver circulars. i have them in dpns and really like them. how do you feel about the circs?

i also have large calf muscles (all that gym time i put in!) and have found that 72 stitches is a great number for me. always seems to fit. go figure.

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