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August 15, 2005



I'm on my way to my LYS to pick up Jamaica yarn for the tank...the coat is next on the list! And girlfriends boot, now those are cute!...Where can I get my "girlfriend" a pair of those?


I love the swing coat. I have a top down swing coat pattern from Cabin Fever that I'm going to make myself.


Now why is it I'm always pining after children's clothes to wear myself? Let's leave that bit of psychological ephemera by the roadside and say if you create an adult-sized version of this pattern, you've got another buyer here. I could almost squeeze into the upper end of the kiddies' version, but I think 32 is as low as I should go. Beautiful design - I'd love to see Miss Girl do a swirl. It's rather Ginger Rogers.


Boots? Target!


PS. Actually, with those smashing pink boots, it';s more Emma Peel than Ginger Rogers.


Are those really target boots?...geez their fashions are getting cuter by the moment!

Knit Chick

That came out great. You are such the pattern enabler. I have some mini-Girlfriends in mind for this project & may have to break down and the get pattern... soon. They'll be the perfect for the smallest size in a few months.


Wendy it's GORGEOUS! She looks great in it!, And I agree, her boots rock!
Quite a little fashionista your creating, better teach that kid to knit!


Terrific pattern wendy! I know we should be careful of leaning models in the sunset, but patterns only seen from the back seem the same too. Do you think we could get a shot of her from the front?

Looks great. My fingers are itching to get my niece one... mwahhaha


Laurence, on an earlier post, I think August 10th, there is a clear front shot...

Girlfriend wasn't cooperating on the photo-shoot day and I wasn't able to get a decent full frontal!


Oh, and there's another, more revealing shot in the winner's photo album, too...


Girlfriend is so beautiful in her swing coat - I'm glad to see her closer to it than in earlier photos. Forget the adult version - I agree that it would be less-than-fulfilling.


Cute, although I'd love to see a picture of the front of the sweater! ;)


Could u post the front view? This little number is SOOO adorable! I want to knit one for my niece :)


I love the sweater and just finished one for my own little girlfriend: http://crazyfiberlady.typepad.com/photos/2004/gfss1f.html

Excellent job on the pattern.


I want to make one for myself! Do you have a women's size medium pattern for the girlfriend swing coat?

Cindy Moore

I like the back of this coat, but what does the front look like?

Lissa Mitchell

Such a cute pattern - does it come in big girl sizes too? I'm addicted to knitting patterns that are done all in one piece...




Since i'm a beyond awful mathematician..how many stitches would yu add for an adult size?????????????

Lynn Brollier

I have clicked the "Buy Now" button for the girlfried swing coat sweater but nothing happens. How do I buy the pattern?

Lynn Brollier

I have clicked the "Buy Now" button for the girlfried swing coat sweater but nothing happens. How do I buy the pattern?

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Hi Wendy,

Which yarn did you use for the Girlfriend's Swing Coat above-it is adorable!


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