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August 14, 2005



I can't wait to see the final product!! I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!


Indeed, that was very brave of you. Knit on.


I'm now wondering if HWWV is upset by hearing about ex-boyfriends? ;) Or is he just happy he's the one who got you? Good luck with the yarn, I know it will work out great!


HWWV is very, very secure. He knows he's the only one for me. And he is...


Hey Wendy - I had my swift and ball winder out today too! Not on Vesper Sock Yarn (although I will buy some someday!!) but for Opal sock yarn - to divide it into 2 balls. Can't wait to see the socks you make with your yarn. And how cool is it that you have yarn named after you?!?!?! :o)

Stephanie VW

I wound 3 balls of Cherry Tree Hill mohair yarn (the stuff with the little curls that seem destined to catch on your needles) for a customer while I was working at my LYS yesterday. Watching it change from the hank of vivid colours, divided up nicely for everyone to see, to the ball where all the colours blend... the anxiety... the questions: "Will it look as beautiful in the ball?" and the most frightening: "Will I love it this much when it is knit?"
It's almost too much for a knitter to take.


ooh knee socks! lol, i want that yarn sooooo bad, too bad i'm poor :-(


I pull out my hank of baby alpaca and pet it, I pull up on the computer the ball winder and swift and leave the picture where the hubby can see it. I sigh, and say gee, my birthday is coming up and a ball winder and swift are much less expensive than that tractor. I show him your ultra cool pictures of your winder and swift in action. My fingers are crossed, my head is bowed, may your ultra-beautiful yarn become some wonderfully funky knee socks and may Oct 17 come quickly....


Exciting! Love the photos!


what the???? How is it that I am not understanding what kind of crazy ball-winding is going on in those pictures? It looks like it's in the middle of a game of tether-ball.


Great photos! I can't wait to see what you do with that nice yarn.


O.M.G! The best action shots ever. And serendipity strikes. While reading your entry tonight, JoAnn's sent me an email saying that the 50% off online coupon has been extended. I think I see a swift in my future... Or do I want the ball winder first?

No, the swift first. I'm looking at a 475 yard hank of lace weight yarn that I need to wind into a ball to finish the stole I'm working on. I have no desire to hand wind that while sitting on the floor with my knees spread holding said hank. Once was enough, I think. HAW!

I can't wait to see what you make with your Knit and Tonic yarn!


Shot down! The coupon is only good on regular priced items and they have both the swift and ball winder on sale for $10 bux off. Hmph!!


I love how the little green Teletubby appears to be perched on the skein. And is this a subtle way to say your swift and ball winder are fun toys?


Oh, I love those pictures! HHWV has a great eye.
Yup, I know what you mean about that hank of yarn. It's all about the dream of what it may become.
Can't wait to see the knee socks.


I have a few hanks of that stuff, too. Right now I'm knitting socks with the lime green, light pink, dark pink colorway and I love it!


Those pictures are beautiful--actually all the shots on your site have fabulous composition. And what pretty yarn to boot (or should I say "knee sock")! They will be gorgeous.


OMG, those colors are gorgeous (and look to be close to unwind colors). I can't wait to see your knee socks - they'll be perfect. No doubt.


I too have experienced the "to ball or not to ball," "to knit or not to knit" conundrum. Unfortuantely mine turned out for the worse. Hate it when that happens. Unfortunately virgin hanks serve no purpose other than looking pretty, and people would stare if you just carried them around as fashion accessories, so we must take the leap and knit. Your sock yarn looks terrific, good luck with the knee socks!


It's nice to know that I am not the only one who dies just a little when I tear the paper band on a beautiful hank of yarn. Sigh.


Knee Socks! Love knee socks. And with almost 900 yards it is the perfect project. Knit pixie has some other really pretty colors of vesper up on their website that I was tempted by.

So tell me this. What has happened to the robe?


Robe is waiting for cooler days....working on it now while it is so warm is a little uncomfortable!

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